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Brutus, the Zombie Boss on Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies


He has been referred to as the Prison Guard, Brutus, The Warden, Ferguson, and oh shit. He is the new Zombie Boss in Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead. Whatever you decide to call him, he is basically a juiced up zombie on a viscous Roid Rage. He will shake the ground, attack the closest player, and destroy the things you like. The good news is, he has weaknesses you can exploit.


Who's The Boss

The Zombie Boss is often called the Warden. But the Achievement that involves him gives him the name of Brutus. Some evidence in the game suggests that he is the Prison Guard from the beginning cut scene. One of the playable character makes a remark in the game saying that it sounds like Ferguson. This gives a clue as to his identity, but does not confirm it. The only thing we can be certain of is that the badge on his chest indicates that he is a Prison Guard.


Brutus' Arrival

Brutus will arrive under three circumstances. He seems to arrive at randomly throughout the game while you are in the Prison. He does not operate on the round time line. He could spawn at any time and the round can end with him still alive. He will also appear when players are using The Mystery Box an excessive amount of times. Finally, he will be present at the start of each round on the Bridge.

During the start of the first round on the Bridge one Brutus will appear shortly after the zombies start to spawn. An additional Brutus will appear during each consecutive round until there are five of these bosses at the start of the round.

Brutus locking down the Box.

Brutus locking down the Box.

Brutus' Abilities

Like most Zombie Bosses, the Brutus does more than just a basic attack. First, he shakes the area he is running in. This only makes it slightly more difficult to navigate. He will charge directly at a player, but will be temporarily distracted by Perks, The Box, Building Stations, and the plane. The Distraction might buy you some time. But this time will come at a price. He will smash the item. In order to use it you will need to pay a fee of 2000 points.


Brutus' Weaknesses

Like ordinary zombies you will do additional damage by getting head shots. Unfortunately, Brutus is wearing a heavy duty helmet. In order to kill him quickly you will need to shoot the helmet off his head. Hell's Retriever works well to quickly knock the helmet off his head.There are some other weapons that work well and a couple that do not.

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Effective Weapons

Ineffective Weapons

Note: The Acid Gat does not seem to do much damage to Brutus. To make matters worse, the Guard will continue to charge at you with the acid rounds stuck to him. When they explode they can cause you damage.


What You Need to Know

  • When you kill Brutus he will drop a Power-Up. This is not always true of the guards on the Bridge.
  • When in Afterlife only shoot Brutus with electricity when you have to. He will be teleported to another area in the man and could catch another player off guard.
  • Brutus will not smash perks that have not been powered up. However, he will smash building stations that have not yet been used.


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