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Assassin's Creed Rogue Upgrade Level Up Guide


In Assassin's Creed Rogue, Shay Patrick Cormac is betrayed by the assassins, as a conflict between his conscience and the Creed forces him to steal an important artifact from the assassin head Achilles. Shay is first hunted by the assassins and later hunts the elite assassins.

Hunting elite assassins is not an easy thing. The chief assets that Shay uses to hunt assassins are his

  • ship Morrigan
  • weapons
  • health and body

These need to be of supreme quality. Any weak armor, weapon, ship or health will be thoroughly exploited by the elite assassins and Shay will be killed. Therefore, Shay needs to upgrade his weapons, armor, health and Morrigan. This will guide the templar assassin on the best ways to level up and upgrade his assets.

Assassin's Creed Rogue Upgrade Level Up Health

Assassin's Creed Rogue does not use experience points to level up and upgrade. Instead, focus is put on getting special crafting equipment to improve the health and other assets to the next better level.

Shay's health is arguably the most important thing to upgrade first, because without health Shay is dead. Another thing is that in a fight, Shay can run away. Health will regenerate whilst Shay is in cover. So the higher the health. this means Shay will survive long enough to run away and stay alive. This is especially important because of the emergence of a new class of enemies called gang stalkers. Gang stalkers can hide in places and come out and inflict damage on Shay before he realizes. If Shay's health is low, he is killed outright. Shay needs health upgrades so he can run away and come back and assassinate the stalkers.

Here are the health upgrades in the game and the special crafting material needed.

  • I - increases health by 25%, needs hare pelt
  • II - another 25%, needs arctic hare pelt and canadian lynx pelt
  • III - increases health by another 25%, needs grey wolf pelt and killer whale skin
  • IV - final 25%, needs black wolf pelt and narwhal tusk

Normally, one would have to go hunt exotic animals to get these health upgrades. Luckily in the game, one can just purchase crafting material.

So the next question is, how can Shay get enough automatic gold and money to upgrade his weapons, health, ship Morrigan and armor?

There are a few ways -

  • Capture as many gang headquarters as possible
  • Capture as many settlements as possible
  • Do as many naval campaign missions as possible.

Assassin's Creed Rogue Upgrade Weapons

Shay needs the most lethal weapons to dispatch enemies quickly, with massive hit damage and stealthily. Weapons in the Assassin's Creed Rogue world is divided into speed, damage and combo.

Shay starts with the weakest and most pathetic sword and dagger combo. Whilst waiting for the money to increase to upgrade Morrigan, the best thing to do, especially if you are a Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed fan, is to go into Uplay and redeem the Katana sword and dagger combo. This allows for Shay to do the intermediate missions and defeat enemies and especially the assassins with speed and damage.

Assassin's Creed Rogue Fort de Sabre dlc Templar Sword

If you have the Fort de Sabre dlc, Shay can loot the three chests in the fort and get the templar sword.

Later, once the Morrigan has been sufficiently upgraded, and Shay has some spare cash, go purchase and upgrade the most powerful sword and dagger combo. There are others which can only be unlocked by completing certain missions.

  • Viking sword - speed 4, combo 3, damage 4, unlocked by completing the Viking sword quest.
  • Hunting sabre - speed 4, combo 2, damage 3, unlocked by completing all Hunting quests.
  • Govenor's sword - speed 5, combo 4, damage 3, unlocked by carrying out all renovations.
  • Bastard sword - speed 4, combo 3, damage 5, unlocked by completing the armor and sword mission.

Assassin's Creed Rogue Armor and Sword Mission

Assassin's Creed Rogue Upgrade Shay's Ship the Morrigan

The task to upgrade the Morrigan is the most expensive and material intensive. Not only does Shay need a lot of gold, he also needs a lot of material. These material include

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Clothing
  • Stone - stone is also needed to renovate buildings, so you can see how scarce these materials are
  • But not tobacco - sell these as fast as you get them

The best way to get tons (well, not tons but enough to get the next upgrade) of these substances is to capture settlements.

Settlements also allow fast travel to the next mission point, allowing one to save time.

When one wants to upgrade the Morrigan, think Man o War. How does Shay upgrade the Morrigan to compete against a Man o War vessel? Here is a video to allow one to visualize and imagine from the mission

From this, Shay can infer a few ideas and prioritize the upgrade of the Morrigan.

  • First and foremost, upgrade the mortar damage and mortar capacity
  • Next, upgrade the hull armor as much as possible.
  • then, the broadside cannons which require at least 1700 pounds and 70 metal
  • the front carronades which can stun enemies - again requires metal
  • heavy shot - deals massive short range damage
  • mortar - the most effective long range damage in massive quantities, but requires a lot of metal
  • burning oil - looks good on the rail, but really for visual effects unless you are really skille
  • ram upgrades - for the daredevil captains who wants to ram ice and ships
  • round shot strength - deals medium damage upon impact
  • puckle gun strength - this should be upgraded, because it is fun to use in combat, and deals massive precision damage, not just to ships but towers in forts
  • explosive shot strength - stuns and damages ships
  • storage space for puckle guns, heavy shot storage, mortar storage, burning oil storage, crew quarters and cargo storage
  • harpooning for hunting large sea animals

Assassin's Creed Rogue Upgrade Pistol Weapon

Again, Shay starts with a pathetic pistol, called the common flintlock pistol, which deals -

  • damage 1
  • stun 1
  • range 3

This pistol is really as good as nothing. To get the next intermediate best pistol, go ahead and do the naval campaign, until the Admiral's Lion Pistol is unlocked.

The best pistol is the -

  • English percussion flintlock pistols, which has damage 2, stun 3 and range 5, unlocked from a special location in River Valley after collecting all Abstergo tablets.

Assassin's Creed Rogue Upgrade Crafting Items

The best crafting items to upgrades are the -

  • smoke bomb pouch I - needs arctic fox pelt and canadian lynx pelt
  • smoke bomb pouch II - needs arctic wolf pelt and eastern elk hide
  • pistol ammo pouch I and II once you have a good pistol

Assassin's Creed Rogue introduces a new set of weapons, namely the grenades via the air rifle. Of course, the quantity and renew-ability of these items can be upgraded too.

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