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Dark Souls 2 How to Get to Harvest Valley


In Dark Souls 2, the hero must get to Harvest Valley. Harvest Valley is an important part of the game because it allows the hero to do a few things needed for the continuation of the game, and allows the hero to get rid of various items in his inventory in exchange for souls. The Harvest Valley will -

  • allow the hero to get into the Earthen Peak, where the hero will need to defeat the Covetous Demon and the Baneful Queen to advance into the Iron Keep.
  • allow the hero to meet with the Laddersmith Gilliam and make him construct the ladders needed to get down into the Pit and Gutter in Majula.
  • allows the hero to get to the Lonesone Galvaan merchant to sell souls and get rid of silly items in the inventory.

This will guide the hero on how to get to the Harvest Valley bonfire from the Huntsman's Copse area. It will also provide a walkthrough on how to get to the first bonfire in the Earthen Peak.

Dark Souls 2 Get to Huntman's Copse Bonfires

The Huntmam's Copse area cannot be reached until the hero defeats the Dragonrider at the Heide's Tower of Flame and meets with Licia, the seller of miracles.

Then, speak to Licia repeatedly until she moves on from the Heide's Tower of Flame to the small room in the dungeon that leads to the tower of flame initially. Go back to the far fire bonfire and go towards this small room. Speak to Licia again and ask her to move the conception so that the hero can proceed into Huntman's Copse. Go forth and then speak to the

  • Dark miracle seller

before saving at the Huntman's copse first bonfire.

The Huntman's Copse area is ridiculously easy compared to what the hero has already gone through in previous areas, so defeat the enemies and get to the second bonfire.

From the second bonfire, go out and cross the first bridge. Then look for a lever in the area beyond and lower the metal bridge. Once the metal bridge is lowered, go through and get to the third bonfire. But the third bonfire in Huntman's Copse is locked by a gate. The hero needs the

  • undead lockaway key
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from the surrounding areas to get this key.

From the third bonfire gate, move out and then go past the bridge to the other side. Defeat the undead rogue. There is a ledge on the right hand side. Move very cautiously along it. There are lots of undead rogues along the ledge. Defeat them and look for a cave in which to move into. The key lies within. Finish off all the rogues and then move back out and back to the gate of the third bonfire. Unlock it and move inside. Light the third bonfire of the Huntman's Copse.

Dark Souls 2 Defeat the Skeleton Lords

To get to the Harvest Valley, the hero needs to get past the skeleton lords. The skeleton lords dwell beyond a mist covered door just underneath a waterfall. The waterfall lies beyond the narrow ledge mentioned above that the hero needs to get the key from.

For the magic using hero, arm yourself with soul arrows and hex spells dark bolt. Make sure that the hero has enough attunement slots for numerous spells. Then launch yourself beyond the mist door and start with the three Skeleton Lords. Defeat them as fast as possible and then concentrate on the wheeling skeletons. Run around the compound and avoid their attacks. Then, the hero should launch his counter attacks. The skeleton lords share one health bar, so the heroes do not need to finish them all to win the battle. Take out the three major skeleton lords and the wheeling skeletons, and the rest are easy to take out.

With the skeleton lords gone, the dark mist beyond the room will dissipate, revealing the way to the Harvest Valley. Go through and then light the first bonfire.

Dark Souls 2 How to Get to the Earthen Peak Bonfire

From the Harvest Valley first bonfire, go up the slope and then defeat the dark mounted beast down in the poison pits. Then run down into the pits and up again and go right. Defeat more enemies including the dark mounted beasts and undead citizens. Go to the right and pull a lever to unlock the gate. Proceed to the second Harvest Valley bonfire.

From the second Harvest bonfire, turn right and go past a bridge meet some large bulky humanoids with a hammer. Defeat then and go right into a room with more such humanoids. Find a flight of narrow stairs and go up all the way until the hero reaches the Earthern Peak. Then proceed until the hero reaches the mist door that contains the Covetous Demon. From there, it's a short run to the Earthern Peak first bonfire.

From there, run along up and be careful with the manikin rogues around here. When their nifty and poisonous attacks are combined with the bulky humanoid's hammer attacks, the hero will invariably die from the poison and the hammer blows. After the two manikin rogues and the humanoid, there is a bridge. On the opposite of the bridge are more manikin rogues. Defeat them using ranged attacks. Be careful not to alert the warden at the far end. Finish off the rogues and then defeat the warden. The warden may leave some valuable items including the silverback spear, a lightweight but offensively fast spear that has a long reach.

After the warden, run up the stairs carefully, being very alert for the two rogue manikins in this area. Finish them and the third manikin rogue at the far end of the corridor and the hero will get to the Earthern Peak second bonfire.

Then, from this second bonfire, head out and go further up the stairs. If the hero is fast enough, he may burst through the closing gate to take on the rogue here. Otherwise, the gate will close and the hero will have to take the long route to the laddersmith Gilligan.

Once the rogue beyond the gate is defeated, hit out at the wooden railing and then go onto the narrow ledge and get to the laddersmith Gilligan.

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