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A Lesche Digging Tool is a Must for Any Metal Detectorist


Digging is Much Easier with a Lesche Digging Tool

There are three pieces of gear that are a must have for anyone that is into metal detecting; a metal detector, a pinpointer, and some type of digging tool. When I started metal detecting, I used only a standard, garden hand trowel for all my digging. I had no idea how difficult digging could be, especially in hard ground.

I am sure that you have heard the old phrase "there is a right tool for every job". Well, a Lesche digging tool is the right tool for the job when it comes to metal detecting.

The thing that I didn't realize when I got into metal detecting is that you will need to be digging a lot of targets. A lot of the targets you dig will be junk, even though your metal detector may indicate that they could be coins or jewelry. Digging needs to be quick and easy, so that you can get through as many targets as possible, so that you ultimately get past the junk and get to the good finds.

Pictured here is my new Lesche Sampson Pro-Series shovel. I have been on two metal detecting trips since receiving it, and honestly do not know how I ever lived without it. So let's take a closer look at my Lesche, and look at the features and benefits that these Lesche digging tools have to offer.

(Image Credit to InterRev - Personal Photo)

Why use a Lesche?

One of the most frustrating things that I experienced when I started metal detecting was how difficult the digging process was. Rocky ground, heavy clay soil, and dry ground just made it too difficult to dig with the hand trowel that I started off using. I spent a lot of time looking for a better option. I did a lot of research in metal detecting forums, and discovered that most of the avid metal detectorists and metal detecting 'pros' were using a Lesche digging tool. So I focused my research on Lesche, and ended up purchasing the Lesche Sampson Pro-Series shovel (which is pictured first below).

My requirements were pretty simple. I needed a tool that:

  • Would be easy to carry.
  • Would have a sharp blade that cut into the ground easily.
  • Would be durable.
  • Would allow me to use my foot for leverage to drive the blade into the soil.
  • Would remove clean plugs from the ground and not make a mess.

The Lesche products met all of these requirements. Their products are really tailored to metal detectorists, and I quickly learned why they are so popular within the metal detecting community.

Lesche Digging Tool Poll - Which Do You Like Best?


Lesche makes some quality digging tools for the serious metal detectorist. They have different styles and models to suit different needs. Which one do you like best?


Why I Chose the Lesche Sampson Pro-Series Shovel

After really getting into the hobby of metal detecting, I quickly learned that I needed a better way of digging. I realized that I was spending too much time on my hands and knees, struggling to drive my hand digging tool into the soil. Hard, dry soil, or even rocky soil made the task of digging even more difficult. After a couple of metal detecting hunts and coming home with a sore wrist, I realized that there had to be a better way.

So that is when I started doing some research, and found out that many of the people that were serious about metal detecting were using Lesche digging tools. I settled on the Lesche Sampson Pro-Series T-Handle shovel for the following reasons:

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  • I needed something that you make digging faster and easier. The quicker and easier it would be to dig means I would dig more targets. Digging more targets equals more good finds.
  • I needed to be able to dig deeper, more quickly. Many of the old coins and silver coins are often found deeper. Many times I would find myself giving up on a target because I got tired of having to dig so deep. I needed a quick way to get to these.
  • I needed something that would cut clean holes in the ground and remove a clean plug that could neatly be replaced. I am very concerned about ethical digging, and didn't want to leave a mess behind.
  • I needed something that would keep me off of my hands and knees. I am in pretty good shape, but constant bending over and spending too much time on my hands and knees was taking a toll on my body.
  • I needed a digging tool that wouldn't draw too much attention. From time to time I have bumped into people that were not fond of metal detecting or digging on public property. A large shovel can draw unnecessary attention. The Lesche Sampson Pro-Series T-handle has a small blade, and does not draw the attention that a garden shovel or spade could.
  • I needed something that would cut through the sod or tough ground easily and that also would be durable. We have some tough clay soil in my home state. I got tired of struggling with this dense soil with my hand trowel. I also wanted something durable, because if I was going to spend the money on a quality digging tool, I wanted it to last.
  • Lastly, I needed something that would be easy to carry and not be a burden. At just two pounds, this digging tool is easy to carry all day long. The T-handle makes it easy to hold as you walk along detecting. At just 31 inches in overall length, it is not a burden.

The Lesche Sampson Pro-Series shovel met all of these needs, and I'll even go as far as saying that it surpassed my needs. I love this digging tool, and it has made my metal detecting hobby much easier.

On my last metal detecting trip, I loaned it to a buddy of mine and let him dig one of his targets with it. His reaction to using it? He just said "I gotta get one of these!"

(Image Credit to InterRev - Personal Photo)

What is your preference for metal detecting digging tools?

A big debate in the metal detecting community has to do with people digging clean holes vs. people leaving a mess behind after digging.

The third rule in the Metal Detecting Code of Ethics states "I will recover targets in a way that will not damage or kill vegetation and I will fill in holes completely leaving the area looking as it was."

Unfortunately, not all metal detectorists follow this code of ethics and it has led to metal detecting getting a bad name and even some bans metal detecting being enacted in some areas.

Do you prefer at digging tool that???

Video Showing the Lesche Pro-Series T-Handle in Action!

Here is a video showing the Lesche Sampson Pro-Series T-Handle shovel in action. You can see how easy it is to dig a nice clean plug when you can drive the shovel into the ground with your foot. The guys that made this video are some serious metal detectorists using quality gear. And the serious diggers use Lesche!

Be Ethical When Metal Detecting!

Fill all holes.

Make sure the land looks as good or better when you leave.

Make sure you have permission.

No Trespassing - Obey the Laws.

Remove trash and dispose of properly.

Use courtesy and common sense.

Report any finding of historical significance.

Set a good example for the hobby.

So what do you think about the line of Lesche digging tools?

Do you have another brand or model of digging tool that you would recommend instead?

Have any tips or tricks that will make the digging process easier?

Any other general comments are also welcome!

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