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Bioshock Infinite Find Chen Lin and His Confiscated Tools

Bioshock Infinite Enter the Tear

In Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth and Booker must enter the Tear and find Chen Lin in the other Columbia. This will guide Elizabeth and Booker with various tactics as they try to return to the gunsmith’s shop to find Chen Lin and then venture into the Shanty Town and the shanty town police headquarters impound to get Chen Lin’s confiscated tools.

Bioshock Infinite Return to the Gunsmith’s Shop

The first step after entering the tear is to explore the jail that originally contained Chen Lin, except in this alternate dimension, it does not. Go up the stairs to the Good Time Club. There, another fight erupts, and Booker must defeat all the men there. After the men are defeated, collect the loot and then press N (on PC) to delineate a path back to the gunsmith’s shop. Find the exit and then go to the Plaza of Zeal.

At the Plaza of Zeal, Booker will be besieged by more enemies. Use murder of crows to lay traps and then the sniper rifle to take out the enemies from far. The most dangerous enemy will be the one throwing missiles from the volley gun or RPG. There are a few ways to defeat this enemy – find and use the volley gun, or simply use possession to get him on your side.

With the defeat of this enemy and other human and robotic enemies, return to the Chen Lin gunsmith’s shop. Within the shop, Booker will learn that Chen Lin’s machinery and tools are all gone. Head up the stairs and notice that Chen Lin appears to be talking to himself, trying to operate his machinery which are not there. Go downstairs and talk to Mrs Lin, who says that Chen Lin’s machinery has been confiscated by the police. It’s time to head to the shantytown’s police impound.

Bioshock Infinite Find Chen Lin and His Confiscated Tools

Bioshock Infinite get to the Shantytown police impound by using the right skyline and find Chen Lin's confiscated tools

Bioshock Infinite get to the Shantytown police impound by using the right skyline and find Chen Lin's confiscated tools

Bioshock Infinite Destroy the Gun Defence Turrets and Find the Entrance to the Shantytown Police Impound

Go through the Plaza of Zeal and defeat more enemies and then find the entrance to Shantytown.

Once within the corridor past the entrance to Shantytown, ask Elizabeth about her finger. Then activate the lever and embark on the path to Shantytown. There will be lots of enemies here. Use various tactics, weapons, vigors and tear equipment, structures and strategies learnt thus far to defeat them. Then head for the lift that leads to Shantytown.

Shantytown is a desolate place compared to the riches of Finkton. Now, find a way to the shantytown impound. Be careful of the thugs and desperate people in Shantytown. The path to the police station will take Booker past the Bull Yard. Note that there will be a gear at the Bull Yard –

  • Gear – New Hat: Electric Touch – 50% chance that a melee target is stunned. Victim is vulnerable for 3 seconds.

At the Bull Yard, Booker will face lots of Columbia forces and a pair of gun defense turrets. The key to defeating the gun turrets should be to hide behind a wall of cover directly facing the gun turrets and then using the sniper rifle to destroy the gun turrets by firing at the direct centre of the turrets.

With the destruction of the gun turrets, go forth and find a way into the police station. There will be a series of skylines and Columbia enemy forces here. Use the skylines to navigate to safe spots and cover and defeat the enemies from the back. Then look for the entrance to the police station and use the skylines to go there. If the hero has difficulty getting to the entrance, use one skyline to navigate to near the entrance, and then jump onto the second skyline above the entrance and then dismount onto the platform just before the entrance.

Bioshock Infinite Find Chen Lin’s Confiscated Tools

Within the impound, defeat more enemy forces, and then go through some stairs and eventually reach the bottom where Chen Lin’s confiscated tools will be found. However, the tools are so heavy it cannot be moved. The alternative way is to create another tear to another reality and another Columbia where Booker and Elizabeth can find Chen Lin and his tools in the gunsmith’s shop. Return to the Gunsmith’s shop through the tear.

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