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Dark Souls Catacombs Guide to Bonfires

Dark Souls Catacombs Guide to Bonfires

In dark souls, the hero must enter the catacombs and venture deep underground. There are many purposes of dungeon crawling in the catacombs, including finding the two bonfires for easy advancement into the Tomb of the Giants, finding the Darkmoon Séance Ring to increase magic attunement slots and calling upon the Dark Sun Gwyndolin in Anor Londo and finding the Catacombs Blacksmith to forge fire weapons. This will provide the catacombs guide to finding the catacombs bonfires, and exploring the catacombs for the above purposes.

Dark Souls Preparation Before Entering the Catacombs

In dark souls, before entering the catacombs, the hero must have prepared some divine weapons. Divine weapons are needed to destroy "ordinary" undead skeletons in the catacombs so that they will not reanimate. Normal weapons can destroy these undead skeletons, but they will reanimate and the hero must fight them again. Also these undead skeletons yield no experience points, and it will become a chore to destroy them again and again and again.

To prepare divine weapons, first obtain the divine ember from defeating the Moonlight Butterfly in the Darkroot Garden area of the dark souls game. Next bring the divine ember to the undead parish blacksmith to forge a divine weapon suitable to the hero's fighting style. When forging this divine weapon, remember that much of the fighting in the catacombs will be done in very confined narrow spaces, so tailor the weapon of choice to fit this close area fighting too. To forge a divine weapon, the hero must upgrade a weapon to +5 first using titanite shards.

Dark Souls Catacombs First Bonfire

In dark souls, the first catacombs bonfire is quite easily reached. First go to the skeleton graveyard. From the top of the stairs, go in a diagonally right direction and head past all the slowly awakening skeletons to reach a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs to reach the entrance to the catacombs.

The monsters in the catacombs consist of reanimated skeletal warriors, archers, skull mines which will explode when the hero is close, and the undead skull lantern bearers who will throw fireballs from the lanterns. One such undead skull lantern bearer is found near the entrance when the hero enters the catacombs. The first catacombs bonfire is easily reached. Just defeat all the skeletons and find a room where there is another undead skull lantern bearer. This room will also contain the catacombs first bonfire.

Dark Souls Catacombs Second Bonfire

In dark souls, the route to the catacombs second bonfire is also fairly easily reached, except for some slight twists. Coming out of the catacombs first bonfire, the hero just needs to travel along the path (not much variation in the path) to continue on in the dark souls catacombs. Eventually, the hero will reach an area of crossways and bridges with sharp spikes on them. This area also has floating skull mines and a waterfall. The key to navigating this area is to cause the skull mines to explode first (run and roll away in a hurry). Then eliminate all annoying animated skeletons in this area. Once these undead are dealt with, the hero must look for levers with which to push in. Push in all the levers in all the pillars in this area, and the bridges with the sharp spikes will be turned to the side without any spikes so that the hero can walk on these bridges.

When the hero first reaches this waterfall area from the catacombs first bonfire, he will see two skeleton warriors in front of him. Finish these skeleton warriors. Now turn to the right, and the hero can see a bridge underneath the bridge he is standing on. Assuming all levers had been turned and the bridge can be walked on, the hero needs to jump down onto this lower bridge. Run to the end of the bridge on the right side and face a wall. This wall should be to the left of the waterfall. Now hit this area, and the wall will disappear. Just to identify that this is the correct wall, there is an annoying statue just next to the wall which will throw out spikes at the hero. Head into the corridor and run all the way inside.

Congratulations! The hero is at the catacombs second bonfire. Save the game, for it's time to get that Darkmoon Séance Ring and then find the entrance into the Tomb of the Giants.

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Dark Souls Catacombs Entrance to Second Bonfire and Titanite Demon

Dark Souls Getting the Darkmoon Séance Ring

In dark souls, head out of the catacombs second bonfire and run straight through the bridge and into the next cavern. Head down the cavern and meet two skeletal warriors. Defeat them and face a semi broken wall straight ahead. Knock this down and attack the skeletal archer on the right straight away. When this is done, jump down and engage more skeletal warriors. Once they are done, stand down the divine weapon, and bring on the pyromancy flame. Get ready to launch fire orbs or great combustion at the giant skeleton in the corridor in front of you. Once this giant skeleton (does not need divine weapon as will not reanimate) is defeated, reach into the sarcophagus to obtain the Darkmoon Séance Ring.

Dark Souls Reaching the Catacombs Blacksmith

In dark souls, to reach the catacombs blacksmith, when the hero comes out of the second bonfire area, turn right and enter the first cavern. Then turn right again and see a flight of steps that lead down. Deal with the skeletons in this area. Head down the flight of steps till it ends. At the very bottom of the hole is another hole where the hero will fall through and should take no or not much damage. Aim directly for the center and jump. Once the hero lands at the bottom, he will reach the catacombs skeletal blacksmith. The catacombs skeletal blacksmith will reinforce +5 and above weapons into fire weapons.

Dark Souls Entrance to the Tomb of the Giants

In dark souls, the entrance to the tomb of the giant is accessed in this way. From the catacombs second bonfire, run straight through the bridge and into the cavern and defeat the two skeletal warriors. Then head out to find a narrow ledge that U-turns into another cavern opening. This area is filled with three skeletal warriors and more skeletal skull mines. Try to induce the skull mines to come between the three skeletal warriors, and then roll away as the explosion will either destroy the skeletal warriors or blow them down into the chasm below. Otherwise just dodge the skull mines and use normal melee methods (with divine weapon) to defeat the skeletons.

Head into the cavern opening to find a passageway with a titanite demon at the end. Either defeat the titanite demon with fire orbs or just run and head into a passageway on the right. Jump down to the bottom and defeat more skeletons. Move into a passageway on the left, and climb down a ladder. Face two skeletal archers and a skull lantern bearer in this area. Take them out (suggest moving in and destroying the skull lantern bearer first and then divine weapon against the skeletal archers).

Now head out into a large cavern with wheel skeletons and a dark knight. Put away the divine weapon, as these wheel skeletons and certainly the dark knight can be defeated with combustion or similar fire spells. Lure the wheel skeleton to attack one at a time, block their spinning wheel attack, and when they finish their attack, reach out and torch them with Combustion. Once all the enemies in this area is eliminated, head through the fog gate and drop down into bottom to face and defeat Pinwheel.

The Pinwheel fight has to be the easiest mini-boss fight in the whole game if the hero has Great Combustion. Just run straight to Pinwheel (don't let him spawn other pinwheels if possible) and torch him with Great Combustion. The end! Pinwheel is defeated! With the defeat of Pinwheel comes the reward - the Rite of Kindling used for boosting the number of Estus Flasks permanently a particular Bonfire.

Now climb the ladder on the right and enter the dark lightless domain that is the Tomb of the Giants. Welcome to the darkness........

Dark Souls Defeating Pinwheel with Melee Weapons

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