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Best Gifts & Toys for 7 Year Old Boys in 2014 - Christmas, Birthdays and 7-8 Year Olds

Top Toys & Gifts For 7 to 8 Year Old Boys

Top Toys & Gifts For 7 to 8 Year Old Boys

What Toys do 7 Year Old Boys Want?

In a way it's getting harder and harder to find that one perfect toy for a 7 year old as they are getting quite picky and do know well what they want.

They are getting to old for many of the cute toys they used to love playing it and they are too young for many of the toys they are asking for. But there are quite a few gems out there they will love to have and that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours.

Toys featured on this list are some of the most asked for toys as well as age appropriate - happy kids & happy parents.

The Best Gift for 7 Year Old Boys - Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is the greatest thing in gaming (for kids and some adults) ever invented as it literally brings their favourite characters to life - a dream come true for many kids.

This isn't like any other ordinary game as it combines real physical figurines and tokens and video gaming. Each figurine (there are many already available and more are being released) has it's own characteristics and it's own character related world to explore. Just place the character on the Infinity pad and watch it come to life on the screen.

Other than character specific games you can also play the Toy Box mode which lets you create your own world and play in it.

The starter kid has 3 characters - Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible and Sulley and there are more than 20 other characters already available.

Currently these runs on Wii & Wii U, Xbox 360 & Playstaion 3.

You will get similarly exciting experience with the game Skylanders.

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LEGO Superheroes Building Blocks

LEGO's are still more than popular at this age and as boys like their superheroes this line is more than perfect.

There are many superheroes to go by but I think Iron Man is one of the most wanted along with Batman (judging by what the kids are saying).

Another great set to consider is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one as they are becoming increasingly popular amongst kids.

Create2Destroy - Fun and Creative Play

Let them be creative with Crayola's Create2Detroy! These sets are great for young boys as they let them first create the setting and then destroy it while playing with their friends (can be played alone too but it's twice as fun with friends).

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We like the Fortress Invasion the most as it lets you build your own fort and then with the use of catapult lets you destroy your enemies. Kids love building their own forts and bringing it down and I admit I enjoy this play set equally. Each set also comes with a playmat.

All of Create2Destroy sets can be combined and together they build the ultimate play set.

Mix and Matching Crayola's Create2Destroy Sets

What 7 Year Old Doesn't Like Magic?

Let them be magicians with a basic magic set.

I had one of these when I was a kid and I would always put on magical shows for my parents. I was really into it and I felt like I was something special as I could do some magic tricks. I loved showing the tricks at school, it made me quite popular at that time.

If you want to make this gift even more cool why not add a magicians cape and hat to it?

Bug Robots? What's Not to Like?

While the idea of a robotic bug creeps me out, little boys love them. Bugs are something kids are attracted to, I can't stand them today but when I was a kid I would collect them, inspect them, even buy magazines about them... They fascinated me and if I was offered a robotic bug back then I would take it in a heartbeat (whereas today I would scream in a heartbeat)

Hexbug Scarab

A Board Game a 7 Year Old Boy Will Love - Sorry! Sliders

This is one of the most fun games for the little ones out there, I've seen them play it over and over again and they never seem to get tired of it.

The game is pretty simple to play (there are 4 games in the box), you set up the layout and slide your pawns (each pawn has a metallic marble in it so it slides smoothly) in hopes of hitting the centre or knocking out other players pawns (and say Sorry!).


LEGO Board Games

LEGO has been releasing their board game sets for a while now and they are a true hit amongst kids!

Each set contains a thrilling game with simple to follow rules where kids will first enjoy building up their game board and other settings and then playing the game.


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