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Dark Souls 2 Get to Bonfire Guide

Dark Souls 2 Get to Bonfire Guide

The welcome sight of a bonfire, especially when the hero is overburdened with souls.

The welcome sight of a bonfire, especially when the hero is overburdened with souls.

In Dark Souls 2, the hero will have to get to the bonfires in various locations in the world of Drangelic in order to save and fast travel between the bonfires. Saving is very important because the hero needs to save the souls that he has accumulated through very hard battles. Then he needs to travel to the Far Fire Bonfire and level up. Otherwise, if the hero carries all his souls with him, then he will eventually lose the souls to due an unseen enemy hiding behind some dark corner, or some massive lunging by tough enemies.

  • This will guide the hero on how to get to the various bonfires in the different areas in Drangleic, and will focus on the initial bonfires and the difficult bonfires.

Dark Souls 2 Things Betwixt Fire Dwellers' Bonfire

The first bonfire is really easy to get to.

  • From the pavilion, just run through the grass and head towards the Fire Dwellers' hut. Then speak to the fire dwellers and then come out of the hut using the other door and save at the first bonfire, known appropriately as the Fire Dwellers' Bonfire.

Dark Souls 2 Majula Far Fire Bonfire

The second bonfire is the really important bonfire, known as the Far Fire Bonfire. This Bonfire is the area where the hero will speak to the Emerald Herald to ask for level up.

  • From the Fire Dwellers' hut, simply run up the slope. The hero may want to bypass all the mist covered training grounds. Look for the light far ahead in the tunnel and come out and spot a bonfire in the distance. This is the Far Fire Bonfire. Speak to the woman next to the Far Fire Bonfire and save.

Dark Souls 2 Forest of the Fallen Giants Bonfires

The third and the fourth bonfires are found in the Forest of the Fallen Giants. The third bonfire is called the Crestfallen's Retreat Bonfire.

  • To get to the Crestfallen's Retreat Bonfire, turn back from the Far Fire Bonfire and spot a tunnel near the cliff on the left hand side. Run along through the tunnel and pull some levers to get to the Forest of the Fallen Giants. Defeat some zombie undeads and then spot a bonfire in the distance in a clearing in the forest.

The fourth bonfire is called the Cardinal Tower Bonfire.

  • From the above bonfire, run along towards a zombie holding a bow and some arrows. Defeat the other zombies and this zombie along the way and then go past the zombies towards a ladder.

Climb the ladder and then reach a clearing with more zombies. Defeat them and then proceed to a tunnel, where there are more undeads. Undeads will spring out suddenly, so be careful. Go towards the end of the tunnel and then run up some stairs and see a ladder and another undead on the left. Climb up the ladder and then turn right to open a door, which will lead to the Cardinal Tower Bonfire.

There is a merchant who sells some useful items next to the Cardinal Tower Bonfire, including -

  • human effigy
  • homeward bones
  • lifegems

and others. Be careful not to purchase too many items early on, because the items will run out eventually.

Dark Souls 2 Get to the Heide's Tower of Flame Bonfires

The Heide's Tower of Flame Bonfires may be regarded as the fifth and sixth bonfires in the game, because of the natural progression of the hero towards this area after defeating the first boss.

  • The first Heide's Tower of Flame Bonfire is known as the Heide's Ruin Bonfire. To get to this bonfire, from the Majula Far Fire bonfire, head straight towards a large mansion but do not enter. Instead, go right and then go down the tunnel and then get through the gate (which will require the hero to pull a lever) and then proceed to the Heide's Ruins Bonfire.
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The second bonfire here is known as the Tower of Flame bonfire.

  • The Tower of Flame bonfire is easily found, after defeating the dragonrider boss. Just run through the previously blocked gate, and up the stairs, and the hero will reach this bonfire.

There is a merchant or preacher of miracles here. The hero can buy miracles such as heal, but will have to have a high enough faith attribute score.

Dark Souls 2 No Man's Wharf Bonfire

The next bonfire is found in No Man's Wharf.

  • From the above bonfire, run through a bridge and then down into some tunnels with giant knights. It is possible to run past all the knights. Just time your evasion properly.

Find a lift and go down, and then there is a hole in the corridor just beyond the giant knight. Go through and reach the No Man's Wharf Bonfire.

Dark Souls 2 Pull the Lever to Summon the Ship


Dark Souls 2 Get to the Lever to Summon the Ship

The next bonfire is hard to get to. The bonfire is located in the Lost Bastille region.

  • To get there, the hero first needs to travel from the No Man's Wharf Bonfire and then get to a bell. He must ring the bell and summon a ship. Then defeat the boss, the Flexile Sentry, at the bottom of the ship.

The path to the bell is just about as hazardous as trying to defeat the Flexile Sentry. The hero can either speed run to the bell, or he can try to eliminate the monsters along the way, one small area at a time.

  • In Dark Souls 2, to prevent excessive farming of souls, monsters in one particular area will disappear after being "farmed" repeatedly after a number of times.

Dark Souls 2 Defeat the Flexile Sentry

Then get to the ship and try to defeat the Flexile Sentry. This fight is easy if the hero runs circles around the boss, and use ranged attacks.

The hero needs a mighty explosion to get to the Lost Bastille Bonfire.

The hero needs a mighty explosion to get to the Lost Bastille Bonfire.

Dark Souls 2 Get to the Lost Bastille Bonfire

It is quite hard to get to the Lost Bastille Bonfire at McDuff's Workshop.

  • The Lost Bastille bonfire is not found immediately after the hero defeats the Flexile Sentry. Instead, the hero must board a ship. Then, upon alighting, the hero will get to the Lost Bastille area.

Get into a lift and then get up to the upper levels. From the railing, look down to see some rabid dogs and a reaper like monster carrying a scythe. Use ranged attacks from far, especially if the hero is carrying a lot of souls from defeating the Flexile Sentry.

Then climb down the ladder and turn left. Spot some dogs around a corner. Don't just jump in, peek around the corner and then use ranged attacks on the dogs one at a time. Activate the lever, and then allow the gate to open. Go up the stairs, and look back. There is a crack on the wall. Go up the stairs the rest of the way and lure the reaper to release his explosive barrel on the hero.

  • The explosive barrel will either roll down directly onto the crack on the wall, or it will not do so. In this case, the hero will reach out and roll the barrel towards the wall, and then smash it to cause it to explode. The wall will collapse, revealing the Lost Bastille bonfire.

Dark Souls 2 Get to Lost Bastille Servant's Quarters Bonfire

  • The next bonfire in the Lost Bastille is the Servant's Quarters bonfire.

To get to this bonfire, from the above campfire, go up the stairs and then turn right past some broken columns to a metal door. Open it and get through. Defeat the lance carrying enemies within and make your way to the mist gateway. Then enter, and defeat the Three Ruin Sentinels. Make your way through the one way passage, until the hero gets to the Lost Bastille Servant's Quarters Bonfire.

More will be revealed as the hero tries to get to the other bonfires.


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