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Age of Ishtaria: Beginner's Guide

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If you are into battle card RPG games like Valkyrie Crusade and Otogi Spirit Agents (which used to be Ayakashi Ghost Guild), this game has all the core elements to get you hooked! The thing is, like any battle card RPG games, you can only get better by learning the best strategies and gaining enough experience. Needless to say, there's just so much to explore in this game.

It would certainly be an advantage if you already have an idea on how to properly get started.

Don't sell your default units just yet!

While you're just starting out, the game will give you at least 5 units to start with. If you're lucky, you could be given at least a 4-star or 5-star unit that you can set as leader. Of course, it is a given that these default units will not be strong enough to sustain your battles as your level goes higher but don't sell them, at least not yet. Instead, use them and enhance them using lower-ranked feeder cards (1-star or 2-star cards) to maximize their levels and loyalty.

Spend your BP (battle points) first.

Since you already have a default deck, you could easily be tempted to go level up by spending your AP (Ability Points) on quests. If you're a low level player, quests can wait. What you need to focus on is how to stock up your inventory with essential items that you'll need later on. This includes angel feathers, potions, plant food, spirit gems and tickets. When doing battles, you can get these items as rewards based on your rank (victory points).

What you need to remember is when doing battles, you don't earn experience points which is required to level up. Instead, you'll earn victory points which the game then uses to determine your rank. Your rewards will depend on your current rank. Note that battle ranks are updated constantly as there are a total of 8 battle sequences daily.

Save your crowns, medals, potions and other essential items.

As a new player, the last thing you want to do is to use up majority of the items in your inventory like your potions, feathers, medals and spirit gems. As much as possible, try to win quests and even event quests without using any items until you've reached past level 35. Save these for important battles like event and quest bosses.

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The same goes for crowns. Don't just use crowns for random pack summons. It would be best if you take a look at what is the guaranteed offer first (ex. P7☆ or an 8☆) before actually deciding to use up your crowns.

To increase your chances in completing quests and winning battles before reaching level 50, focus on enhancing your current deck. You can also get 4-star to 5-star units from bronze ticket and silver ticket packs.


Keep your 6-star and 7-star units and max them out.

New players are usually given at least 2 premium tickets. Each ticket can summon 1 unit from a premium pack. If you're lucky, you could get at least 1 or 2 7☆ units. It is ideal that you set one of these units as your leader and be sure to enhance and evolve these units first because they have way higher attack rate and HP compared to your units with lower ranks.


Make the most out of the in-game freebies!

If you want to play the game without purchasing anything using real world currency, you'd better take advantage of the in-game gifts and freebies while you can. Every day there is a daily bonus wherein you can receive various essential items like crowns and grimoires. Make sure to log in daily to get these items.

You should also register your account to secure and back up your game data. By doing so, you can also redeem the game's registration rewards which includes 30 mini AP potions, 30 mini BP potions and 1 Platinum Medal.

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