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Borderlands the Presequel Level Up Guide


This borderlands presequel level up guide will guide the heroine on
how to choose the skill trees that suits the style of play. It will
display the various skills and powers that the hero needs when he or she
levels up. It will focus primarily on the Athena Gladiator level up skill tree,
and the Nisha Lawbringer level up skill tree. There will be a descrition
of the Claptrap and Wilhelm skill tree.

Borderlands the Presequel Athena Gladiator Level Up Guide

The first skill that Athena can unlock is probably the most important, namely -

  • Kinetic Aspis - this skill shield will allow the heroine to use the shield to absorb all kinds of frontal damage, and then store a finite amount of the damage as energy, based on level. Athena will then throw the shield as an energy weapon towards the enemy once the required amount of energy is absorbed, before returning back to the heroine.

This skill is recommended only after the main shield fails, as it allows
Athena to use her elemental powers and her weapons to defeat the enemies
before falling back to the shield and throw tactics.

This skill is particularly useful when used against the second boss of the game
- Deadlift.

Borderlands the Pre-sequel Gladiator Phalanx Level Up Guide

Athena Gladiator Phalanx level up tree has the following abilities -

  • Invictus ability - increases the damage dealt by the Aspis when thrown.
  • Vanguard - while the Aspis is active, Athena and neaby friends gain Health regeneration. The Health regeneration rate increases as the Aspis absorbs damage.
  • Hold the Line - lengthens the duration the Aspis can be active before it is thrown automatically.
  • Ephondos - increases movement speed and gun damage while holding down the Aspis
  • Prismatic Aegis - the Aspis now stores the elemental damage type of absorbed damage. Multiple elemental damage types can be stored and all stored damage types are dealt by the Aspis when thrown.
  • Clear - when thrown, the Aspis explosion grants second wind to allies within range. In addition, Athena gains a damage bonus while in fight for your life.
  • United Front - Damage absorbed by the Aspis now provides power to the shields of the heroine and nearby allies, also increases maximum shield capacity.
  • Stalwart - allows the aspis to absorb a percentage of damage from friends' guns. Also increase maximum health.
  • Prepare for Glory - Activiting the Aspis taunts nearby enemies, making them more likely to attack the heroine. Additionally for every individual enemy who inflicts damage on the Aspis, the heroines gains a stack of Prepare for Glory increasing Gun Damage stacks persis for a short duration after the Aspis has been thrown.
  • Return fire - when active, the Aspis has a chance to reflect incoming lasers and bullets while still absorbing their energy.
  • Wrath of the Goddess - the Aspis will ricochet to up to 4 additiional enemies each taking less damage than the last. The Aspis will return to the heroine after it hits the final enemy.

Borderlands the Presequel Use Different Elemental Powers

  • Different elemental powers are important in defeating bosses. Keep this in mind when level up the characters.
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Borderlands the Presequel Athena Gladiator Xiphos Level Up Guide

  • Blood Rush - Melee Override skill, in which Athena dashes at an enemy and strikes them with xiphos with increased melee damage. This ability has a cooldown. if the attack applies a bleed to a target that isn't bleeding or kills a target, the cooldown is immediately reset. Perform a regular melee attack when blood rush is on cooldown.
  • Gun Kata - increases gun damage. additionally your melee damage is increased for a short duration after shooting an enemy.
  • Charity of Purpose - increases melee damage and maximum health.
  • Omega-senshu - you deal increased damage to any enemy which has less than 50% of their maximum health remaining.
  • Mercurial - Kill skill - killing an enemy increases movement speed and damage resistance for a few seconds.
  • Rend - your melee attacks cause enemies to bleed, inflicting damage over time;
    the damage is increased again; higher health targets and the damage also
    benefits from your melee damage bonuses.
  • Epicenter - Slam alteration skill - when you slam you now create a singularity pulling nearby enemies closer and dealing damage to them.
  • Bloodlust - gain health regeneration whenever you make an enemy bleed for the duration of the bleed effect. The effect stacks if you have multiple bleeding enemies.
  • Tear - increases your gun damage dealt to bleeding targets.
  • Fury of the Arena - gain increased fire rate and reload speed for each bleeding target.
  • Blood Rush - Melee Override skill. When button R is activated, Athena rushes towards enemies and strikes with xiphos and increased melee damage.

Borderlands the Presequel Athena Gladiator Ceraunic Storm Level Up Guide

  • Storm Weaving - When Athena swaps weapons, she gains storm weaving, increasing fire rate and elemental effect chance.
  • Maelstrom - dealing incendiary or shock damage causes Athena to gain stacks of Maelstrom. Each stack of Maelstrom will cause elemental damage dealt to be increased. Stacks will decay over time, and this rate of decay will increase as Athena gains more stacks.
  • Conduit - When an electrocute effect is present, Athena regenrates a percentage of shields every second for each stack of maelstrom she has.
  • Zeus' Rage Power - When Athena throws the Aspis, a devastating Fire and Lighting Storm will spawn at the target. The amount of damage depends on the amount of damage absorbed by the Aspis.

Borderlands the Presequel Nisha Lawbringer Level Up Guide

Nisha the lawbringer brings a different skills set to the fray. She starts with a sniper weapon, which is the best for the sneaking type heroine.

More videos of the powers of the special Nisha skills coming soon!

Next, Wilhelm the Enforcer uses air support and heavy attacks. Claptrap uses robotic tactics.

Next up, the Baroness, available later with the borderlands pre-sequel dlc and season pass.

  • Wilhem Action Skill - unleash Wolf and Saint.

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