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Darksiders 2 Level Up Skills Guide

Darksiders 2 Level Up Skills Guide

In Darksiders 2, the main and thoroughly enjoyable part of the game is in the build up and level up of the hero horseman Death so that he can become more powerful and wield a variety of combo moves and wrath moves in battle. The visual effects of his powers in battle become better and flashier and tough boss enemies fall like leaves in front of the mighty reaper. As the hero gains experience, he will level up and gain wrath moves. He will also level up and gain the ability to use items and equipment reserved only for the high levels. This will provide a guide and synopsis of the wrath skills that Death picks up as he levels up in the game. This will allow the hero to plan and envisage the hero that he wants to become as he faces the ultimate enemies in the game.

Darksiders 2 Harbinger Wrath Skills

The wrath skills that the reaper has access to can be divided into Harbinger and Necromancer.

Harbinger wrath skills are unlocked by distributing skill points into each slot as the hero levels up. Each low level harbinger skill , when unlocked will allow the purchase of more powerful harbinger skills.

The harbinger wrath skills are -

  • teleport slash - teleports across the battlefield with a scythe attack that damages the enemy and heal the hero. There are several levels of this skill.
  • inescapable - teleport slash not only damages enemies by slows them down by a certain amount.
  • immolation - teleport slash sets the enemies on fire and deals fiery damage every few seconds.
  • rage of the grave - the critical hit chance on teleport slash is increased.
  • unending fury - allows the hero to increase wrath generation after each teleport slash.
  • harvest - the reaper appears and lashes at all surrounding enemies with a spinning scythe attack.
  • unstoppable - the hero's strengh is increased for a short period of time.
  • death blossom - teleport slash causes an explosion, hurting enemies nearby.
  • reaping - before using harvest, use reaping to maximize the critical strike chance of enemies struck by harvest.- before using harvest, use trauma to increase the damage by the hero's harvest attack
  • inevitability - use unstoppable, followed by inevitability to increase critical strike chance.
  • empowerment - use unstoppable, followed by empowerment to deal additional damage with critical strikes.
  • red harvest - use harvest and then red harvest to increase reaper energy each time the enemy is hit.
  • killing blow - use unstoppable, and then killing blow to have a chance at a second strike.
  • call of the grave - increases the duration of unstoppable by a few moe seconds.
  • reaper storm - death manifests itself in the form of a maelstrom of debris and ancient bone, creating devastation and damage to all caught within.

Darksiders 2 Level Up Wrath Skills

Darksiders 2 Level Up and get more wrath skills -Exhume is shown here.

Darksiders 2 Level Up and get more wrath skills -Exhume is shown here.

Darksiders 2 Necromancer Wrath Skills

The necromancer skills allow the hero to summon undead to help the reaper distract and attack enemies. The hero can then take the opportunity to damage the enemies substantially whilst they are distracted.

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The necromancer wrath skills are -

  • exhume - summons ghouls to help the reaper.
  • undying - health of summoned ghouls are increased so that they will last longer to help the hero.
  • enervation - damage dealt by ghouls is returned to the hero as wrath.
  • aegis guard - the hero summons a necromancy shield to increase his defense and resistance.
  • fiery souls - ghouls add fire damage to the enemies.
  • death's allure - this is crucial as it allows the hero to direct the ghouls to attack the enemies so that the hero has critical amount of time to do what he needs to do, be it healing or attack the main boss.
  • reflect - the hero's aegis guard shield reflects a portion of the damage back to the enemies.
  • grave defense - increases the hero's arcane attribute.
  • corpse explosion - ghouls summoned will explode when defeated or when the exhume ability ends, damaging nearby enemies.
  • murder - crows appear to attack the hero's enemies.
  • enraged guardian - when aegis guard is used, death's arcane critical chance is increased.
  • grounding - lightning threads arc from the hero, damaging enemies.
  • heralds of death - crows summoned by murder restore reaper energy to the hero with every strike.
  • death guard - the hero's aegis guard lasts longer and requires less effort to summon.
  • ice crows - crows summoned add ice damage to the enemies.
  • frenzy - the hero's wrath is used summon projectiles to damage enemies.

Darksiders Combine Both Sides of the Wrath Skill Tree

Although it may be quite good to specialize, the hero may also want to consider combining both sides of the wrath skill tree to create both a damage intensive character and a necromancer type character who will not be overwhelmed by loneliness in the dungeons. Undeads will be the hero's best friends in times of extreme dangers........

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