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Blackguards Walkthrough


Blackguard Walkthrough Begins.

Blackguard Walkthrough Begins.

In Blackguard the turn based RPG game, the heroine of the story is accused of having murdered her princess. She must prove her innocence, if only she remembers exactly what happened to have led the wolf eating the corpse of the princess. This blackguard walkthrough will guide the heroine through the first few main quests of the game, and provide some hints and tips on how to survive the combat and game mechanics of the game.

Blackguard Elanor’s Death

The first part of the main quest shows Elanor being eaten by the wolf. The heroine must defeat the wolf. This is really easy and involves clicking on the wolf until it dies. The heroine is blamed for the princess’s death and is arrested.

The story fast forwards to the prison of Neetha, where the heroine must break out of prison. She is helped by the dwarf Naurim and then they free a mage called Zurbaran. Here the gameplay goes into a linear room by room exploration phase that is much like a pen and paper table top dungeon crawl. Choose the next room, clear the area of guards and move on to the next room and so on.

Blackguards Prison of Neetha

Blackguards Prison of Neetha Map

Blackguards Prison of Neetha Map

  • The final conflict with the guards comes in the form of the three escapees facing some guards. They have to open all the cells with the convicts inside so that these convicts can distract the guards and they can flee.

Blackguard Explore Neetha

The escapees then return to Neetha. The gameplay here switches from combat to one of exploration of the towns. The first town is Neetha

Blackguards Northern Map

Blackguards map showing the northern region - the northernmost town is Neetha.

Blackguards map showing the northern region - the northernmost town is Neetha.

Within Neetha, the heroes can visit the –

  • Smith / Merchant – speak to the merchant Alficie. The heroes need to sell and buy stuff and stock up on weapons and armor and potions. It is recommended that one sells off unwanted items and buys an axe or cleaver for Naurim.
  • Healer – this will cure wounds and poisons, for a price, of course
  • Inn – this is a place of rest, where the heroes will not have to use their provisions. In this particular case for Neetha, the heroes need to speak to Signora Missanti the innkeeper to learn of what to do next.

Before setting of on a tour of the world, the trio will have to visit Elanor’s grave to find out what exactly happened.

Blackguards Graveyard Map

The southern part of the graveyard will lead to Elanor's grave.

The southern part of the graveyard will lead to Elanor's grave.

The heroes' need to go into the cemetery and explore Elanor's grave. The heroes have three choices within the grave about where to go.

Before going into Eleanor's grave, the heroes should rest, heal up and then stock up on items. The heroes should equip a belt to hold healing and astral potions. Use the weapon sets 1 to 3 to provide alternative forms of weapons from melee weapons to ranged weapons.

For this particular group of heroes, the way up leads to some skeletons. The way forward leads to another false dawn. The monsters in these two areas are easy to defeat.

Finally the way to the southern end of the grave leads to a fight with lice. The composition of this party is as follows -

  • The main heroine is a mage specialising in fire magic.
  • Naurim is a dwarf fighter with a one handed cleaver in his hand, and specialising in axe attacks.
  • Zurbaran is another mage specialising in fire magic.

The tactics for this fight is as follows -

  • One of the heroes must go and close the holes to prevent lice from coming out.
  • Another hero must stay with the lice as a decoy. This hero is preferentially the dwarf because he is a melee fighter and has more hit points compared to the others.
  • Finally the third hero, preferentially the mage, must cast fireball or firebolt attacks on the lice to maximize area damage effects or creature damage effect respectively.

The lice will be defeated and the heroes can examine the coffin, only to notice that Elanor's body is gone.

The heroes continue their journey southwards in search of the truth. The towns in the northern part of the map are listed in the photo. The heroes arrive at Drolsan and meet with the dwarves friends of Naurim. Before the dwarves will smuggle the hero into Drol, they need to retrieve their weed something.

  • With the weed so retrieve, head down to Drol and the hanging gardens.

The heroes should periodically save and manage their inventory.

In the hanging gardens, Zurbaran will ask that the heroes distract the guards protecting Drol's most beautiful rose. This means a fight with the guards. The fight is easy enough. However, it is a prelude to the second fight. So the heroes need to be conservative with their spells and astral energy. Or bring lots of astral potions and health potions. Then head into the second fight with the bounty hunters.

Finally, the heroes get some rest before heading into the show down with the bailiff to rescue the baroness.

Tactics in the battle to rescue the baroness

  • There will be two bridges. The heroes must get past the bridges within five turns to rescue the baroness.
  • The trap for the first bridge is in the centre of the bridge, so head towards the bridge on the two sides of the bridge.
  • The bounty hunters will push some crates to block the heroes.
  • Unleash fireballs to destroy the crates and reduce the men's health.
  • Move Naurim towards the second bridge but not onto it. This will draw the men on the second bridge out to attack the dwarf.
  • Continue to use the mages to attack the first group of men using fire based spells.
  • Then when Naurim's turn arrives, go around the second group of men, heading towards the second bridge and past the second bridge along the centre of the bridge.
  • In this way, the traps are avoided and Naurim can get past the men and the second bridge. The baroness is rescued from being hanged.
  • With the first group of men destroyed by fire spells, concentrate on the second group of men until they are defeated.

Move further south along the main quest.

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