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16 Cool and Easy-to-Build Lego Projects

I didn't get much Lego-building experience as a kid, so I've have to work twice as hard to come up with cool yet simple Lego projects that impress my own kids.

Half the time, when playing Legos with the kids I poop out and just throw some random bricks together and call it a masterpiece. Not exactly quality building! This inspired me to make this list of fairly simple projects.

Most of these will require some trial and error to build correctly. Rather than giving your kids specific instructions, pose each project as a challenge; part of the fun is figuring out how to make it work using what you have.

1. Balloon-Powered Car

Balloon-powered Lego car.

Balloon-powered Lego car.

This one is an easy way to give a basic Lego car some horsepower.

  • Make a basic "car" out of Legos. Nothing fancy, just four wheels and a frame of long skinny bricks to hold them together.
  • In the back, build a frame to hold in the balloon. Be creative, and make sure it has enough bracing to keep it stable.
  • Insert the balloon into the frame you've made on the back, with the opening facing the back and the balloon-end facing the front.
  • Fill the balloon and let it rip!

Part of the challenge of this activity is to build a frame in the back that effectively holds in the balloon and keeps the model stable when the pressure is released.

2. Christmas Ornament

Christmas-tree ornament made of Legos.

Christmas-tree ornament made of Legos.

You can really make any Lego creation into a Christmas ornament by hanging it from a tree. But a fun holiday challenge is to make blocky bricks into a traditional spherical holiday ornament. How will you accomplish that?

3. Rubber-Band Gun

Snapping rubber-band gun made of Legos.

Snapping rubber-band gun made of Legos.

Mom's sure to be a hit by making this rubber-band gun! This challenge can be broken down into the following elements:

  • Shooting mechanism: In order for the rubber band to fire, you need two things. First, a stable hook at the front to hold it in place, and a moving mechanism in the back that, when fired, will release the taut rubber band and propel it forward.
  • Trigger: This is arguably the most challenging part of the gun to make. The part of the gun that you squeeze needs to be attached to an axle that will push the shooting mechanism in the back of the gun forward, releasing the rubber band.
  • Barrel: The length of the barrel will determine what kind of rubber bands you can use. Be sure that the barrel and shooting mechanism are sturdily in place, so that the tension of the rubber band doesn't pull them apart. The barrel will usually be made of two long, thin bricks, but with a block's worth of space between them to make room for the trigger and shooting mechanism. Don't forget to have a notch or hook at the end for the rubber band to grab.
  • Handle: This is what you'll hold on to when pulling the trigger. It should be very sturdy to support the weight of the gun as well as the pressure from your hand.

4. Lego Earrings for Mom

Jewelry made from Legos.

Jewelry made from Legos.

These earrings are more decorative than they are challenging, but a great gift idea for the mom of Lego-loving kids. Using a hot glue gun, attach earring hooks purchased from a craft store to Lego pieces. You can also decorate the blocks with smaller ones, but make sure they're not too heavy.

5. Upright Piano

Upright piano made of Legos.

Upright piano made of Legos.

A piano would be a great addition to any Lego world, such as a dollhouse or a school. How realistic can you make yours look?

6. Birds

Lego bird.

Lego bird.

These simple little birds are excellent for playing in a game of Creationary! See if the other players can guess what you're doing when you start to build one of these little guys.

7. Super Mario

Lego Mario.

Lego Mario.

My kids love anything Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach. See if you can build an 8-bit Mario out of Legos.

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8. UFO Spinning Top

Lego spinning top that looks like a space alien.

Lego spinning top that looks like a space alien.

This simple build is probably more fun for younger kids than the older ones. They'll get a lot of joy out of being able to make a toy on their own. Try giving your younger kid a selection of blocks to challenge their problem-solving skills.

9. Monthly Mini-Builds

Lego monthly mini-builds.

Lego monthly mini-builds.

Mini-builds are released once a month on the Lego website and at their stores. If you go to the store, you and your kids will get to participate in a hands-on event where everyone builds the same model from instruction. Or, you can download the instructions for the model and do it at home. Normally, you don't need to buy any special pieces or bricks to build; the mini-build model will use what you already have. Each month's model is usually seasonal or commemorative.

10. Rubber-Band Car

Rubber-band powered Lego car.

Rubber-band powered Lego car.

This is similar to the the rubber-band gun in its complexity, and is a wonderful challenge for an advanced builder. In order to build the car, you need to create a mechanism—such as a gear—on the back axle which can hold the rubber band in place while you wind it back, wrapping the band around the axle and stretching it taut. When you let go, the force from the rubber band should propel the car forward. See if you can find the right rubber band to make it go as fast and far as you can.

11. LED Minifigs

Lego minifig lit by LED.

Lego minifig lit by LED.

Simple, creative, and a little spooky—mini-LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are just the right size to put inside the heads of Lego mini-figurines.

This is more of a Lego modification project than just a simple Lego creation. However, making little jack-o'-lanterns out of blocks is a really cool Halloween project.

Why Legos Are Important at a Young Age

I'm a reasonably intelligent woman, and have always scored well on both language and math tests. However, as a child, I was never very interested in Legos or building and wasn't encouraged to try. I'm determined that my girls will be exposed to the engineering skills that Legos naturally teach.

I love this video. Speaker Christ Rogers from the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach has been working with the Lego Group to bring engineering into every classroom as a way to teach creativity, teamwork, and systems engineering as well as math, science, and literacy.

What's your favorite Lego project?

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I love lego and I still make things out of it

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uneasywriter lm on February 15, 2013:

Very cool lego lens.. I wish we had internet when I was a kid, to see some of these creations and trade building ideas!

glenbrook on February 13, 2013:

I don't have a favorite project, but I love building things from Legos with my son.

john9229 on February 04, 2013:

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@anonymous: I'm sure I could come up with some builds for you (stuff people are always asking about, and I have no idea how to do on my own)!! If you're interested! :) Contact me.

anonymous on October 07, 2012:

pretty cool. BUT WHAT i need is some ideas what to build.

I am a real good builder i have been taught by a master builder i even have the lego mba kit witch stands for lego master builder academy.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on October 07, 2012:

I like the ones you have here. We have long ago given up our legos.

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Very Cool and Easy to Build Lego Projects, really. I like your lens, itâs very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

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So many clever and educational LEGO ideas, here! I always built dollhouses, castles and mansions as a little girl.

shauna1934 (author) on September 25, 2012:

@tfsherman lm: I know the feeling! I feel like I'm finally getting up to speed with Lego! BTW, I saw something cool and easy the other day for a Lego party... Using clear hand soap (or you could probably do hand sanitizer as well) containers (and clear soap) you can stick a few Lego bricks in the container with the soap for a fun Good luck!

tfsherman lm on September 25, 2012:

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I love Lego products and I have a blog about the things I have built from my Lego sets. They are all ones that I built without instructions. Here it is:

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@dannystaple: you lost me at diode h bridge - but I'll bet my husband can follow you!! :) if you do send me a link and I'll link back on this lens!!! also, if you come across any other lego projects you think i might be able to handle please shoot them my way!! i'll share them here - not to mention i love impressing my kids :)

dannystaple on August 06, 2011:

I lov ethe USB one - I may built that, with my one mod - adding so the motor direction doesn't matter. Either that or use a bidirectional gearbox, which may take up more space.

Pam Irie from Land of Aloha on July 17, 2011:

I have to choose your first project on this lens......that is so cute! A lego car running on balloon power. ha

anonymous on June 17, 2011:

Always loved playing with lego Of course in those days all they had were building block. No lego people, no special kits. I remember buying my nephew a Lego Castle.

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The four lego bricks with the lego fence in the intro pic looks like something I can make without too much brain strain -:) Just kidding - my favorite is the Legos balloon car - much more fun than a fence -:)

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