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Borderlands 2 Where to Get Good Level 20 Sniper Weapons

Borderlands 2 Get Good Sniper Weapons

Borderlands 2 Get Good Sniper Weapons like the Kull Trepasser

Borderlands 2 Get Good Sniper Weapons like the Kull Trepasser

Borderlands 2 Where to Get Good Level 20 Sniper Weapons

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter will encounter more and more diffciult enemies as he progresses in the game. The enemies are more and more difficult because of their special abilities. In addition, they are difficult to defeat because they have lots of health points, and they are protected by shields in some cases. At this stage of the game (about level 20), the hero requires sniper weapons that can deliver a lot of damage from far, and which can also bypass range. These weapons can be obtained by completing Mordecai's side missions. This will guide the hero on how to complete the Rakkaholics Anonymous quest and get the Operational Sloth. It will also provide a brief guide on how to complete the Animal Rights mission and get the Kull Trespasser.

Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous Quest

The Rakkaholics Anonymouse quest is really quite easy to do, and allows the hero to get a sniper rifle (Operational Sloth) which can deliver bursts of fires (whilst zoomed) in the range of about 500 points of damage.

To complete the Rakkaholics Anonymous quest, head to the Dust and get into a vehicle. The idea here is to pursue another vehicle called Moonshiner. This vehicle is a “booze truck”, and carries barrels of booze on its roof. Press “F” on PC to accelerate the hero's vehicle and get the vehicle to move close to the Moonshiner. Now use the rocket launcher or guns on the vehicle to “attack” the barrels. The barrels will roll down and the hero can grab the kegs of beer. Once 10 barrels are obtained this way, the quest is completed. The hero needs to avoid the bandit technical (driven by bandits) and should focus only on the barrels.

Once the vault hunter has obtained 10 barrels, return to Mordecai for the sniper weapon. Or return to Maxxi for a cool pistol weapon.

Animal Rights Mission Reward

To complete the collection of sniper weapons from Mordecai, the hero must complete the other mission Animal Rights. This other mission requires the hero to free the creatures in Wildlife Preserve. The first creature to be released are the stalkers. Once each set of creatures are released, the hero (and the creatures) will have to deal with the engineer guards holding the creatures captive. This quest involves attacking the super badass loader again.

Once all the creatures have been released, and all guards defeated, the hero needs to return to Mordecai to claim his reward (see above picture).

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