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You Shouldn't Have Done That (Moon Children Cult Website Arc)

You Shouldn't Have Done That...

You Shouldn't Have Done That...

What started as a bit of very well written creepypasta by “Jaduseable”, has turned into an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that is currently growing in popularity at an incredible rate. An ARG is usually along the subject of the unknown or powerful, but plausible entities/objects that may or may not exist and how we the characters of the “game” must fight/battle against this entity or obtain said object. The main idea of an ARG is to maintain a strict form of realism that complements both immersion and storytelling to the point that they players might actually believe it to be true at some points.

To the beginning: It all started with a post (Down in the links section) that was soon submitted as Creepy pasta. I will warn you all ahead of time, I will not be responsible for sleepless nights caused by following this from start to finish… I had my first sleepless night yesterday, Stupidity had me checking the pages at 2 AM in the dark with total silence. Fun… :\


In a nutshell, this creepypasta post told the tale of young Jaduseable, a college student living alone. He goes over to a garage sale and finds a really creepy old man selling a Majora’s Mask cartridge for the N64. While playing the cartridge, Jaduseable decides to exploit a known glitch in the game; however this glitch came with an unforeseen price. Upon executing the glitch, the game decides to totally screw up, as if someone had messed with it, songs were backwards, words were jumbled and in the end, an unknown entity the community calls “BEN” had been released. BEN tortures Jaduseable using the game and by entering his psyche, in the end BEN is freed onto the internet and has infected everyone whom has watched one of the videos.

On this post, there are links to the movies, which are linked to the author’s youtube page… Everything was fine and dandy. A lot of people browning their pants and sleepless nights as well as multiple fanpages, videos and even a meme has spawned from this; However, one day there appeared to be a strange wallpost from Jaduseable. When that wallpost was decoded, it lead to a really old tech-forum page. On this page stood out the words “you shouldn’t have done that” as one of the responses from a question about a .net issue…

Putting one and one together, (YSHDT) was attempted…and to the surprise of many people, existed.

YSHDT, when it was first found was displayed as a cultist site for the moon; this, we will find out later ties in with the “Moon Children” from Majora’s Mask. On this page lists some of the characters of the first arc. We learn about how time progresses, how the cult works and the fates of some of the cult members. The main thing about this arc is the mentioning of Ascension, which by what the community has figured out, is a sacrificial styled death…deemed a good thing by the cult. Here we meet some of the main and minor characters that play out in the story. Posts were made and characters were named, life continued as we watched them make their posts.

The Moon... It's coming.

The Moon... It's coming.

As we pass out of the first Arc, Tags and names are changed on youtube saying things like “You couldn’t save him” , “He died”, and other similar things as well as the deaths of some of the characters and the “ascension” of one of the characters. Also at the end, there was a video or two depicting the end of the arc and the spread of BEN. Time passed, and then out of nowhere, someone posted a video of link playing the song of time, which in Majora’s Mask, returns time back to the start. There was a pause of about half a day before the cult page seemed to revert back to the first day it was discovered. Oh Shi-…

All videos, posts and characters introduced after day one were deleted… And then put back in as time progressed. The ARG slowly began to take shape as video responses were made, which eventually ended in catastrophic failure. The Second arc closes with the death of link and the disappearance of a minor character; Ryukaki who’s final words are in a file full of words, edits and encrypted/scrambled words. With the death of link, we lost our ability to play songs to affect the story… So this moves us into the third and probably final ark.

UPDATED 11/9/10: The site just got updated. Either someone has hit the trigger (probably Bombergang kids and their hard work on ciphering and word play... GJ to all of you btw) or he just finally got the chance to do so... Either way, Man... I'm stoked. Apparently there will be an .Exe type of download-able game. It will either be free or at the minor cost of $2 since he is paying out of pocket for a small programming/art team to assist him. It will be used with the Unity engine. The game will attempt to flow equally for all people through the use of checkpoints. If most of the population has passed a certain checkpoint, then the others will probably be forced to that checkpoint.

Personally I can’t wait till the third arc begins. I hope you will join us and to defeat BEN!

I plan on keeping this updated as the game progresses by adding the the told story and other helpful links...If you have any links you want me to add/are worth adding, let me know in the comments.

If I have missed anything or made a mistake with my information. PLEASE, Do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

  • Creepy + Pasta: Majora
    I believe this is the original creepypasta post. It contains all of the start up information, including all of the haunted cartridge videos. Great place to start.
  • Jadusable Wiki
    This is the current Wikia for this ARG. Its constantly updated and has links/descriptions to almost all of the files available as well as multiple theories.
  • Bomber Gang Kids Journal
    This site includes a greatly in-depth analysis of the first documents of information given by Jaduseable/BEN.
  • Main ARG Site/Cult Website.
    This is the main site where the ARG is currently happening. This is one of the "Legit" sites or location to obtain In-Character information for this game.
  • YouTube - Jadusable's Channel
    This is Jaduseable's Youtube channel. The second and final place for "Legit" and In Character information, events and occurrences.


Comet on December 11, 2019:

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This site and the one you mentioned have odd connections but the timelines of this story/ arg don't add up to what I found on the way back Machine for real website records.

It's called . It showed up when I decided to type in "The Moon children" to see if Any thing related to Zelda popped. So far None did when I looked it up, not even the YSHDT. net site. So as of right now I'm at a loss for words and I hope nightmind digs deeper into the rabbit hole I discovered by accident. I didn't think there was an actual site back in 1998 and started officially in 1999. And as far as I know til I look more into it, possibly could be a old or retired cult as of rn, since Alex made reference to the real cult, "not the fake one in the ARG" many times and didn't bother telling anyone the truth of it's origin. Which I kinda see why but at the same time I don't. Hopefully someone digs further into it.

lost goddess on May 18, 2019:

you cant kill him, BEN told me so...i want to kill myself.

Anonymous on July 05, 2015:

well then

BEN on October 16, 2013:

I do not approve.

696styx on April 02, 2013:

Can you keep up?

GamerAinion (author) from Miami, FL on July 06, 2012:

Oh man. If only the picture and the moon freaked you out. I wonder how you might take the rest of the actual story. :P

I found it hard to sleep for about 3 nights and a few "Paranoid" moments. :P

Sage Fear from Clearwater, FL on July 06, 2012:

Great article. Though the picture of the moon freaked me out a bit...

GamerAinion (author) from Miami, FL on November 06, 2010:

Thanks. You guys did a-lot of hard work! I hope it all comes into fruition as we reach the next arc.

Bomber Gang Kid 4 on November 06, 2010:

Very good article. Thanks for the mention. =]

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