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Zenonia 5 | Berserker Stat/Skill Guide

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The Berserker

The Berserker is your large-sworded-big-damage character. Your damage will keep monsters at bay with knock-back and staggers. Your normal attack is pretty slow though. And you don't have too many skills with invincibility frames (as opposed to the Wizard). A good thing is that you get some good skills early on rather than later, but a pretty bad thing is that your AOE skills don't have great range in general.

Stat Points

Str – Att +7, Def +1
Con – HP +28, Def +2, 0.2 CriDmg
Dex – Hit +0.1, Eva +0.3, CRI +0.4
Int – SP+24, Hit +0.3

The standard build would to be add everything in STR and some into CON when you need the HP/DEF. Pure STR could work well but your skills not having invincibility frames doesn’t go well with low HP. Last Resistance [25] is a skill where you can reflect all close range damage for a bit though, and you also can get a DEF buff. If you’re feeling freaky, adding some DEX for some more CRI% can’t hurt, especially if you’re over-killing things.

The [Damage] and [Level 10 Approx Damage] is there to help maybe compare the skills better. You can substitute your ATT into the 'formulas' and get an average damage to a single monster. If an attack is 'x AOE' that means you can hit everything in the vicinity.

& Passives are very straightforward, you definitely want ATT, DEF, STR, ATT per STR, and Passive Master. You might want some more CON and/or CRI. The level [5] ones aren't very good and the last two are fine.


  • Power Slash [1] – Decent 1 hit of your sword, it attacks in front of you and is pretty quick.Gives some bonus DOT damage. Not bad at all, especially for a level [1] skill.
    [ATT: 350% + 20 per additional point] x 1 hit + DOT
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x 530% + DOT

  • Shoulder Charging [1] – Half Decent, you charge forward. It’s ok for knocking back and is one of your only skills with invincibility frames. You can get in around 4 hits.
    [ATT: 115% + 5 per additional point] x 3 to 4 hits x 3 monsters max
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x (480%~640%) x 3 monsters max

  • Guard Crash [5] – Great attack you get early on. Better than the skill above it, Wrath Strike; you can get 5 hits if there is some space between you and the monster. Doubles as a 1v1 and a mob attack.
    [ATT: 190% + 10 per additional point] x 1-5 hits x AOE
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x (280% ~ 1400%) x AOE

  • Offensive Stance [5] – Not a bad buff, if you like Buffs. Personally I’m too lazy to keep hitting it because even at Max Level it’s only a 38% ATT bonus for 40 seconds.

  • Wrath Strike [15] – Decent attack in front of you, basically like Guard Crash but with a wider (read: weirder) range and less hits possible.
    [ATT: 115% + 5 per additional point] x 2-4 hits x AOE
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x (320% ~ 640%) x AOE

  • Spinning Slash [15] – Not a bad AOE, range is bad though and you can only get 2 hits in. Invincibility frames though.
    [ATT: 300% + 20 per additional point] x 2 hits x AOE
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x (960%) x AOE

  • Defensive Stance [15] – If you need more DEF and like buffs, go for it. Probably not worth it though unless you go the pure STR route.

  • Last Resistance [25] – Reflects all close range attacks while regenerating HP for 10 seconds and a max of 20. Great lifesaver if you need it, good for bosses as well.

  • Black Hole Slash [25] – Good attack that pulls enemies to you, so you can start off AOE ‘combos’ with it.
    [ATT: 300% + 20 per additional point] x 1 hit x 4 monsters max
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x (480%) x 4 monsters max

  • Phantom Detonation [25] – Your highest damaging ‘AOE’ with super limited range. Constant damage for everything that’s close to you. You also get some DOT. Somewhere around 8 to 10 hits if monsters don’t wander away from you.
    [ATT: 80% + 3 per additional point] x 8-10 hits x AOE
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x (856% ~ 1070%) x AOE

  • Blood Circle [35] – This attack literally summons a magic circle of blood that damages enemies who stand in it.You summon it in front of you and it’s not too huge. Great for bosses where you can set the circle down and circle the boss so they get hit over and over. You only get about 2 hits per second you keep a monster in there, which means around 12 hits for 6 seconds.
    [ATT: 65% + 4 per additional point] x 4 to 12 hits x AOE
    [Level 10 Approx Damage] ATT x (404% ~ 1212%) x AOE

  • Bloodlust [35] – Pretty straightforward; lots of damage increase for your normal attack for 20 to 30 seconds.

  • Dark Spirit [35] – You can summon a decoy (another at 5 and one more at 10) with the same attack as you. Can make things interesting, and attract attention away from you as you put a Blood Circle underneath a mob.Takes a while to summon though, with no invincibility frames.


Lvl 2 – Power Slash (1)
Lvl 3 – Shoulder Charging (1)
Lvl 4 – Save point
Lvl 5 – Guard Crash (1), ATT Increase (1)
Lvl 6 to 14 – ATT Increase (10)
Lvl 15 – Spinning Slash (1)
Lvl 16 to 22 – DEF Increase (7)
Lvl 23 to 24 – Save points
Lvl 25 – Last Resistance (1), Black Hole Slash (1), Phantom Detonation (1)
Lvl 26 to 34 – Add points into attacks if you need that, otherwise STR Increase (9)
Lvl 35 – Blood Circle (1)
Lvl 36 – Dark Spirit (1)
Lvl 37 to 44 – ATT per STR (8)
Lvl 45 – Spin Move (1)

With 108 total skill points, this build would look like this:

Power Slash (10)
Guard Crash (10)
Shoulder Charging (1)
Spinning Slash (1)
Black Hole Slash (10)
Phantom Detonation (10)
Last Resistance (1)
Dark Spirit (1)
Blood Circle (1)
Spin Move (1)
ATT Increase (10)
DEF Increase (10)
CON Increase (10)
STR Increase (10)
ATT per STR (10)
Passive Master (10)
Berserker’s Spirit (1)
Area Zero (1)

Honestly there are tons of ways you can play the Berserker because the skills just work in different ways. Max out Dark Spirit [35] if decoys that fight for you are your thing, the buffs if you like/need them, or use other AOEs. I chose Phantom Detonation because I like to mob up like 4 monsters, pull them in with Black Hole Slash, and then use the AOE (the primary big damage AOE combo for this build). The spins aren’t that bad either. Can’t really go wrong if you have tons of attack.


  • HP Medicine is better than HP Potion (L) at around 2666 HP
  • SP Medicine is better than SP Potion (L) at around 3333 SP
  • Skill Reset costs 150 ZEN which is pretty cruel.
  • You can go into 'the Abyss' once a day free.


Chelsea on October 21, 2015:

If i add the skill points on my skills do do I spend the other skill points to other skills?

kenka on December 14, 2014:

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Anyone who played as berserker, try the Black Hole Slash + Phantom Detonation, they'll do an insane damage to enemies!

DK on September 19, 2014:

Good because of this am powerful at zenonia 5 add me id:xXdrexelXx

Zenus on November 30, 2013:

Attack i guess

dad on November 05, 2013:

what is att?

Tie on September 30, 2013:

Don't think so "F"

f on September 25, 2013:

does the bloodlust affect darkspirits?

Winstonhelper on May 19, 2013:

it means that you don't use it and just leave it there unused until you get to a higher level, so you spend it on something better.

winston on April 29, 2013:

sir, where is save point skill?

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