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Yugioh Deck Build: Interplanetary Blue Eyes

Five Headed Dragon does major damage

Five Headed dragon

Five Headed dragon


Often refereed to as the best normal card in the Yugioh universe it is no wonder the Blue Eyes White Dragon is starting to see a great revival and a return to the deck building world as a staple. I admit it. I did somewhat board the bandwagon. I purchased a Saga of the Blue Eyes White Dragon theme deck from the local Rite Aid. I noticed the deck was very playable but not very competitive so me being me I reverted back to my Magic the Gathering days of deck building and began to experiment with this deck.

That being said I went to work on my deck. Adding cards and taking cards out of the mix all the while looking for ways to make this deck more competitive and less vulnerable to certain decks that have become known as meta decks by regular players. I also wanted to make this deck more consistent. I wanted a deck with full attack potential and the ability to get my big dragons out onto the field where they could inflict tons of damage to the opponent but it also had to have the defense strategies in place so those dragons could continue their assault. The key would be getting cards out from my extra deck and into the mix. I mainly wanted to focus on getting the granddaddy of all dragon cards out, Five headed Dragon.

I also knew I wanted to implement my all time favorite card to the fray. Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon had to go into this build. Thus Interplanetary Blue Eyes was born. Let's break down the deck shall we.

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My Favorite Monster

Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon can save a deck real quick.

Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon can save a deck real quick.

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The Monsters

What deck is a deck without some brutal baddies to go to war for them? I started my deck build with a play set (3) Blue Eyes White Dragons. These 3000 attack beasts are vital to the evolution of this deck and it's attack power potential. At level 8 Blue Eyes also serves as prime fotter for my XYZ summons. Following Blue in action I added two Rabidragons. These rabbit beasts are amazing for getting heavy hits in the mix and share the level 8 status Blue takes. Both of these monsters are considered normal which comes in very handy with some of my other cards.

I then added a level 4 light dragon known as Alexandrite to the party. With 2000 attack and at level 4 he is a quick beater I can put onto the field for attack or in the event I draw into one of my tuner scenarios I can put him right into action summoning my Stardust Dragon. I follow Alex up with two Hieratic Dragons of Tefnuit. With the ability to be special summoned when the opponent has a monster and you have none this card can quickly change the course of a duel. It's real feature is the ability to tribute for a normal monster such as blue or rabi.

Next I added two of my favorite cards, Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon. When a monster is sent to the grave on my side of the field I can special summon this level 5 2200 attack bad boy into the fray and let him do his thing. This is a great card in nearly any deck but in a deck running dragons it does very very well.

I added one Honest to give me an extra bit of attack power for the heavy battles, or to gain a quick finish if possible. I added one axe drag0nute but will most likely replace it with another Alexandrite at a later time. To prevent an attack I added Blizzard Dragon. I added a Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon for some hit power and for the ultimate XYZ summon later on. I added one Hieratic Dragon of Nuit mainly to give me a quick normal summon but also for it's ability to bring out a normal monster such as Blue Eyes. To really boost my XYZ summons I added a Hieratic Dragon of Esset. This allows me to make all Hieratic Dragons on the field the same level as one of my normal monsters on the field and since my normals are all level 8s I have a great means of doing major XYZ summoning damage in a hurry.

I knew I needed to get Blue out quick so I incorporated two Maidens With Eyes of Blue to the mix and a Kaiser Sea Horse which acts as two tributes for a light monster such as Blue. I rounded out my monsters with one Rose Warrior of Revenge who is a level 4 tuner, and a Red Eyes darkness Metal Dragon that allows me to keep the dragon summoning glory.

Blue Eyes is the key

Blues Eyes White Dragon makes this deck what it is.

Blues Eyes White Dragon makes this deck what it is.

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Traps fuel this deck to stay offensive but have a defensive strategy in place.

Traps fuel this deck to stay offensive but have a defensive strategy in place.

Traps and Spells

I run two Mystical Space Typhoons to eliminate back row threats and of course to take out nasty field spells. I found I was having difficulty drawing into my effective cards so I added one Pot of Duality to increase my draw power and assist getting those big cards into the field. I may eventually go to two cards if the need arises. For total destruction of the enemy's front line I use Burst Stream of Destruction. This gives Blue Eyes a serious power attack. I run one draining shield, trap hole, and magic cylinder to balance out attacks and enemy summons.

One Scrap Iron Scarecrow helps negate battles and allows me to continue my barrage until I can start pulling out the big dogs from my extra deck. One Dark Bribe to keep me from getting my abilities stopped in their tracks and also a Light Wave Tuning spell card. This allows me to use a light monster as a tuner. Alexandrite dragon would become a level 4 tuner and make pulling out my Stardust so much easier. I also utilize a Stamping Destruction spell card to eliminate a set card in the back row and inflict 500 damage to my opponent's life points. Running dragons in abundance means this card goes from situational to primary real quick.

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To keep pesky special summons at bay I use Black Horn of Heaven and Bottomless Trap Hole. These are super effective and can really change the pace of a dual. One Fiendish Chain serves to keep an amazing effect monster from being amazing at all and stops it from attacking me. I round out my trap arsenal with two Dimensional Prisons. These are becoming staples in decks and are highly useful to get rid of that heavy hitter who keeps leveling you down.

I use One for One to send one of my level 8s to the grave and pull out Maiden for the Blue Eyes engine to get going but I do not stop there. I use Silver's Cry to pull back that level 8 and put it right into the battlefield. My last three spells usually work together. Two Dragon's Mirror so I can use 5 dragons on the field and in the grave to pull out the amazing beast Five Headed Dragon. I then use D.D.R to bring one of the cards banished by mirror right back into play, usually Blue Eyes. Nothing drives people crazy quite like looking across the field to see Five Head and Blue Eyes White Dragon ready to pounce.

Counter Traps

Counter Traps

You will notice I use a lot of counter traps in this deck. This is to help me ensure I get my big attacks in but also I get my summons out of the woodwork and into play on the field. The traps keep my enemy at bay and help me eliminate attacking monsters without doing battle.

I would suggest finding a combination of traps that work for you. Some people like trap stun and the like. I tend to keep it to the basic staples but do so in a bit more abundance. I would always say have at least two MSTs and 2 Mirror Forces though.

A Quick Poll

The Extra Deck

Using Hieratic effects and the like make XYZ summoning easy. The first card in my extra deck is actually 2 cards. Two Five Headed Dragons. With an abundance of dragons at my disposal it is actually easy to pull one of these but I have found I can get two out from time to time. At 5000 attack and only affected in battle by a light creature Five Head can end a duel very quickly.

I run two Stardust Dragons. These have become a staple in the yugioh world simply because they can negate card dxestroying effects and return right back to battle at the end phase. With Rose and light wave tuning I have several options for getting this card out and on the field. Also as a synchro I have two Azure Eyes Silver Dragons. I use Maiden to get Blue Eyes, synchro the two into Azure and my next stand by I use Azure's effect and bring Blue right back into the game. This can be a great card to really spam the field with dragons if you run normals.

I also run the rank 5 Shark Fortress which is a highly under used card. It draws fire from the enemy and also can allow you to make a second attack. I use this rarely but in the event I have two of my level 5s like Purple or Hieratic out I will go into this to draw fire while I build a better attack. I use three rank 8 XYZs to pull from.

The first is Number 46: Dragluon. I mainly use this card to continue pumping the field with dragons, one in particular. This is a great way to get Galaxy yes Photon Dragon out into the field for my big XYZ summon we will discuss shortly. My second XYZ is Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis. This card allows me to thin the enemy field by a bit and then go in for a big kill shot. The last XYZ I am using at this time is Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. This card takes 3 level 8 cards and one of them really needs to be Galaxy eyes Photon Dragon. It allos the effect to take hold and that will negate all face up card effects on the field. At 4500 attack with potential to use enemy material to gain additional attack power at intervals of 500 it can be a game winner easily.

I plan on adding Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon and Neo Prime once it is released to the mix soon.


This deck really pumps out big dragons with bug hit power and than molds those monsters into extra deck summons that give big hit power with great effect uses. I will always be changing this deck to better suit my needs so I encourage you to do the same. never just pull a deck off the net and run with that. Always make it your own somehow. It is that personal touch they may turn your yugioh deck into a competitive and fun deck to play.
I hope this deck proves useful to you and I leave you with this. Always obey the heart of the cards. Just kidding, play and learn and learn and play!


Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on March 05, 2014:

Thanks bud, I may bump her up, been really thinking on it.

Zeron87 on March 05, 2014:

Just two Maiden with Eyes of Blue? That chick is never a dead draw buddy; I'd bump her up to three. And any of the Forbidden spell cards (Lance, Chalice, Dress) double as protection for your big monsters and can trigger her eff. I have a version of this deck (on DN, not rl... yet) that focuses on abusing Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon, but you have some great ideas that I will incorporate into my own. Excellent hub.

Edddd on February 22, 2014:

Atomic scrap dragon

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