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Darksiders 2 Heart of the Mountain Quest

Darksiders 2 Heart of the Mountain Quest

In Darksiders 2, the heart of the mountain quest requires the hero to enter the foundry and find the heartstones to awaken the guardian. This heart of the mountain quest guide will focus on guiding the hero on how to find the second heartstone.

Find the Second Heartstone in the Foundry

To find the second heartstone in the foundry, the hero must use the ring on top of the wooden pillars in the main guardian chamber after the first heartstone has been bestowed upon the guardian. Employ deathgrip and create a force pulley to get to the tunnel on the other side.

Follow the tunnel into the next section. Encounter some new electrical stingers. Defeat them and be faced with the choice of two tunnels. Use the map to guide you. Enter the shorter tunnel and emerge on the other side to face two stone portals and a panel on the ground. The idea is clear here. Step on the panel and allow the stone portals to be lifted. Karn will emerge from underneath one stone portal and go and lift the other one. Run past Karn into the next chamber. Then allow Karn to haul the hero across the waterways to the middle platform in the next cavern.

Darksiders 2 Foundry Golem Elevator Chain

Darksiders 2 use the golem elevator chain in the foundry to move on and find the second heartstone

Darksiders 2 use the golem elevator chain in the foundry to move on and find the second heartstone

Raise the Golem Elevator to Get to the Lever

Explore the middle platform and notice a ring near the roof between the middle platform and the third platform. Employ Deathgrip and haul the hero to the third platform. On the third platform, the hero will activate a golem, Use the golem and put it into the crater on the third platform. Launch the chain mount of the golem across and attach it to the next pillar. Now, head to the elevator lever in the middle and push and pull on it. The two pillars will rise. Allow them to rise beyond the required jump height for the hero and then allow the lever to recoil and unwound. Jump down from the middle pillar and quickly head left and up the ledges to the pillar on the right. Move across the chain and jump onto the ledge in the center. Now grab the vines and climb through more obstacles. Eventually the hero will reach a lever. Activate this to connect the various platforms in the cavern.

Get to the Lever to Activate the Golem Crusher Machine

Karn and the hero will be able to travel from the middle platform to the next (and very large) cavern. The hero will have to dismount the chain, activate the golem from the crater and drive the golem to this cavern. Here the key is to activate the golem crusher machine and separate the golem from the orb.

To do this, first jump into the water and climb the long wall of vines and transverse the obstacles to what appears to be an area just outside the foundry. Spot another series of obstacles and transverse these to reach another lever. Pull on the lever to activate the golem crusher machine. Return to the very large cavern.

On the way back to the very large cavern, the hero will encounter several crawler type monsters. Defeat them and reach the main cavern. Before destroying the golem, find the skeletal locked door. If the hero faces the skeletal locked door and then turns right, he will see some corrupt crystalline shards. Mount the golem and go there to destroy the shards. Now it's time to destroy the golem.

Drive the golem into the golem crusher machine. The golem will be destroyed and the orb underneath the golem will be spat out by the cauldron coming out of the machine. The next step is to unlock the skeletal locked door here and roll the ball into this chamber.

Find and Get the Second Heartstone

Head back to the area where the crystalline structure was destroyed. Karn will be waiting here. He will haul the hero into a small area where there is a chest. The skeleton key lies here. Grab the key, descend and go unlock the skeletal locked door.

Now roll the ball into the chamber beyond the door. There will be the infamous crab like monster here. Defeat this minion of Karkinos, and push the ball into the crater. This will deactivate more obstructions and allow the hero to scale a vertical wall to the top. Go to the ledge in this area and use deathgrip to grasp the second heartstone. Get the heartstone by using Death's scythe against the heartstone. Once the second heartstone falls to the ground, Karn will grab that and return to the cavern with the platforms.

The hero has to jump into the water here and then scale some obstacles to go into the tunnel again. Head into the short tunnel and step on the panel. Karn will arrive and bring the second heartstone back to the guardian main chamber. This time, Karn is unavailable to hold the stone portal to allow the hero to go through. Instead, the hero must go back to the tunnels where he first came from and get back to the main guardian chamber that way.

The second heartstone has been found and bestowed on the guardian. It's time to look for the final heartstone and restore the guardian to its former glory.

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