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Top 20 Reasons Why "Battlefield 3" Is Better Than "Battlefield 4"


This is for all you frustrated gamers out there that need to vent because of all the problems encountered with the initial release of Battlefield 4. You’re not alone. After a solid month following its release, there were still several problems with the game. Games often froze between rounds, stats reset, progress got lost, and glitches galore plagued this game on all systems. Frankly, it was a nightmare.

Many believe Battlefield 3 was better than Battlefield Bad Company 1 or 2 and, arguably, is the best game in the franchise. BF4 may fall short when compared to how groundbreaking BFBC was to Battlefield 1942 and how much better BF3 continued that trend compared to BFBC2. (While Battlefield 2 appeared prior to those releases, the main focus and most popular games for the series are BF4, BF3, BF1942, and BFBC1 and 2.

I’m also focusing on the console releases for Xbox 360 and PS3, since most played the game on a console. When it’s all said and done, BF4 may have come up short as the next installment in the franchise, and all the glitches with the hurried release did not help. On top of that, the structure of the game left a lot to be desired.


A Short History of the Battlefield Franchise

The Battlefield game franchise was created by Dice, a Swedish-based gaming company that debuted in 1992 with the release of Pinball Dreams on Super Nintendo. Other pinball and many racing-genre games followed on other systems. Their big break came in 2002 with the release of the first game in the modern franchise: Battlefield 1942.

This game was very popular, and Dice increased in popularity exponentially in 2010 with the release of BFBC2. Others will argue the best game in the franchise is, instead, one of their personal favorites, but the number of purchases and the majority of popularity for each speaks for itself. After BF3 came out in 2011, they left their mark as far as online shooters are concerned and began competing with Call of Duty.


In addition to coming up short on such a highly anticipated game when compared to BF3, some of the options Dice could have improved upon or added as a feature include the following; in particular since it is obvious that they are competing with the largest online shooter franchise, Call of Duty.

1) Split-screen option so you can play at home with friends and family

Call of Duty featured a split-screen option for multiplayer online since Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 2 release back in 2005. Why did Dice failed to provide a similar experience for the Battlefield franchise? They might want to get with the program if they expect to compete with COD. Personally, I like Battlefield better than COD and BF3 is the game that helped change my opinion, but the franchise lacks in some areas when compared overall.

2) Option of revising your weapons and attachments between rounds

Battlefield online play falls short compared to COD when it comes to updating a player’s class. I realize the makers are from Sweden, but come on, guys. While we’re sitting there bored out of our minds, waiting on the next round to commence, why not add an option for players to work on his or her weapon’s class? New attachments for a weapon can get unlocked nearly every round and who wants to sacrifice a minute of game-play to change attachments and revise a class? Let’s get with the times here fellas.

3) Eliminate parachuting on spawn beacons

If I put a spawn beacon on a building or other mostly flat terrain, I should be able to spawn on that exact location, not parachute down to it, wasting time and often missing the mark. There’s no way of knowing whether you will spawn on the exact location or be forced to parachute down to it. And ALL flat surfaces, in particular the tops of some buildings, should be fair game for inserting a spawn beacon. Some flat areas will not let you place one at all and is very inconsistent and frustrating.

4) Allow players on BOTH teams to converse with microphones

Part of the reason players use microphones in COD is to trash-talk with the opposing team before a round starts and after it is over. The other part is TEAMwork, not “squadwork.” Considering a lot of players tend to switch squads during any given BF4 match, what is so wrong with letting ALL teammates speak to each other with mics? These are the main reasons almost nobody uses a mic in Battlefield. Many are using them now because the game is new, but it will go back to hit and miss like it did with BF3. Almost everyone uses one in COD, so if Dice wants to continue competing, they might want to attempt getting it right. If Infinity Ward or Treyarch can create a near-flawless game experience for COD after just one year between games, then why does Dice come up short after a solid two years?


10 GOOD THINGS about BF4 revised from BF3 worth mention:

1) Credit for high-assist damage counts as a kill:

I have yet to figure out the criteria for when an assist counts as a kill since it seems to vary. There may be other criteria Dice considers above a flat % of damage, but so far I’m not sure what they are. Sometimes I get a kill for dealing 70% damage on an assist and sometimes I don’t when dealing out 80%. Still, I’m glad they gave a person credit for dealing the most damage on a kill.

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2) Player that just killed you is highlighted in red from a first-person perspective:

Dice did add a revenge factor for kills. Now the shooter that dealt the blow is highlighted in red so you know their approximate location when you redeploy.

3) Recon Class can now use C4:

Recon (aka Sniper) class now features C4 as an accessory option for your loadout. It appears Dice realized the BF3 options for Recon were a bit lame.

4) More weapons, attachments, and accessories to choose from:

Now, instead of plain-old hand grenades, there are several different types to choose from. Some, such as incendiary and flash, were taken from COD’s playbook but with a unique twist. There are now several types of suppressors, underbarrel grips, and sights which all function slightly different. In addition, they added a number of different weapons not seen in BF3.

5) Commander mode:

While most players will not take the time to try out Commander, it’s an additional option of gameplay not available in BF3. It’s a style all to its own, somewhat like a strategy board game. Commander gives players the option of supporting their team in a way different from shooting ‘em up and, at times, can be a nice change of pace.

6) Obliteration game mode (my personal favorite):

I never thought Dice would come up with a game more intense than Domination. Boy was I wrong. Obliteration is nothing short of a roller coaster ride of intense fun and continuous action. The other new game, Defuse, on the other hand, is a slow-paced joke.

7) Test Range mode good for learning different vehicle types:

For those of us frustrated by rookies attempting to fly an aircraft in the heat of battle, they now have a place to practice and get better without being the brunt of a joke.

8) ATVs brought back from BFBC and a plethora of different vehicles to choose from:

ATVs were great in BFBC and could transport you to a remote location at lightning speed. Many Battlefield fans were disappointed to learn they would not be featured in BF3. Now they’re back, along with a number of different boats and other vehicles. Woo woo…

9) New maps to play:

After two years of playing the same maps of BF3 over and over, we finally have a new environment in which to display our fighting skills. We now get the privilege of learning a different style of gameplay (though not necessarily better) on brand new maps.

10) All game modes for all maps:

Instead of settling for just 4 different Domination environments for BF3, you may now play this game mode on all available maps.


THE BAD AND THE UGLY WITH BF4: 25 reasons why I find myself, at times, going back to play BF3. List is in no particular order:

(In no particular order)

1) Spawn-toggle very precarious:

At first, it can be difficult finding where the spawn-toggle is before you deploy and moving it around can be awkward and cumbersome if you fail to move your joystick in the right direction. Then you have to use your other joystick to move it onto any vehicle you might want to use.

2) Weapons menu difficult to navigate:

Compared to BF3, navigation through your weapon or attachments menu is, at best, a trial and error for pressing the right button. First you hit X, then X again, then A to change a weapon attachment, then A again to add it. It’s enough to make your head spin. BF3s format made it difficult to hit the wrong button or accidentally deploy when you’re not finished setting up your class.

3) Gameplay not as smooth and very choppy compared to BF3:

Gameplay has a “cartoonish” feel to it, including both graphics and movement. (I will say this: the graphics for it on Xbox One or PS4 are phenomenal.) In BF3, movements were more smooth, continuous, and precise. Not only did this make it easier to find and target an opposing player, but equally as easy to get out of a bad situation and regroup. If you’re targeted in BF4, start thinking about your next deployment, because no maneuver will get you out of it. This may seem minor and inconsequential to some players, but a split-second reaction could be the difference between life and death.

4) Graphics are no better and, arguably, not as good:

(This applies to Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms only.) Graphics appear to have digressed and are not as sharp as they were in BF3, in particular when observing the movements of other players. It has a choppy and “laggy” feel to it, nowhere near as sharp. We all expected both to be phenomenal after watching the game trailers and were disappointed when they wound up looking like last decade’s BFBC. It appears they were concerned more with next-generation consoles when they put everything together.

5) Only 20 points for paddle revive, plus it takes longer to use them:

In BF3, an Assault-class player could accrue 100 points for reviving a downed player. You also had more time to reach each one since the “revive window” was considerably longer. BF4 has made it where most players will now choose a different class, and this is especially troublesome on smaller maps like those in Domination. Close-Quarters game modes are intense, and BF3 encouraged Assault players to use paddles, which helped them work together to bring their team members back into the fight. The lowered number of points accrued in BF4 now discourages their use altogether. It’s bad enough a player using paddles has to settle for fewer points, but now it can take an eternity to bring your downed comrade back into the fray. Add in a short revive window and you may as well munch on something between deaths since there’s no danger of getting revived. I could understand a 50 point reduction, but 80!? Seriously?

6) Only 25 points for flag capture in Domination and no points for neutralizing objectives:

It was bad enough when some players made no effort to capture flags and help teammates win the game for Domination in BF3, but BF4 made it worse by lowering the points acquired for capturing each destination. And if you happen to arrive late to an objective in Conquest, you get only partial credit for capturing it. This further encourages players to avoid going the extra mile to help capture an objective and further burdens the concept of teamwork each round. In Domination, there is almost no incentive for helping your teammates capture an objective, let alone any encouragement to rush to the next since you obtain the same amount of points if you arrive late. Getting 75 points for neutralizing and 150 for capturing an objective may be too many since Domination maps are smaller, but a grand total of 25 points is waaaaaay too low. A 25-point award to neutralize and 75 to capture would have been the logical formula. Dice’s game guide flat lied.

7) Now a 20-minute time limit on Obliteration game mode:

Why does Dice continue fixing features that were never broken? There was nothing wrong with unlimited time until all three objectives from either team were destroyed. It made for an interesting game on Operation Locker and a player could rack up a lot of points. Because of this unnecessary “fix,” some rounds can end in a draw, which creates no sense of urgency when you’re behind two objectives and time is running out. (I’m sure you remember what tie games were like in college football…yeah, pathetic.) What’s more, I played a game ending in a draw where one team had two objectives destroyed and the other had three??? Another round indicated three objectives to two when it ended in a two-two tie. I think I’m going to start calling them Roll the Dice.

8) Using slugs for your shotgun is now a joke:

It appears to take two shots now with a slug unless shooting your opponent in the upper body. In BF3, 90% of the time, one slug is all you needed to bring down an opponent. They also appear to be less accurate. Fewer players now use a slug compared to BF3 since the incentive for being more accurate with your shots is no longer there. I realize Dice lowered the damage or made it harder to target an opponent with slugs because of all the “no shotgun in my server” crybabies we saw in BF3.

9) You now have to enter the Test Range to change your weapon’s class offline:

Not only did they go the opposite direction of making it even harder to change your class by interfering with the beginning of the game, but Dice removed the option of revising your class after exiting the game. Most players are not aware you can revise it by entering the Test Range. It took me three weeks of owning the game to discover this option and only because I decided to break down and practice flying jets and choppers. Now Dice is forcing players to enter into an entirely different game mode to update their weapons and attachments. Ludicrous!

10) Objective indicators no longer show up in the center or your screen:

In BF3, I never had a problem focusing on an enemy with the flag indicator in the center of the screen. Now you have to take a second glance to make sure you’re even taking an objective. This was an unnecessary fix that takes me back to the old adage: if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it. It’s now harder to find objectives unless you look around your environment. They do not always appear on the side of your screen unless you’re in the vicinity. Aggravating!

11) Unable to choose a specific map:

With hope, they will revise this option, allowing players to choose a specific map like you could in BF3. Most of the time, I don’t want to play Flood Zone and go through all the cumbersome navigating of the multi-level maze, notwithstanding the pain-in-the-ass procedure of getting out of the water and into some buildings or areas. God I hate that map…

12) Gameplay modeled too much after Call of Duty:

The way you move, how much faster you can kill an opponent, and a couple new game modes are all copied from COD. Now they have Obliteration and Defuse modes, which resemble Sabotage and Search and Destroy, respectively. No spawning allowed during gameplay is new to Battlefield, taken right from COD’s playbook. (A side note: the Defuse mode is a cheap knockoff and considerably boring.)

13) Unable to jump very high:

It’s now almost impossible to jump yourself out of a bad situation and maneuver for better position with a counter attack. Your character gets stuck on every little bump in the road. Again, this is another example of Dice borrowing from Call of Duty’s playbook so they can compete with the monstrous franchise and win players over. Though you still jump a little higher than in COD and do not stop in your tracks following a jump, it’s yet another example of something that didn’t need fixed.

14) Grenades are now bricks:

In BF3, you could launch a grenade from the other side of the map to deal damage. Now they weigh something like 50-lbs. It was a fair tradeoff since the opponent had ample time to jump away to a safe distance, but using a standard grenade in BF4 is a joke on larger maps. One good addition is RGO grenades that explode on impact, but the range leaves much to be desired.

15) Controller schemes should NEVER change within the same franchise:

Whatever possessed Dice to change controller functions so much from BF3 to BF4 is beyond me. In COD, the same controller scheme remained in place across both Infinity Ward and Treyarch game developers. This is a huge fail on Dice’s part. Though you can change the controller scheme back to Veteran so that it’s more like BF3, there are a couple actions that remain changed.

16) Can only talk to your own squad with microphones:

It was bad enough Battlefield never let you speak with the opposite team between rounds, but in BF4 you can only speak to members within the same squad. What could be so wrong with making it a true team effort and letting players exchange a little trash talk with the other team between rounds?

17) No more blurry screen while getting suppressed:

Though the ricochet sound is quite pronounced when getting sniped, it’s not enough to confirm you are the one indeed being shot at. In BF3, the “suppression blur” of your screen helped a player confirm incoming fire and told you to find cover post haste. Now you have to either listen close or buy a set of Turtles to confirm you are the one being shot at. If the other player is using a suppressor, then forget it.

18) Can no longer lie down beside a wall without being pushed out of position:

This is very frustrating for campers (I know, most of you will not shed a tear) or when you are trying to find cover. If you are next to something while in the prone position and turn opposite that wall or object, it will push you out of position and sometimes out into the open. While many will argue this is more realistic, it is another example of Dice trying to give the game more of a COD look and feel.

19) No pregame squad setup:

BF3 allowed players to form their squad prior to deploying. Dice has no plans to add the feature ever again, which angered many players who relied on the option in BF3.

20) We can do without all the shaking around after explosions:

Every little explosion throws your player into an unsteady frenzy. It’s especially cumbersome when trying to target an opposing player through all the mayhem. If you’re able to avoid an explosive, you should still have the ability to target that same player with your weapon. Very frustrating…

*21) Weapon attachments already unlocked or examined will appear with an orange arrow as though not yet reviewed:

Each day I log on to play the game, nearly all my attachments are again highlighted with an orange arrow as though I never reviewed the unlock. This makes it frustrating when keeping an eye out for recently unlocked attachments and forces you to check each one by moving your cursor over all orange markers repeatedly.

(I added this at number 21 with an asterisk since it is a glitch that, with hope, will get fixed.)


In Conclusion

Since there are at least twice as many cons as there are pros when comparing BF4 to BF3, I think Dice needs to do some soul searching before releasing the next installment of the game two years from now. Perhaps the capacity of Xbox One and PS4 will allow them to fix some of these problems and improve upon the game before releasing BF5, so hope remains. Let’s pray they get it right next time by not further digressing from what was so great about BF3. Until then, I’ll sleep well at night knowing I kept my Xbox 360 and copy of BF3.

Feel free to share your own horror stories experienced with BF4 and if you think it’s worse or better than BF3 in the comments section below. What do you like and what do you abhor after comparing the two games? What, if anything, would you like to see changed or revised? Are there any good or bad points regarding BF4 I failed to mention; enough to revise the article to include 25?


Anonymous on July 30, 2017:

I played both games and I was somewhat disappointed when I played battlefield 4. It felt better but the attraction that I had towards Battlefield 3 wasn't the same for Battlefield 4. Although I like the maps in Battlefield 4, the combat doesn't feel the same. Graphically I feel the game has been degraded somewhat. I still feel Battlefield 4 is decent. It improved significantly on the cheap and scripted campaign that Battlefield 3 had, it brought a ton of new weapons, attachments and made the recon class slightly more interesting. The artillery turned from useless to useful in Battlefield 4. Both games are great but Battlefield 4 just doesn't feel as good as Battlefield 3.

Rodrigo F on December 26, 2016:

I have more than 1k hours playing BF3 and about 500 playing BF4. My computer can run both ultra settings 144fps / 144hertz.

And here is my opinion.... 3 simple reasons why BF3 is overwhelmingly better than BF4.

1 - BF3 has better graphics, animations. Also BF3 menus are beautiful and easy to navigate.

2 - BF3 maps are much better than Bf4 providing a good balance between teams and classes and epic gameplay experience... while in BF4, when the match ends, no matter if your team is the winner or not, you feel like you have missed something.

3- Sound and other game environment factors are far superior in BF3, proving a realistic feel of a battle field.

Hands down, BF3 is better!

??? on October 14, 2016:

Battle Field 3 is better battle field 4

Brian lee on October 08, 2016:

I think bf3 is the best first person shooter of all time. Ive looked at my play time and have a little under 200 hrs of play time. Plus 150 hrs on my other profile when i played back in 2012. I watched youtube vids on bf4 and i wasnt impressed at all. The style and graphics was so diminished along with other things. But i just bought bf4 and im going to check it out at a gameplay exp. And see what comes up. Dont expect any different feelings towards the game. Wish me luck soldiers, see you on the battlefield. OVER AND OUT.

Lol on October 03, 2016:

Console peasants

The Friendly Bot on May 27, 2016:

BTW, BF1 will be released this year (2016)...

Korneliya Yonkova from Cork, Ireland on April 10, 2015:

Awesome hub. My daughter is a compulsive gamer and she loves BF3 :)

Edgar on March 21, 2015:

I remember BF3 as awesome easy to learn and once you got the hang of it you could come on of the best players of the game I remember wan I first started playing BF3 I wasn't that good and there was a long period where the game frustrated me to the point where I ran back to COD I couldn't get the hang of it my aimming was all over the place I just could get thos kills I game on a ps3 silm but one day I said fuck it and jump back on bf3 gamed to get over this learning curve that cod stuck me in maybe a week or two I finally didn't and from then on my skill lvl kept l climbing all the way till I got to rank 100cal. I was player that was always on the top of the in game leader boreds I know how to play the game and play it well I was that you got pissed playing against but in bf4 I feel like I'm playing at a quarter of my potential I'm in the middle of or bottom of the in game leader bored I'm getting the kills I us to I feel slow and sluggish wan I play BF4 they changed there the button layout I hate it I hate this feeling that bf4 make feel like a bad gamer I feel like a noob wan I play bf4 and I played bf3 for its two year stretch before and made a lot good friends bc I was so good but they need to bring back the old button layout or at least make it an option for the new game to use the old battlefield 3 button layout not this veteran layout that has a few of the same old buttons but a lot of them are still from the newer button layout I mean all the same buttons not ever and there and the aim assist in the game way op I feel like I'm not learning the kills I get in battlefield 3 I never used the aim assist one about a feel for it kind of feels like it forces you to use it because everyone else is and they are the ones are getting the most kills because of it it's a way too sensitive it was a nice balance in battlefield 3 but in bf4 no way to much like in bf4 I get more frustrated bc I'm not playing like I know I can and it's pushing me away more then welcoming me to stay play another round of game I want my old bf3 back for the next in installment of battlefield and no I'm not talking about Battlefield hardline I I don't know how that game play so I can't give any description on it my friend said he will be purchasing it and that's where I can see it is something different but I still have my bf3 for my ps3 looks like I will be going back to what I know I don't Know I am founding it so hard to adapt to the new bf4 gaming style but its hard for me I don't know why see how I was amazing and battlefield 3 you would think if you were good at battlefield 3 you would be as just as good in battlefield 4 but for me that is not the case O but it may be because I don't get everyday practice cuz right now I don't have any wifi or so I'm not getting that every game every day experience like the other gamers do that are really experienced about of the floor and I might be my issue but I won't know until I get the play at an everyday basis

Bill Sego (author) from Logan, Ohio on February 13, 2015:

True Bob, it does not make something better for the INDIVIDUAL who has a particular or personal taste. But when you're comparing apples to apples (ie. Battlefield 4 to 3 or 2 games from the same genre), number of sales are usually indicative of the quality of the game. Since all else will be opinion based on personal bias, the only remaining available measuring stick is # of sales over a certain period of time. A year of sales is usually a good indicator or how good the game is compared to others of the same series since marketing is already well past finished for both games.

Bob on February 12, 2015:

I need to add that a majority opinion or higher sales numbers does not make something better. That is a ridiculous theory based on mass commercialism.

gamefor30years on January 31, 2015:

Ok I agree only because I have played every version of Bf and Call of duty. You guys have to remember bf1942 originally created large scale combat. They did things call of duty never came up with anything. When call of duty finally released they invented the small game rush style combat. Big difference in both..... If you played both of them and say they are the same you are a f... troll and deserve to be shot.

ok And just to add. BATTLED 4 is fucking shit. I don't care what excuse you want to make up for it. The retailers right now have bf4 on sale for 15 dollars. compared to 40-50 dollars for bf3. YOU UNDERSTAND WHY???? because bf3 is selling more.............

Right... So..... I looked at the sales stats from bf3 and 4 they don't even compete, so many more people retraded bf4 back in, or just did not buy it. (considering I manage a jb Hifi store I can verify this.) I have details of last years intake for Battlefield 4 and it was WAY down. You all know this right???????

Now during the release of battlefield 1942 the sales they generated I can not tell you because at that time I was not old enough, But if someone has the sale record we can put to rest which game "WAS BETTER" because I had a run with call of duty mw3. and I can tell you while working at the games retailer that we sold More copies of mw3 then what we did of any battlefield Game That includes bf2. Now to add to this we even got a statement of which games sold the top in each year, I do not rememeber seeing bf2 up there for consoles. HOWEVER I did see it in the top for pc........................................... BUT How can you call a game good because it rates on pc???????? .... forgetting that most youth first buy a console and we sell more consoles then pc's so argueing that is out of the question

I will give you a list of which game sold better

1) Battlefield 1942 (resourced from google Not sure if this is correct but in comparison to the numbers we got sources from our retailer coming from the actual companies)

2) Battlefield 3/Battlefield 2 PC(was higher then bf 1942 but if you look at the ratio of people who had computers, you would have to say bf1942 wins.

3) Cod 3 Mw3

4)cod 4

and the list goes on with Battlefield V selling well.

Also the highest amount of sales does not include sales for patches because no way to tell how many people downloed Bf 1942 (DC) which had the Highest amount of players at the time for any game online.....

In my conclusion by looking at the charts, COMING FROM RESOURCE FROM MY RETAILER I WORK AT, the list says that The battlefield franchise Sold many more, but had far more returns on bf4 (OBVIOUSLY it flopped)

That obviously says cod franchise did better at satisfying people, but however Battlefield did very well with bf3/1942 being BETTER games all round. and I have to agree to the facts, I play my battlefield 3 because I enjoy it over longer periods. When i get bored i go and snap some cod for a quick burst, its satisfying that's why i keep the games......... anyway whatever you all want to say I can put end to this topic with my list and make you all feel like you have something better to say after this but in reality look at the facts....

jake on January 23, 2015:

No doubt in my mind the BF3 was way better than BF4 ! Game play and graffics actually got worse on 4. How is that even possible ! May be a small detail but the after you get killed cartoonish display is a joke ! Feels like its still a beta in the early stages. I also agree that i just don't get the same feeling of being involved in a big intense battle like i do with 3. The fact that i can still find more competitive games on 3 servers tells you a lot. As far as comparing it to cod. I just don't get the love affair with that franchise. I enjoyed the origional MW but once i played bfbc with those huge maps and vehicals i could never go back. Cod is a joke with the kill streaks, quick scopeing, rampid spawn killing, and tiny boreing maps. I find it mind boggling that people still choose it over BF .

Maj_Brian on January 22, 2015:

You obviously play on console so most of these problems like customization don't mean much to me, but your reasons why you don't like the game are kinda stupid, like weapon attachments being orange or getting 20 points on domination game mode, or even grenades being bricks... That's not game breaking. I agree that bf3 was better but not because of those reasons.

serial_killer1 on December 10, 2014:

Battlefield 3 is 1000% better than battlefield 4, battlefield 3 is the most realistic game i ever played on playstation 3 ,and hope that dice have learn from they mistakes with battlefield 4 not to make such a fake game anymore and to come with a great battlefield 5 just like battlefield with all the realisticd etails they made, long live battlefiled 3 forever.

serial_killer on December 10, 2014:

bf3 the best ever

Gospodin on November 15, 2014:

This is the second time im trying BF4 on GAME TIME Origin, and its second time i feel shitty when playing it. With good rig (fx6300, r9 270) i get same FPS either on High or medium, with or without AA. Mantle makes it little faster, its true. I find moving way too choppy and unstable, while in BF3 it was a lot smoother and better. In BF4 im getting killed with 2, 3 bullets and i don't know how, while i have to shoot like idiot to get a kil (similar to BFBC2)l. In BF3 it was more accurate and realistic. Got 80h more to try BF4, but buying it, in my case is around 2 % :)

imfernus on September 20, 2014:

Lol you are kinda right , I bought bf4 when it was released and after playing for 2 hours noticed that was crap so I sold it right away ... At least I got my momey back , and now I can go back to play bf3 and all the good maps.

Samuel Franklin on September 05, 2014:

I definitely agree that 3 is better than 4 for a number of reasons.

Sarah Forester from Australia on August 09, 2014:

I haven't played a battlefield since the original so can't really comment on any individual points but you've provided a great summary of the differences none the less. Might be time for me to get a cheap BF3 copy and get back into things.

DZL on August 05, 2014:

Battlefield 1943 was the best and better than all combined.

Bill Sego (author) from Logan, Ohio on August 04, 2014:

Caleb, I appreciate your comments, but think you're simplifying the issues with the game too much. You have to remember, I'm comparing it to BF3 with the ones outlined. Have you ever played Commander mode? If so, then you know exactly what I mean regarding the toggle. Very cumbersome and hardly goes where you intend. Also, it was so much easier to pick where you wanted to go in BF3 without having to worry about clicking too fast on the wrong location. And while we have all gotten used to the weapons menu, even you have to admit it was so much easier to navigate in BF3.

As far as 5 and 6, you would be a bit presumptuous to think nobody cares about the lowered point total considering a lot of assault-class players depended on those lost points. Now, the ones that are only concerned with killing people over the other dynamics of the game, you're right, they're not going to care. Also, you can't tell me you haven't gotten stuck on a little "bump in the road" and tried jumping out of it several times to no avail. Compared to BF3, these unnecessary barriers are nothing more than superfluous aggravation.

You can't sit there with a straight face and tell me the graphics on last gen consoles are any better than BF3. While they are miles better on next gen, they are no different for the latter and look a bit more basic. You absolutely cannot change your weapon attachments between rounds (same as BF3) OR offline (not same as BF3). You have to go into Test Range offline. The objective indicators remain toward the side of your screen while taking them, NOT in the center like they were for BF3, so that is true as well. When the game first came out, you could not choose a specific map, only through the filter. While you can now (as predicted), you couldn't when it first released.

And you contradicted yourself a little with #12. You said it wasn't true, but then directly compared it to COD in your next sentence with your remarks about Domination. There's no escaping the fact that, compared to BF3, the game style, play, and now some game modes are eerily similar to COD. While it might be garbage for you, the majority of the world's population feel COD is better than Battlefield, so, unfortunately, you're in the minority. And anyone with common sense can see where Dice is attempting to gain some of those players. While it's different and I too prefer Battlefield, it's a style choice that puts us in the minority.

And now, for weeks, there has been a glitch that resets your weapons class. They have failed to acknowledge this problem, let alone done anything to remedy it. While BF3 had its problems with initial release, they are minor compared to those experienced with BF4. The game still leaves a lot to be desired...

caleb on August 03, 2014:

1 and 2 are just you, 4,9,10,11, and 12 are not true and 5,6 and 13 no one cares about, also don't play Dom, it belongs in cod, also cod is such garbage it does not deserve to be compared to bf4

Bill Sego (author) from Logan, Ohio on July 13, 2014:

I guess majority rules. I understand where you're coming from as I'm a die-hard Resident Evil fan and the first 2 were the best. But up against the rest of the population, most will vote Resident Evil 5. So I have to concede to that. It just shows there's a difference between one's personal favorite and what the majority of people think. Still, PC games will never compare to consoles other than being more affordable.

Vire on July 13, 2014:

People really voted any of that garbage above 1942? All this poll shows is that people are stupid, lol. BF2 was okay I guess, but it was no 1942. BC2 was the next best and BF3 was rubbish. BF4 is just a cashcow.

I'm not surprised though, most of the comments are by console plebs.

Bill Sego (author) from Logan, Ohio on July 10, 2014:

Bad Co. 2 was ok, but I much prefer BF3. In my opinion, consoles are the only way to play. Had PC games came out with decent controllers years ago, I may have went that direction. That and it was a pain to try to keep up with the graphics cards. So I'm stuck with my XBox One and use a laptop since it takes up less space.

Calitron from West London on June 30, 2014:

I'm not a gamer really. I bought my son a ps3 and some games. He never played the ps3 so out of boredom I try the games here and there. Then I come round to battlefield. I'm hooked!, bf3 is awesome. So much so that I was going to buy a ps4 only for battlefield 4! Its such a shame that they could ruin so much of bf4. As much as hard line looks good, I want bf4 to give me the same experience as when I played ps3. I will have to try bf4 before shelling out for a ps4. My thoughts are that the developers were under pressure from the bosses to make the changes they did but out of professionalism they will not say what happened.

Hayden on June 25, 2014:

I love battlefield 3. It's the best shooter ever!! Thank you DICE!!

Hoshi on June 09, 2014:

the only good bf isn't in the list. BF Vietnam

Andre Terpe on June 03, 2014:

I prefer battlefield 4 than battlefield 3 e caluda... sou eu que mando aqui.BF 4 is better than BF 3 because of all and because of weapons... all.

E voces que apoiam o BF3 sao uns paneleiros de merda fdp*s os graficos do bf 4 para o 3 nem se compara fds

Maciek Kowalski on May 23, 2014:

Nice write up. I see that Battlefield 2 gets no love from you as you write about 1942 and then skip over to BFBC. I can only speculate that this is maybe because you haven't played it? Possibly because it never came out for consoles(Battlefield modern combat shouldn't even be mentioned) Battlefield 2 was a huge commercial success on the PC though, selling a million copies in its first month in 2006. It was a solid shooter, even had elements that they now just brought back via BF4 (see commander mode). Battlefield 3 was it's direct sequel.

eoifjwpet on May 16, 2014:

I agree with much of it, but I have to say I don't like the first few of your arguments.

I think the first one is well-agreed but you clearly didn't think about it or make a comparison.

Have you ever tried Halo:Reach?

On split screen the graphics and draw distances are reduced horribly and from afar some things don't even have textures. Err kind of.

But anyhow.

If you tried balancing that on BF4 it would turn out horribly.

Well... okay I pretty much agree with mostly everything else.

asdf on May 16, 2014:


Jonathan spang on April 05, 2014:

While I don't agree with all of your comments I do agree than battlefield3 is undeniably better than 4. It all comes down to one thing, and that is immersion. In 3 you feel genuinely involved in an intense epic military engagement, but in 4 you feel like you are in a big fantasy war world. The maps look so cheesy that each moment your playing there is no mistaking that your are in an arcade experience, and never fully immersed in epic battle situations that feel realistic like 3. Honestly just thinking about it makes me understand that the developers spent so much time thinking about what it could change or add to 3 that they didn't concentrate on putting in the time to detail the maps and environments. I understand the programmers probably put in a ridiculous amount of time making 3 as beautiful as it was, and in 4 they just wanted to change enough to say it is different and get paid, and hell I can appreciate that kind of laziness, but the result is a game that lacks the beautiful reality and immersion that bf3 built a cult following on.

Jake on March 30, 2014:

BF BC and BF BC 2 where both great games but then came BF3 and with each game they improved everything multiplayer wise!!!! Also i didn't mind the campaign in each game but then came BF4 and it just stepped into the footsteps of COD with a spice of Battlefield. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! Battlefield was Battlefield and COD was COD each with die hard fans. I understand with the BF3 DLC Close Quarters to attract COD fans and still be brilliant as Battlefield! But Battlefield 4 is not battlefield 4 its just shit compared to Battlefield 3 in fact it shouldn't be compared, they are both separate games and are defiantly not in the same franchise and not an update to BF3 as each sequel should be by bettering the last not creating a brand new game and changing every little detail from controls to the menus let alone the gameplay and customisation!!!!!!

Bill Sego (author) from Logan, Ohio on February 03, 2014:

Sorry Adam, but I'm not alone in that assessment. BF3 is what helped put Dice up there with Treyarch and Infinity Ward (Call of Duty). It skyrocketed the franchise. You're certainly not alone (heck, even some BF fans would have said the same about 1942), but you're also certainly in the minority. You might not be among the minority with hardcore Battlefield fans, but the majority of average gamers see that the gameflow and movement, among other things, is a lot more accurate. BF4 had the potential to even the score with COD even more, but they simply had too many glitches. Ever since I got an XBox One, my opinion of the game has changed a little and I do need to add an addendum to the article, but BF3 was still more groundbreaking and garnered a lot more fans to the franchise than ANY of the previous installments. The numbers simply don't lie. The graphics and gameplay for XBox One compared to the 360 version of the game is so much better and I have yet to get kicked or have the game freeze on me.

Adam on February 03, 2014:

I was going to read this, but then the guy said BF3 was better than BF2-1. Done

Bill Sego (author) from Logan, Ohio on December 30, 2013:

JB, what's ironic is that BF4 already has more problems than BF3 ever did yet, for whatever reason, you feel it's necessary to criticize me for comments that are spot on for most Battlefield players. Go ahead and feel free to defend your defective game, but the joke is on you. You also focused on the small handful of complaints that were more my own personal opinion and avoided commenting about the rest (what most players are complaining about) because you know you'll have a difficult time defending any position to the contrary. The real morons here are Dice and, make that incompetent morons.

The semi blurry screen in BF3 warns players when they are being suppressed/shot at and I never said anything about them hitting you...duh. The shaky screen from explosions is now on steroids compared to BF3 and is just superfluous. I want slugs/shotguns to operate the way they did in BF3, nothing more. They are now a joke and I'm not the only one complaining about it. The issues you commented about were minor ones anyway so I think you missed the overall point. So if you want to prove to me that you yourself are not a moron then you're going to have to do much better than minor issues like blurry screens and feet in the!

Also, 95% of the time I placed #1 or #2 for every round of BF3 I played. Feel free to look up my stats. Just look for BuckeyeFan 3713. And while I usually write about topics that actually matter (most of which you'll have a difficult time comprehending), I'll be sure to continue sharing my Editor's Choice hubs anywhere I please and you'll have no choice but to get over it while hiding behind a bogus Hubpages ID name. I'm sure you used a different id because you're afraid of me comparing our hubs...

Bill Sego (author) from Logan, Ohio on November 30, 2013:

Thanks Alpadogg. Appreciate the kind remarks. Yeah that's probably a tie for me. My all-time favorite COD game was Black Ops I. It was a great game and really established Treyarch as my favorite COD game maker. But BF3 is right there with it in my book. I have yet to get "Ghosts" and may go ahead and make the purchase since I'm just not as into BF4. The only reason I haven't made up my mind yet is because it's an Infinity Ward game with no zombies. Take care friend!

Kevin W from Texas on November 29, 2013:

Great hub Bill Sego, I agree that BF3 is much better than BF4. I actually liked BF3 better than COD Blackops. Thumbs up on your hub.

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