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Anime PVC Figure Care - How to Keep Your Collection in Good Condition


It is not rocket science to take care of your anime PVC figure collection. It is simple and only takes little amount of time. Just like keeping your other variables nice and clean, paying a little attention to your figures regularly can make your collection last much longer. 

What to expect in PVC figure care?

Anime PVC figures are made from synthetic resin and paints. Both materials can show signs of aging when exposed in uncontrolled environment for long time. Knowing sources of wear and prevent them from changing your figure’s condition is the best thing to do.

What to protect your figures from?

Sun light
Ultraviolet rays in sun light can make paints to fade. Keep your anime PVC figures away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

This is also a cause of paint ware.

Your PVC figure may change its shape when exposed to high temperature. Keeping temperature around 68 – 77 F (20 – 25 C) is ideal.

Dust can pile up on your PVC figures even when they are stored in a display case.

Cigarette Smoke
Tar in cigarette smoke can turn your figures into yellowish color.

Caring Tips

  • Store your figures in a place where no direct sunlight hit. If you store your collection in a display case, apply UV protection film on a case and dust off your collection often. You should use UV protection film on a case even when the case is away from direct sunlight because some fluorescent lamps also make UV rays.
  • Your anime figure should be placed in comfortable temperature throughout a year. If you use air conditioner to maintain a mild temperature, make sure to keep away your collection from air conditioner condensation drip.
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  • Be careful not to place your anime figure directly on a plastic display case for a long period of time. PVC figure may stick on plastic surface. Lay out a sheet of glass or cork inside a case for prevention.
  • If you store old figure (made before 2005) in an original package, frequently check condition of a figure inside a box. It is because chemical used in resin to improve workability of the material naturally vaporize overtime and build up in a box. The gas becomes cause of deterioration of figure condition. Simply open a box and expose a figure in air once in a while.

Enjoying Your Anime Figures

Although caring your anime PVC figures well can make their life last longer than not maintaining them, you should not be too nervous about cause of deterioration. You must be careful not to expose your collections to high temperature, but otherwise do a quick check-up on them and enjoy your PVC figures the rest of the time.


anime fan :) on September 19, 2015:

thank you so much i will not expose them in sunlight it really helped me :D

Animedubs on May 30, 2014:

F**k, my room traps in a lot of heat. on December 05, 2012:

wah hah hah

Teesh Lallipop on March 09, 2012:

Thanks so much! As a first time buyer of PVC figures, this helped me a lot. I need to get a case for them now. :]

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