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Dark Souls Open New Londo Ruins Floodgates

Dark Souls Open New Londo Ruins Floodgates

in dark souls, the hero must venture into the new londo ruins and open the floodgates to allow the water to flow through. This will unlock the lower levels and allow the hero to find and enter the fog gate that will lead to the Abyss where the Four Kings lie in slumber. This will guide the hero in navigating through the dangerous upper and lower levels of the new londo ruins so as to minimize the number of attempts the hero has to try to open the floodgates. This is because there is no new londo ruins bonfire. The hero has to use the firelink shrine bonfire as a starting point all the time.

Dark Souls Preparations Before Opening the Floodgate

In dark souls,before opening the floodgate, the hero must prepare certain items and spells in order to be successful. The hero should have some transient curses available so that he can actually hit the ghosts in this area. The transient curses (cost 4000) are available from the second merchant in the undead burg area. The hero should have some pyromancy spells in one hand, and a good weapon which can deal +200 over damage in the other hand. This is to allow the hero to defeat the enemies here in one or two strikes, so as to minimize the hero being overcrowded by the monsters and then eliminated. Having the homeward and heal miracles spells would be very useful indeed.

In dark souls, from the firelink shrine (which may need to be rekindled; this mission is recommended after returning from the Depths), head down to New Londo Ruins using the stairs opposite the fire keeper in the cell. Head for the narrow bridge with deep waters on both sides. At the end of the bridge are two ghosts. Eliminate them. If the hero needs more transient curses, wear the gold covetous serpent ring (found in Sen's fortress) when attacking ghosts. This increases the chances of the ghosts dropping transient curses or jagged ghost blades when they are defeated.

Dark Souls New Londo Ruins Upper Levels

In dark souls, after finishing off the two ghosts, head up the stairs and meet more ghosts. Go along the narrow bridge and enter the tower. Defeat more ghosts. Go down the stairs. Be very careful of ghosts sneaking out of the walls and around corners at all times. The key here is to find a fog gate and go through it. This will lead to the next stage of the new londo ruins upper levels. Look around carefully and find a staircase the hero can kick down. This will create a shortcut to the area at the top of the stairs if the hero needs to return here.

From this point, just continue walking along the narrow pathway flanked by pillars. Turn left and head down the stairs and then right into a passageway. Here more ghosts will attack the hero. Finish them and find a ghost that can throw electric bolts at the hero. Behind her is the staircase that leads to the crimson robed NPC that sells curse resistance spells and can remove curses. This NPC will also give the hero the seal key that will break the seal, and allow the wheel to be turned and the new londo flood gate to be opened.

Dark Souls New Londo Ruins Finally Opening the Floodgates

In dark souls, after obtaining the seal key, head down the staircase, and head back to where the hero first entered the tower. There is another path on the left which will lead to the area where the wheel to open the floodgates is. Again this area is full of ghosts. Go slowly the first time and be very careful of sneak attacks from the walls. Finally reach the wheel, turn it and watch as the floodgates open. Opening the floodgates leads to the connection between New Londo Ruins and the Valley of the Drakes being opened.

Dark Souls New Londo Ruins Lower Levels

In dark souls, after the new londo ruins floodgates are opened, the water is released and the new londo ruins lower levels are opened up. The monsters that occupy the lower levels are ghosts and the formidable death knights (some describe them as darkwraiths). Anyhow, these death knights can deal like formidable amount of damage. Block them and use great combustion to take out a huge chunk of their hit points. Then block again and finish them off with a long weapon like a halberd. These death knights drop titanite chunks.

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To get to the new londo ruins lower levels, where the hero first defeated the first two ghosts, do not go up the stairs. Instead jump down into the now drained lower levels. Head straight ahead and turn a corner to the left slowly. There is a death knight here. Finish him, and head straight up the stairs. Find the first hallway to enter (very slowly). There are two more death knights here, not to mention more ghosts, and an undead slime gelatinous cube combination horror. These undead slime monsters can impale the hero with a very long weapon. Just stay at the bottom of the stairs and use poison arrows against the slime. Do not go near the slime, and be wary of skull mines that these slimes can spit out. Once all the monsters in this room are defeated, head out and turn left to see the fog gate.

Before entering the fog gate to face the four kings, the hero needs to be prepared. It is better to familiarize oneself with the new londo ruins lower levels, and acquire the necessary equipment before venturing into the white light to the abyss. Also the lower londo ruins lower levels is just full of great treasures, so have fun walking around. Just be careful of the death knights; they blend in with the darkness.

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