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Big Sweet Land

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Big Sweet Land

Big Sweet Land machine is commonly found in arcades and allows you to not only get loads of sweets, you get cool giant prizes too! This is one of my favourite machines in the arcade (easily attracted to the prizes!) as it is really simple to use! So here I'll share with you some tips in getting the jackpot and what to look out for! Enjoy! :D


How this cool machine works

The main gist: lower the scoop to lift up sweets and snack (or even toys) and release them on the tray above. A moving tray will push the items forward. As the items fall into the hatch, it will hit the counter and you will gain levels on the red bar. When the bar hits jackpot, you win!

*What ever falls into the hatch is yours to keep!*

Extra: Every time the counter is hit, there will be a mini "wheel-of-fortune" going on! This includes the results of "1, 2, 3 or jackpot". If you get 1, you gain one level. 2, you gain two levels, etc. If you are lucky enough to hit "JACKPOT"(which i did!), you win immediately! Cool huh?


What to look out for

So.. what do you look out for in a machine? It's obviously the prize! =P

Well, that's of course the main idea. Make sure you know what you want first! There's usually a large number of toys and prizes available which are not displayed in the machine. These can usually be found on shelves near the counter. DO approach the staff to let them know which toys are available for the jackpot prize and they'll be glad to entertain you!

Certain prizes (like the Hello Kitty clock) can only be exchanged with 5 jackpot prizes. This is to say, you gotta hit the Jackpot 5 times before you can get it!

One more thing to note: Make sure that the base of the machine is completely filled with sweets and snacks! If you are able to see the plastic base of the machine, there's probably too little sweets to catch and your chances are greatly lowered! Again, approach the staff! They'll fill up the machine for you, and even throw in small toys for that extra oomph!

The Giant Big Sweet Land calling out for U...

The Giant Big Sweet Land calling out for U...

The Giant Big Sweet Land calling out for U...

Tips on hitting the jackpot

1) Observe, observe, observe. A great tip on saving your pockets is to watch how others play first. This will give you a gist on the strength of the scoop. If most of the people who are playing are having a huge time struggling to even lift up the sweets, the machine is probably very much rigged. In such cases, don't waste your money! Unless you really want the item no matter the cost. In Singapore, I've came across machines that are easier to use and some that are really tough!

2) If all seems well, choose a good seat. This is really important. Pick one where the tray is already full. This will save you loads of time (and money!)

3) If you can, pick one that someone just left off, or gave up on. Sounds weird? Haha! Picking one that someone just used would give you some extra levels gained on the red bar. This puts you nearer to the jackpot.

4) Now that you have put in your money, be patient. D'ont be in a rush to scoop up sweets. Wait for opportunities (a higher hill of sweets) before scooping.

5) Check your timing. The scoops takes time to lower down. This probably takes about one or two tries to get used to.

6) Do not be greedy! If there are too many big-packet snacks lying together, it will be tougher to grab! And there's a tendency for it to fall off.

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7) Aim for small soft toys in the pool. These toys are easy to lift, and have weight. This will help to push down the sweets on your tray.

8) Release the scoop at the right time. Think about the size of the sweets. Small sweets can be released on both the upper moving tray and lower stationary tray. Big items should be released on the lower tray; They will help push the items.

Follow these tips! They'll be sure to help you! ^^


Prizes involved

The range of prizes are large. I've seen jackpot prizes that even include rice and cooking oil. Most of the prizes found in Singapore are exclusive prizes from Disney Sega and Banpresto. These prizes are changed frequently according to new releases.

The big catch: These toys cannot be bought from normal stores! They are toys exclusive from Japan for the machines!

However, many of these prizes can be found ebay. Thanks to these avid collectors, people who can't access such machines have a chance to get the toys too!

Check out my "loots" from the machine. ;)

First time at the machine! <3~

First time at the machine! <3~

First time at the machine! <3~




Why people love this machine

As you have seen from my first loot, you get a bagful of sweets and snacks. These are the little incentives that keep people playing continuously. Even if you may not get the jackpot, you get loads of sweets! But rest assured, you will eventually hit the jackpot. This is very unlike the ufo-catchers, where you can spend your entire fortune and not catch a single thing. That's why this machine is so popular!

In addition, the joy you get playing this machine can not be found anywhere else. If you have not tried it, you most probably should. It is also a form of stress reliever, especially fro those tired after a day's of work. Most of the people I've observed came out of the arcade with smiles on their faces.

For guys! This can be a great idea for a date, to impress that girl you like. There would definitely be so many moments of excitement and laughter which will keep your date happy! The jackpot prize would be a great gift for her ;)

Not to forget, the machine has an extremely catchy tune. After playing it for the first time the tune just kept replaying in my mind.

Well, even if you don't wish to try your luck at the machine, its also fun to just watch people play it! Even watching the pool of snacks move around and around is really cool.

Do u have this machine in your country?

Do u have this "Big Sweet Land" machine in your country?


Sweet Land Premia

This is another version of the Big Sweet Land machine that we have been seeing so far. It is much smaller in size, and so are the prizes. Basically it works the same way, just that there are more toys involved and everything is scaled down.

Definitely worth a try too!

The Most Important Thing:

Enjoy your time at the machine. Personally it gives me a great adrenaline rush, especially when I'm nearing the jackpot. This is one machine you will not regret playing!

Big Sweet Land Machine

A video I found that shows how the machine works. Enjoy!

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