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3 Best Cribbage Board Templates by Rockler Make Great Gifts For The Woodworker


Rockler The Best Name In Cribbage Board Templates

I have been collecting cribbage boards for many years and it's been a long while since I've tried making one on my own. I remember I was in my teens and had that sudden desire that all teens have from time to time -"I wanted to create something".

Fortunately I was working at a cabinet shop at the time and had practically any woodworking tool I could think of at my disposal, before and after working hours and during lunch break, that is. I'd played cribbage a few times and always thought it would be kind of cool to drill all those holes. Funny how our reality is so often a different story.

I can remember to this day (a lot of years later) how disappointed I was when halfway through the process my perfect little project became ruined because I didn't use the best tools for the job. Like so many of the old time cribbage boards I run across during my efforts to collect them, there were an array of misaligned holes. "If I'd only had a cribbage board template".

Generally speaking there are two types of cribbage board templates - The temporary or disposal type cribbage board templates are made from printed paper or chip board (thin cardboard). The permanent or reusable types are made from from sturdy plastic or acrylic type materials, or from drilling placement holes into a thin sheet of metal.

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Classic Rockler Cribbage Board Template

Affordable- Downloadable- Printable; Cribbage Board Templates

Downloadable printable cribbage board templates from Etsy Store CribbageTemplatesFS are an affordable alternative to purchasing a rigid steel or polymer plastic cribbage board template. Unlike purchasing a physical cribbage board template the printable version can be downloaded almost immediately after purchasing.

When purchasing a physical product such as the Rockler cribbage board template from an online store you do have to wait for your product to be packaged and shipped.before you are able to begin your project.

An advantage of the downloadable printable style cribbage template is that you can start the project right away. Order the download and print it out on your home printer within minutes.

Another benefit to using a printable template is the cost. Printable templates are available for a fraction of the cost of the manufactured templates.

CribabgeBoardTemplatesFS an Etsy store that has several downloadable cribbage board plans available. You can choose from several templates that were designed to mimic the hole pattern of some the most popular cribbage boards offered by mid-century cribbage board manufacturers.

Choices include:

  • - 7 1/2"x10" High Hand 29 Style Cribbage Board Template
  • - 6"x14" Rectangular Cribbage Board Template - Crisloid Style
  • - 3"x12" Rectangle Cribbage Board Template - Drueke Style 2050 Cribbage Game
  • - 5"x14" Oval Cribbage Board Template - Crib Derby Horse Race Game Style
  • - 2-7/8" X 11-1/4" Milton Bradley Style Cribbage Board Template

One downfall to the printed version versus a rigid cribbage board template is that you will have to be a bit more skillful with your drill press. The rigid template when used with a self-centering drill bit will easily glide into the drilling holes of the rigid template. Whereas with the printed cribbage board template you will need to take more care with the placement before drilling into the surface of your project board.


Traditional Rockler Cribbage Template

This template is reminiscent of the traditional European style rectangular track cribbage boards. It's for a twice around to win or a 60 point game.

Originally cribbage was played to 60 points. The advent of the 120 point game is relatively new and became more popular around the turn of the last century.

Rockler JIG IT Game-Drilling System for Original Cribbage

Rockler Extra Large Cribbage Board Template

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