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Best Smurf Village Designs


The Smurfs Village

If you own an iOS device (ipod touch, iphone, or ipad) and haven't played the smurfs village, you should. It's a free game available from itunes that has a lot to offer for both the hardcore and casual gamer. If you have played the game you have probably either thought "I have one of the nicest villages in the game" or "I wish I had some good ideas on how to design a nice looking village". If you have, this site will provide for you. If you think your village is one of the nicest, then submit it (details below) and see if it gets chosen. if you are just here to get ideas from other players then you've also come to the right place.

How to Make Your Smurf Village Look Good

The best way to make your village look good is to have your gardens, flower beds, and houses spread out around the entire village. If you've ever used the visit a random village feature you have probably noticed that so many people just clump all of their houses together using the smallest possible space, and then group all of their gardens together for one giant field. This looks terrible. A great way to avoid this is to group your tiles together to make many smaller gardens. Then, place the smurf houses around those. Next place paths that connect all of the houses. Be sure to think ahead and leave room for future houses and gardens that will be acquired when your level goes up. The next step is to fill in empty space. Use rocks, mushrooms, flowers, fences and anything else. Also remember to use a variety of things so that the village doesn't seem repetitive. just remember not to overcrowd the village with too much stuff.

Smurfs Village Tips

1) Use the "visit a random village" feature. With some searching, you will definitely see some great ideas from other players.

2) Check out the featured villages. These are villages from players that have reached the higher levels in the game and gives you a glimpse of some of the things that are unlocked at higher levels.

3) Level Up. Don't just grow crops that make you the most money. Make sure to grow the ones that give more xp once in a while so that you can level up and be able to buy a wider variety of things to populate your smurf's village.

4) Decorate each unique building with accessories that complement it. For instance, place picnic tables, drink barrels, and boiling pots around Greedy's bakery.

5) Buy the storage hut. If you have extra smurf berries, buy the storage hut and store all of your things. that way you can almost completely erase the village and start over if you don't like the look of it.

6) Expand the village. Save up your smurf berries to buy the extra space from the smurf berries menu. Also, once you have the required level, build bridges to the other sections of the village and build the stairs up to the cliff area.

After about 300 votes, we have reached the completion of the first poll for best village. congratulations to Kazziwazzi for the first place finish with over 36% of the votes. Runner up goes to Javi Garcia with about 21% of the votes. Thanks to everyone who paricipated.

With that said, we have added new villages to the contest, and have restarted the polls to create an even playing field. Thanks to everyone who submitted a village, although not all of your villages were included due to the overwhelming number of submissions.

How to Submit your Village

1. Open up The Smurf's Village on your iOS device.

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2. Tap the Build (Hammer) icon.

3. Tap the little camera at the top of the screen (right beside the main menu button)

4. Take pictures of your village that you want people to see

5. email the pictures to

6. Be sure to include in the email what name you would like your submission to be credited to. For example this site may say "This village submited by ______"

7. If your village is selected, it may appear on this site! so check back every couple days!

8. Feel free to rearrange your village and send in some more pics.

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