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Dark Souls Duke's Archives Bonfires

Dark Souls Duke's Archives Bonfires

In dark souls, after finishing off the bosses in Anor Londo, the orange fog gate blocked by Lord Gywn is opened, and the hero can proceed into the dark souls Duke's Archives area. This will provide a guide for the duke's archives walkthrough. and include the locations of the dark souls duke's archives bonfires, finding the secret entrance to the dark souls crystal cave, finding the all prison cell keys in the duke's archives area, and freeing Big Hat Logan.

Dark Souls Duke's Archives First Bonfire

In dark souls, the hero must bring the Lordvessel to the Primordial Serpent Kingseeker Frampt after beating Smough and Ornstein. The hero can now warp between previously discovered bonfires. Now warp to the Anor Londo first bonfire. From here, it is possible to move into the Duke's Archives area. The Duke's Archives area has been opened up due to the hero's actions above.

From the Anor Londo bonfire, proceed left and head into the large chamber with the two knight golems and the two chests (one contains titanite, and the other is a mimic). Move out of the chamber and finish off the knight golem here. If the hero has Pyromancy Flame and Great Combusion, this fight will just about take one or two swipes of the Great Combusion Flame. Head up the path into the previously closed orange fog gate. It is opened now.

Observe an armored boar at the end of the corridor at the beginning of the Duke's Archives area. Use poison arrows to shoot the armored boar. Then switch to sorcery spells. Note that the boar will not run out of the Duke's Archives corridor, so for maximum protection for the hero, just run and then turn around and attack the boar using ranged attacks from just outside the Duke's Archives. After finishing the first boar, there will be a second armored boar. Use the same tactics to finish the second armored boar. Proceed to the end of the corridor, and the hero will reach the Dark Souls Duke's Archives first bonfire.

Dark Souls Duke's Archives Second Bonfire

In dark souls, reaching the duke's archives second bonfire is much more convoluted and indirect. From the duke's archives first bonfire, head into the elevator and use the lever to activate the elevator so that it moves upwards onto the next level. This next level will be populated with crystal warriors and crystal archers. Also, occasionally there will be channelers throwing sorcery bolts at the hero. Finish all the enemies in this area, and head up the second elevator in the next room (which is the library) and move all the way up to the top of the crystal tower. There will be a little scuttling bug with a twinkling titanite crystal in this area, and the hero realizes the Duke's Archives Area is full of twinkling titanite shards.

At the top of the stairs is the fog gate. Move through the white light to meet the boss of the Duke's Archives Area - Seath the Scaleless. The first fight with Seath the Scaleless is hopeless - the hero dies, and is respawn at the Duke's Archives Second Bonfire. The Duke's Archives Second Bonfire is different from other bonfires. It is a prison bonfire (the hero has been captured), and the hero cannot warp to other bonfires.

Dark Souls Location of the Duke's Archives Prison Keys

In dark souls, the hero is imprisoned after failing to defeat Seath the Scaleless. The hero must obtain all the duke's archives prison keys to escape from the duke's archives prison and make it to the third duke's archives bonfire.

From the second duke's archives bonfire, survey the area and note that there is a rather relaxed and inattentive snakehead warrior just outside the locked prison door. Use Great Combustion (or other weapons depending on the hero's playing style) to finish him off with one attack. Now pick up the duke's archives prison key and unlock the door. When the hero opens the door, a snakehead warrior will sound the alarm and a pair of snakehead warriors will run past the hero towards a ladder that leads to a set of large doors that lead back into the duke's archives library area (as opposed to the duke's archives prison area).

The hero can either take down the snakehead warriors now, or proceed downwards to locate the prison key that will open those large doors above. Search through all the areas as the hero proceeds downwards, and the hero will find a duke's archives extra prison key which will unlock additional doors and grant more treasures for the hero.

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Then proceed straight to the bottom of the duke's archives prison area, and find some octopus headed slug beasts concentrated in a room at the bottom. This room is just outside the cell that contains Big Hat Logan. The location of the prison key to free Big Hat Logan in the Duke's Archives is explained below. For now the hero can take out these octopus headed beasts in groups with fire orbs or the great fireball pyromancy. Be careful not to get too close to these beasts, as they can do a octopus warp around the head attack, followed by a spear attack on the hero (two in one attack). When slewn the first time, these octopuses will drop the Soothing Sunlight and the Bountiful Sunlight miracles. The hero can return here to defeat these octopus headed beast again if one is in need of humanity.

Notice a ladder that leads upwards from the bottom of the duke's archives prison area. Climb the ladder and this will bring the hero to the platform where the alarm was sounded. There are two snakehead beasts and one snakehead mage here. If the hero is finding it difficult to finish all three at once, just climb down the ladder and lure one at a time to the bottom to defeat them. After all three snakehead beasts are defeated, head into the back of the platform towards a chest and obtain the prison key that will unlock the doors leading back into the duke's archives library area. Now head up all the way to open those doors, and go back into the duke's archives library area.

Dark Souls Duke's Archives Third Bonfire

In dark souls, once the hero is in the duke's archives library area, turn left to find a channeler guarding the corridor. There is another channeler somewhere up on the higher floors of the library shooting sorcery bolts at the hero. Dodge these sorcery bolts and find cover behind some pillars and quickly finish off the nearby channeler before he can throw sorcery bolts at the hero.

The key in this duke's archives area is to eliminate all the ranged attackers (crystal archers and channelers) whenever possible, and head down to the bottom floor of this section of the duke's archives library. When at the bottom floor, just run for the balcony just outside the library. This balcony contains the duke's archives third bonfire. Save the game here.

Dark Souls Finding the Entrance to the Crystal Cave in the Duke's Archives

In dark souls, from the third duke's archives bonfire, the hero must make it to the second half of the duke's archives library area. This second half of the duke's archives library area is the same as the library when the hero first entered the duke's archives area, so the hero can make his way back to the duke's archives first bonfire.

However, that is not the main aim of the hero at the moment. The main aim is to find the entrance to the crystal cave in the duke's archives. The hero must reach the higher floor of the second part of the duke's archives library area, eliminate all enemies and find a crystal archer shooting at the hero, but the hero has no way of getting to this high floor to take out the archer. The answer to this problem is to not to look at the archer but to look down the stairs and see a lever that the hero can use to move the staircase to the other side, so that the hero can climb the stairs and finish off this annoying archer.

Now run across the corridor to the first part of the duke's archives library area (where the third bonfire is). In the middle of the corridor is another staircase that is seemingly unreachable. Jump down to this staircase, and use the lever at the center move the staircase the other way. Once the staircase has turned, the hero can visualize an exit on the floor where the staircase ends. Run to that entrance and find another archer shooting at the hero from a ledge. Use poison arrows to eliminate this archer (just shoot two or three and wait for the poison to take effect, very cost effective arrows). Then descend the long ladder to the bottom to find a lever. Pull the lever to open the secret door that will provide a shortcut back to the duke's archives third bonfire.

From this lever, head into the next room which is a rather messed up smaller library. In this room are four things of importance to the hero. Two chests contain (in each) the channeler's armor set, and the prison key to the cell containing Big Hat Logan and another firekeeper soul. The third chest is a mimic (free and easy experience points using Great Combustion to ignite the chest a few times; the mimic has no chance of retaliating). The fourth item of importance is a lever that when pulled will open up the entrance to the crystal cave in the duke's archives.

Now head back to rescue Big Hat Logan in the duke's archives prison area, and then save the game at the Duke's Archives third bonfire. The hero can use this to warp to other important bonfires in the dark souls game.

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