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Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Review: Vehicroid Monsters

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Vehicroid Monsters

For our next Yu-Gi-Oh monster theme review, we'll be examining the "Vehicroid" monsters, a series of Machine-Types with a variety of interesting effects. Are Vehicroids formidable adversaries, or should this series have been scrapped? Let's examine the Vehicroid monster, magic, and trap cards available to find out!

Note: It's probably unwise to tell friends and family you've been experimenting with 'roids.





Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine

Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine

1. Monsters

Includes: Ambulanceroid, Drillroid, Truckroid, Expressroid, Gyroid, etc. For the full list, click here.

  • Machine-Typed with different Attributes
  • Medicore Attack and Defense (rarely exceeds 1600)
  • Good at swarming
  • Several Fusion options

The strongest monsters this set has to offer are Fusion creatures. Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine (4000 attack and defense!) and Super Vehicroid - Jumbo Drill could both serve as your trump card. Barbaroid is able to negate the effect of any monster it destroys, and Jumbo Drill inflicts piercing damage to Defense-position monsters.

Recently, 'roids have even received a few Synchro monsters. The powerful Hi-Speedroid Chanbarider is able to increase its attack with every battle, attack twice each turn, and add a card to your hand when destroyed. It's nice to see this theme continue to receive supporting cards long after its original release.

Vehicroid Connection Zone

Vehicroid Connection Zone

Limiter Removal

Limiter Removal

2. Spells

Includes: Vehicroid Connection Zone. Yep, that's it.

There's only a single magic card specifically tailored for the 'roids, but it's a powerful one. Vehicroid Connection Zone allows you to summon a Fusion Monster by using material monsters from your hand, field, or Graveyard. That's already a strong effect, but it gets better - the Fusion Monster you summon cannot be destroyed by Spells, Traps, and Effect Monsters, and its effect cannot be negated.

Usually, this means it can only be obliterated through battle - not an easy feat for your opponent to achieve when facing a 4000 attack creature. Fill up your hand and Graveyard with 'roids quickly to make good use of this powerful card.

Other recommended supporting spells:

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  • Solidarity (Attack boost for Decks that only use one Type)
  • Limiter Removal (Doubles Machine-Types' Attack for one turn, then destroys them at end of turn)
  • Power Bond (Fusions summons a monster with double Attack, but inflicts its original Attack as damage to you)

Make good use of these spells, and your path to victory will be much smoother.



3. Traps

Includes: Supercharge, Wonder Garage.

Next, let's examine everyone's favorite day-ruiners - the trap cards! The Vehicroids have two available.

  • Supercharge (Lets you draw two cards when an opponent attacks while you only control Vehicroid monsters)
  • Wonder Garage (Lets you Special Summon a Level 4 or lowers Vehicroid from your hand when Garage is destroyed)

You can probably skip out on Wonder Garage, considering you can simply Normal Summon Level 4 and lower monsters, but I'd strongly recommend Supercharge. Of course, there are more traps that can help a Vehicroid deck. Here's a few prime choices:

  • Mirror Force (Destroys all opposing Attack Position monsters when a monster attacks)
  • Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (Can negate an attack once per turn)
  • Call of the Haunted (Summons a monster from your Graveyard, good at resurrecting Fusions)


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Vehicroids are a mixed bag. They're versatile, skilled at swarming your opponent, and possess a variety of effects. However, it's hard to overlook how fragile many of the base monsters are.

Despite this, the sheer number of creatures to select from, including some Synchros and Fusions, helps compensate. Spells and Traps designed for these Machines are sparse, but more-universal cards can pick up the slack. Also, since they're all Machine-Types, you can combine them into other Machine-based decks.

In short, they're not perfect, but the right 'roids will get you far, especially in retro-styled duels.

It'll forever be a mystery.

It'll forever be a mystery.

Anime Appearance

The second anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, features the inexplicably blue-haired Syrus Truesdale. Playing the role of sidekick at a school that teaches card games (as opposed to, you know, biology and other nonsense), Syrus wields a Vehicroid deck, and is so skilled that he lost pretty much every duel he was ever in. Wait a minute..

More recently, the character Yugo from Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V (the fifth series) has also wielded Vehicroids. Thankfully, his performances have better demonstrated the potential of the cards.

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Future Reviews

I hope you've enjoyed tackling the 'roid monsters! Let me know what you think of today's cards, and always remember - card games > biology.

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