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Borderlands 2 Defeat Jack's Body Double

Borderlands 2 Defeat Jack's Body Double

Borderlands 2 Defeat Jack's Body Double in the Man Who Would be Jack quest.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Jack's Body Double in the Man Who Would be Jack quest.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Jack's Double

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter must learn to defeat Handsome Jack's Double and get his pocket watch. Then he must collect Jack's voice samples and allow Angel to assimilate these into a program which can be used to fool the system and allow the Crimson Raiders to get the Vault Key. Handsome Jack's double is no easy thing to defeat, even though it is a body double. In addition Jack's double carries the pocket watch which enables him to control the loaders around him to attack the hero and protect him. This will guide the hero assassin on how to use the stealth and sniper approach to defeat the Man who would be Jack and complete this quest.

Get to Opportunity

Opportunity is the city built by Handsome Jack to house his loyal subjects. To get to Opportunity the hero needs to use the vehicle in the Highlands Hyperion Bridge region and drive to Opportunity.

Once within Opportunity, the hero needs to tread carefully as this city is guarded by all varieties of loaders and engineers. If the wrong mix of loaders enter an area and attack the hero, the hero would be vanquished in no time. An example of this is the vault hunter entering an area with ion loaders and war loaders. The war loaders simply has to enter the shield of the ion loaders and the hero would be fried.

Borderlands 2 Find Jack's Double

The next challenge awaiting the hero is to find Jack's double. Follow the homing rhombus on the minimap and head in the direction indicated. Note that Jack;s body double will be found somewhere in the lower levels of Opportunity. So find some stairs leading downwards when the hero is near the area and descend. Finding Jack's Double is made more difficult because the hero needs to avoid the loaders and engineers patrolling this area.

Finally, when the hero comes face to face with Jack (from a distance), the assassin hero realizes that Jack is surrounded by a shield. The hero can use the sniper weapon Kull Trepasser – obtained by completing Mordecai's side mission. This sniper weapon bypasses shields and if aimed properly at the right place, will end Jack's body double in an instant.

Get the Pocket Watch of Jack's Double and Get the Voice Samples

The next few stages in completing the Man Who Would Be Jack's quest are quite simple, if the hero is not too obsessed with ending every single Hyperion troop in Opportunity. Once Jack is down, pick up his pocketwatch. Next, follow the minimap to get his voice from the info kiosk Then get more of Jack's voice samples. Running around Opportunity and ignoring enemies appears to be the fastest way to complete this quest. Then head towards Angel's designated location and put the voice samples there to be processed into a program.

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After this, Angel will be suppressed by the real Handsome Jack. The hero and the Crimson Raiders are on their own. Return to Sanctuary and begin the next phase of assault against Hyperion.

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