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US Stamp Yearbook for Collecting and Sharing

Ms. Venegas believes reading is essential for understanding the rapidly changing world. She enjoys sharing books with others.



Enjoy US Commemorative Stamp Yearbook

You do not have to be a serious philatelist to enjoy the US postage being issued each year. I remember looking over the counter at the local post office when Mother bought her postage for bills and letters to family in Minnesota.

She liked to choose a few of the beautiful new issues the postman would show her in a flip book he had. She would buy only the ones she liked the best. She would buy a block of four if they were still available. Where are those blocks of four now?

Yesterday, I noticed the US Commemorative Yearbook on her sofa. Actually, she had two of them. She buys them for her two grandsons, as a remembrance from her. She was working on placing the sheets and blocks of stamps in their appropriate places in the yearbook.

2017 US Stamp Yearbook

2017 US Stamp Yearbook

Use Your Collector's Book for Reading to the Kids

The book is filled with wonderful pictures and colorful mounted postage. There is a full article about each issue depicted, and the person, art, event, or era commemorated. Use the book for reading at bedtime. If the subject is an historical person or time, fill in what you may remember about the subject. Include your memories for your child to enjoy.

Kids are enthralled with their parents own memories and the write ups can recall those subjects that you would not normally think to talk about. Bring out your memories and the book, because otherwise, they may sit on the shelf, or in your head.

Where to Find the Book

The USPS issues "USA Philatelic Catalog" quarterly with issue types and the stories about the people and reasons of the commemorative issue. The catalog itself is very interesting and it can be viewed here, and ordered for free as a printed copy.

I know nothing about collecting and the catalog spiked my interest. Some issues are offered as a "Full Coil of 10,000 $4,600.00". Would a collector buy a full coil or maybe a business for their daily use? What happens to the coil if no one buys it from the Post Office?

It appears to me that if you are a philatelist there is much to know with this hobby. The Post Office's Philatelic Glossary, and other information is at the official website.

If you want to simply enjoy the art, color and stories of the yearly stamps issued, the yearbook would be for you. Biographies and facts about highlighted people, birds, animals or geographical site fill each book. The Yearbook is about $64 from the Post Office. The 2017 book includes 83 stamps.

2016 the post office issued stamps on pickups trucks. Comics have been showed for many years, well as, entertainment personalities.

Two Other Sources

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
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If you search on eBay you can get books with the stamps included. Many sellers indicate that the collections they have are from estates. Sets may sit on a book shelf and not have been opened at all. Each book in the last decade came in a cover box with the stamps sealed together in a package.

Do not be in a hurry to buy and ask if the seller does not mention the packaged postage.

Amazon seems to have mostly the overstocked books without the stamps included. Remember when buying past yearbooks the price should reflect the cost of the stamps if they are included.

2010 Yearbook



What Will Be in Your Book Shelf?

image credit: Post Office

image credit: Post Office

As a kid nothing interested me more than a relative's bookshelf. We would travel thousands of miles by car and stay awhile. There would be days to while away without cousins or people the same age and reading from the shelves would keep me engaged. I never saw questionable material.

The stamp yearbooks have lovely pages to share when your grandkids come to visit.

United States Stamp Yearbook

United States Stamp Yearbook

Two of my mother's books above.

The grandsons will receive their books with the stamps mounted with the hinges included with the sealed package. Okay by me, Mother was able to get some enjoyment with the organizing and mounting.

Celebrate the Government?

My thoughts of the post office are directly tied to the US Government, same as the Navy or Marines. I appreciate the high quality of its products. Will we be able to get Saturday delivery for much longer?

The Yearbook is all about the United States and the history, people, geography, and the events since its founding. It is a celebration like the airshows; a display of what we as a country can do.

Another USPS Printing

Notecards with stamps Included

Notecards with stamps Included

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