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Dark Souls Getting Past the Red Dragon

Dark Souls Getting Past the Red Dragon

Dark Souls Getting Past the Red Dragon

Dark Souls Getting Past the Red Dragon

Dark Souls Getting Past the Red Dragon

In dark souls, getting past the red dragon on the bridge is the second gargantuan task for the Hero shortly following the Taurus Demon fight. This will guide the player on getting to the mid-portion of the bridge, obtaining the Drake Sword, and then making the final run and getting past the red dragon to reach the fourth bonfire in the dark souls game.

The red dragon is perched on a tower as shown in the picture after flying past the Hero on the first attempt to cross the bridge. The Hero will most likely be caught unaware by the flying dragon which will spew fire breath on the Hero. The Hero will die and respawn at the start of the bridge, This makes the getting past the red dragon task doubly hard, as one would need to collect the souls left on the bridge, and then run and get past the red dragon. To make matters worse, at the midway point of the bridge are three skeletal spearmen and two skeletal archers or crossbolters.

In dark souls, to get the red dragon, it may be useful to enhance the speed and stamina of the Hero by obtaining the Grass Cress Shield from the Darkroot Basin (it's not necessary, but will help). Next with the shield in block position, make a dash for the mid-portion of the bridge. The aim of trying to get past the red dragon is to run to the stairway to the right of the Hero (at the mid-portion of the bridge). However, for some players, the right hand side may be clogged with the skeletal spearmen. It is therefore recommended to make a dash (from the start of the bridge) from midpoint and slightly to the left hand side of the Hero. When the Hero is almost at the level of the skeletal barricade, the skeletal archers will launch their crossbolts. This will stop the Hero, and then the dragon will initiate his firebreath. Very fast action is required here. With the controller pointed diagonally right, roll as much as you can to the right stairway. The skeletal spearmen would have been lured to the left side of the Hero, and there will be enough space to roll past the skeletal spearmen and down into the dungeon below. The Hero may be somewhat scorched by the burning fire still, but at least can make it to the next stage of the dark souls game. The skeletal warriors will all have been burnt to a crisp by the dragon fire and this provides "free" experience points or souls for the Hero.

Dark Souls How to Obtain the Drake Sword

After getting to the mid-portion of the bridge, the action does not stop. The Hero has a chance to obtain the drake sword from the red dragon.

First head back to the Undead Burg bonfire by moving down the stairway and heading to a room to the left of the Hero. Find a ladder that is incompletely descent. Kick the ladder and allow this to drop straight down into the room that contains the third bonfire (at the Undead Burg area). The player may want to save the game at this stage. Before leaving this area again, head to the Undead Burg merchant area and obtain lots of bow and arrows (about 100 arrows will do).

Next head back up the ladder and go into the other room. This room will lead to a series of narrow ledges on route to the Undead Parish area. There are two skeletal warriors here, a skeletal spearman and a skeletal knight on the ledges. Finish them off and look out on the right hand of the ledge area, and notice the dragon's tail. Pull out the bow, load some standard arrows, zoom in on the dragon tail, and let fly. The location to shoot the arrows is recommended to be at the start of the last ledge on the right. This will allow the player to see a sloping wall. At the tip of this sloping wall, move the crosspoints down a little, and then shoot just when the tail is about to drop into this position. Timing is very important. After some arrows, the dragon will become really annoyed and fly away, and the Hero will earn the Drake Sword (requires strength of 16 to use single handed, and 200 points of damage).

Dark Souls Reaching the Undead Parish Bonfire

In dark souls, moving to the mid-portion of the bridge is only half the battle won, as the aim is to get past the red dragon, not halfway past the red dragon. If the dragon is still perched on the tower wall, head back up the stairway (from which the Hero came down from, see section 1). If the skeletal warriors have respawned, do not despair. Just run and roll to the right side of the Hero. This will land the Hero on the left side of the bridge behind a wall, which will stop the flames from the dragon. The skeletal warriors will be destroyed by the flames (again! - more free experience points). Notice a similar wall on the right side at the mid-portion of the bridge. One can run from wall to wall to test run how well one is running away from the flames.

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Finally after some fire breath throwing, the red dragon will get annoyed and start walking down the bridge past the mid-portion where the Hero is, and then take off and fly. When this happens, quickly make a mad mad dash for the end of the bridge. The dragon will come back down and launch another fire breath. It is anticipated that the Hero will be caught in the flames somewhat, but not enough to destroy the Hero. Just climb back up, and run again to the end of the bridge. On the second attempt, the Hero should reach the end of the bridge.

Congratulations! The Hero has finally gotten past the red dragon, and reached the dark souls undead parish bonfire. Now open the gate using the lever, progress into the Undead Parish area and find the blacksmith to reinforce and upgrade those weapons and armor.

Progression of the Dragon in Dark Souls

In Dark Souls, the hero merely had to run from the Red Dragon. Later on, in Dark Souls 2 DLC, and renamed as Scholar of the First Sin, the hero and his party must fight a dragon. The fight becomes more sophisticated, and no longer involves hitting at the tail of the dragon.

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