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Ball Of Whacks - Imaginative Fun!

I was looking for a creative gift for an adult who enjoys puzzles and logical thinking, so I was delighted to find the Ball of Whacks designed by Roger von Oech.

The Ball of Whacks is a set of 30 colored right golden rhombic pyramid shaped magnets. You manipulate the different colored magnets to make shapes and designs of your own choosing. Picking up the magnetic pieces is addicting and simply by moving the pieces and forming different designs you are helping your brain to think imaginatively and creatively,

Who knew that having the Ball of Whacks would be such an entertaining toy. Who knew that as soon as you picked up your first magnetic shape that you would have hours of endless design fun. Our Ball of Whacks sits on a coffee table in our family room. On a daily basis someone in our family has fun changing the Ball of Whacks to a new creative art form. When you walk by the coffee table you never know if your going to find a magnetic shaped dinosaur, a star shape or other form of clever and original design.

Guests young and old are fascinated by this simplistic toy. They find it hard not to pick up the pieces and start manipulating the shapes into their own creation. There are no bad designs with the Ball of Whacks just endless designs of your choice. The Ball of Whacks is recommended for those that enjoy puzzles and manipulating magnets. The Ball of Whacks is a wonderful way to use your imagination and creativity.

Here is one example of the endless designs.

Here is one example of the endless designs.


Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on November 21, 2013:

Cool! I might just have to keep one of these on our coffee table, too!

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