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Darksiders 2 the Foundry Walkthrough

Darksiders 2 the Foundry Walkthrough

Darksiders 2 find the right path through the foundry underwater passageway

Darksiders 2 find the right path through the foundry underwater passageway

Darksiders 2 the Foundry Walkthrough

In Darksiders 2, the hero must head to the foundry to awaken the guardian. The guardian is a construct the makers believe will lead the hero to the tree of life and restore life on Earth. The warden will create a bridge for the hero to transverse the chasm and enter the foundry. This initial foundry walkthrough will guide the hero on how to navigate and overcome the obstacles in the foundry up to the point of getting the second gear for the hero horseman Death.

Enter the Foundry

The foundry walkthrough is done with Karn. Karn is needed to overcome some of the obstacles. Once the hero enters the foundry, he wil need Karn to give him a helping hand to jump over the cliff to the initial part of the foundry. Here cauldrons will move out from the right to the left. The hero must jump onto the ledge on the cauldron and then move around the cauldron to the other side and jump onto a platform. From the platform, scale the wall on the right and get to the other side. Spot a lever in the far corner. Operate the lever and allow the grating over the door to be opened. Proceed through the door.

The hero will enter a large chamber with a locked skeletal door and two stone portals which are shut. Karn lies in wait beyond one of the stone portals. Spot a bar jugging out of the wall near the skeletal locked door. Jump onto it and the two stone portals will open. Karn will rumble in and use his might to keep the other stone portal open. Jump down from the bar and head past Karn and up the stairs into the main chamber of the guardian.

The Foundry Main Guardian Chamber

The guardian is found in this main chamber. He is in a state of slumber until he can be awakened by placing three heartstones into three sockets on his body. From the main guardian chamber, there are exits that will lead the hero to find the second gear of the game, the first heartstone, the second heartstone and the third heartstone.

The hero must go down the tunnel on the left of the main guardian chamber when facing the giant (immediately to the left of the entrance of the chamber).

The Foundry Underwater Passageway

Defeat constructs in the tunnel and proceed to down the natural tunnel to another chamber with an apparent dead end. Here Karn will throw the hero over the top to a platform that will lead to the foundry underwater passageway. In this underwater world, the hero will see a golem in the waters. The idea is to raise this golem to the surface. To do this, follow the orientations in the video.

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Once out of the water, head around the obstacles until the hero can stand on the panel on the ground and lower the gratings. The portal will also open and Karn will hold it up. Push the ball past Karn to the other side and into the crater. This will allow the golem to be raised from the underwater passage.

The Foundry Get the Key to the Skeletal Locked Door

Activate the golem and head back down the natural tunnel to the main guardian chamber. This tunnel can also lead to the initial chamber with the two stone portals. The hero has to smash through the crystalline structures to get through. Now drive the golem down the exit from this initial chamber where there is a crater. At the end of the corridor, the hero will be able to activate the chain of the golem and the chain will mount onto the wall.

Climb onto the chain and turn left to see some vines in the middle of the chain. Jump onto the vines and transverse the obstacles to the other side. Before entering the next chamber, fast travel may be required to get more health potions. Once within the next chamber, the hero will be attacked by 2 types of constructs, one following the other. Defeat them using various battle techniques and go through the next door. Get the skeleton key from the chest and descend back down into the golem chain. Head back to the initial chamber and open the locked skeletal door.

Darksiders 2 Find Deathgrip

The hero will ascend some stairs beyond the (now unlocked) skeletal door and reach a platform separated from the other side by a deep chasm. Karn will throw the hero over to the other side. There is a dungeon map in a chest here; remember to retrieve it. Now head through the door and notice a strange seal holding some purplish construct. This is the deathgrip, the hero's second gear. Hack at the chains repeatedly with the scythes until it is released.

Now it's time to use this impressive item.

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