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Batman Arkham City Finding Mr Freeze

Batman Arkham City Finding Mr Freeze

Batman Arkham City Finding Mr Freeze

Batman Arkham City Finding Mr Freeze

Batman Arkham City Finding Mr Freeze

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must find Mr Freeze. Mr Freeze holds the cure for the disease that has afflicted Batman and the city of Gotham. This will guide the bat in finding Mr Freeze, finding the Penguin who has captured Mr Freeze and finding the Penguin's hacking disruptors. It will also describe tactics to defeat the Penguin, tactics to defeat the Penguin's henchmen, tactics to defeat the boss Solomon Grundy in this mission and tactics to cross the thin ice in the Penguin's museum.

Batman Arkham City the Coldest Point in the City

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must find the coldest point in the city. Either follow Batman's environmental temperature analyzer or just head for the old GCPD building. Outside the building, Batman must take care of some of Penguin's henchmen. These are easy at this stage. Proceed into the building and find that Mr Freeze has been captured by the Penguin. Batman is taught how to use his hacking console, and then must proceed to the Penguin's museum.

Batman Arkham City Finding the Penguin's Disruptors

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must head towards the Penguin's Museum at the southwestern corner of Arkham City. Once Batman has entered the Penguin's Museum the first time, he realizes that his remote hacking console cannot work. The Penguin or Mr Cobblepot has built three hacking disruptors to stop Batman from entering his museum. Batman must find and destroy the Penguin's Disruptors.

The Penguin's disruptors are located in three areas of Arkham City - two above ground, and one in the arkham city subway area. Just follow the directions (the green exclamation mark) on the top of Batman's screen (the compass), take care of the thugs at each location one should have no problems finding and destroying the Penguin's Disruptors.

Batman Arkham City Return to Penguin's Museum

In Batman Arkham City, with the disruptors gone, Batman can proceed deeper into the Penguin's Museum. The next difficult stage in infiltrating the Penguin's Museum lies in switching off a switch using Batman's remote Batarang. To control Batman's remote Batarang, stand some distance from the steel gates, and look up to see an opening above the archway. Launch Batman's remote Batarang and direct it through this opening and then down to hit the switch. Now proceed into the Penguin's Museum Gladiator Pit.

Penguin makes an appearance and also a recruiting pitch for the thirty odd men wanting to join his ranks. He asks them to attack Batman. Can Batman take care of thirty over men? Sure he can. Just use stun and strike combinations, and Batman should take care of these men easily. Remember to level up Batman so that his combat armor is quite high. This will allow him to take more hits from these men.

After defeating these novice thugs, Batman must use the remote Batarang again to flip a switch and cause one of the doors to open. Proceed into the torture chamber and use Batman's explosive gel on an ice panel at the end of the corridor that marks the beginning of the Torture Chamber.

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Batman Arkham City Crossing the Ice

In Batman Arkham City, the ice panel that explodes reveals the next location, a large indoor pool partly frozen by Penguin.Beneath this icy panel lies a great white shark ready for some tender Batmeat if Batman should fall into the waters below. The ice here is thin, just enough to walk on slowly, but will break if Batman should even try to break out into a jog.

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There are three exits in this icy pool area in Penguin's Museum. The one directly ahead is the Iceberg Lounge and the area Batman should go into last. The one on Batman's right contains some hostages and Mr Freeze's suit. The one on Batman's left contains Mr Freeze and should be the first area Batman should visit.

However, before Batman can leave this area, he should save all the frozen police officers in this area. If Batman looks to the right whilst in the middle of the icy pool area, he will see a rafting tied up above the waters. Use the normal Batarang to cut the rope and bring it down, and then use the Batclaw to pull the rafting towards him. Board the rafting. Then use the Batclaw to launch a wire towards the grapples all around the icy pool. Move the rafting (with Batman in it) to the right side of the icy pool area and rescue the two frozen men here. After this, proceed on the ice towards the left exit to find Mr Freeze.

Batman Arkham City Rescuing Mr Freeze

In Batman Arkham City, the left exit from the icy pool area in the Penguin's Museum leads to Mr Freeze. Mr Freeze has been imprisoned by the Penguin in his museum as an exhibit and requires rescuing by Batman. First Batman must find Mr Freeze.

Proceed down the corridor to find some thugs behind a shielding. Use the hacking console to bring down the shielding, and then take out the two unarmored men rapidly using smoke pellets and then combat takedown from behind. The armored man will be left behind, and Batman can then concentrate on him.

In the next chamber, Batman finally finds Mr Freeze. Before he can proceed to the back of the glass cage to release Mr Freeze, Batman has to apply explosive gel onto one of the walls (go into detective mode). However, Batman is instead attacked by a one armed bandit (brother of Mr Hammer) and some thugs. Quickly stun and strike out the normal thugs, and then use the remote electrical charger to stun the one armed bandit and strike at him after that. Once these men are dealt with, head to the back of Mr Freeze's cage and hack it to release him.

Batman Arkham City Finding Mr Freeze's Armor

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must find Mr Freeze's Armor in the corridor on the right side of the icy pool area. Finding Mr Freeze's Armor is important in obtaining Mr Freeze's ice serum which keeps him alive and also the chip which will override Mr Freeze's ice gun (taken by the Penguin).

In this chamber, Mr Penguin's elite henchmen wear thermal goggles and actively look for Batman in the dark and above ground on the gargoyles. Fighting them straight on is difficult because they are all armed. Further, they have hostages which they will use against Batman if they get desperate.

Tactics to use against these Penguin elite henchmen include taking them out as fast as possible. Try to keep them off the bridge in the center of the chamber, or they will get desperate and use the hostages. Batman should use the gargoyles on the side, and then glide down onto the ledge of the bridge. Use the bridge ledge attack to take down the two men on the bridge. The thugs will then position themselves one at a time on the bridge after this. Use drop kick to take down the thug on the bridge first. Once all the thugs are gone, rescue the hostages, and retrieve the chip and ice serum from Mr Freeze's armor.

Batman Arkham City Defeating the Penguin

In Batman Arkham City, the center exit (Iceberg Lounge) from the icy pool area leads to the Penguin. He is armed with Mr Freeze's ice gun, and will shoot at Batman through one of the many corridors in this chamber. Wait for him to reload and then move around the chamber towards the bridge that will lead Batman to Penguin. Use the chip override to prevent Penguin from using the ice gun.

Penguin then surprises Batman by sending him tumbling underground to face Solomon Grundy. To defeat Solomon Grundy, Batman must understand the three phases of the fight. The first phase involves Batman rolling and jumping and avoiding Solomon Grundy's attacks whilst trying to apply explosives to the three discs around the chamber. The second phase will proceed when all three discs have been shut ...... temporarily. Penguin manages to open them again, and now these discs open and shut repeatedly. Batman must apply explosives and shut the discs again. The third phase also involves shutting the three discs, but the attack of Solomon Grundy is harder to dodge, so make sure Batman has a lot of Combat Armor upgrade before entering this fight. Once the three discs have been shut three times, Solomon Grundy will be defeated.

Next up, a cut scene happens and introduces the League of Shadows. Enter Ra's al Ghul and Talia al Ghul.

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