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Yoko Littner Gurren Lagann Figure - Sexy Girl and her Gun Anime

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Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner from the show Gurren Lagann.

Yoko Littner from the show Gurren Lagann.

So you want a Yoko Littner figure?

Everyone knows Yoko Littner but maybe not where shes from. Yoko is the main female character from the hit anime series Gurren Lagann. Yoko is the kick butt female figure most come to expect from most animes. Shes got a large gun, light clothing, and completely controls her surroundings. If fighting large robots with just a gun and some aerobics sounds impressive...that's because it is! Now you can have Yoko standing right on your computer desk simple and easy as that. Depending on which you buy, they all do things differently (clearly told in the reviews).

Yoko Figures

Most of these Yoko anime figures are around the size you would expect them to be. Between 1/6th and 1/8th scale. All are made from PVC or Candy Resin. These highly detailed figures are of the utmost high quality everyone expects from anime figures. The detailing is rich and the paint is persistently accurate. Some come with her normal outfit, a few come with her in a bathing suit (from one of the episodes of Gurren Lagann). Most come with her gun and some of them even let you change out her face expressions, removable gun clips, and other features that make positions easily preformed. Most have a mode they can go down into sniper position (laying down) and some hold the rifle over her back (strap around shoulder). Depending on price, most more expensive models have more features and come with more props and prop features (different expressions, different bangs, different gun clips, additional bi-pod etc.) One of the hottest features of Yoko though, is that she has that large gun. What exactly is that gun? Well believe it or not it is very close to a gun in existence...

Yoko Anime Figures

Yoko WILL Snipe YOU *wink*


Yoko Litters Kick Butt Rifle

The gun is obviously a rifle, that much is certain but when looking around it has one close cousin that it could be. The attached bi-pod for the barrel and the cooling head of the muzzle was what gave this rifle away.

Rifle Break Down

Yoko Littner might have been using an even more adapted form of this gun.

Yoko Littner might have been using an even more adapted form of this gun.

Close Comparisen

Other then a few small differences, the rifles are the same and could work the same as shown. Cheap, not at all but to customize a gun out of about 4 other guns it can be done. The monopod socket and rear grip are covered over but metal on Yoko's version (the yellow pattern) and the barrel doesn't have a cooling surface (it's a strait barrel like old rifles.) Other then that the muzzle break is almost the same and the detachable bipod is also the same (when she snipes things.) As for these Yoko figures which do put great detail into her rifle, some of the funniest reviews I have ever heard (funny but useful) can be found under this. Part one is a Yoko figure and part two is a different Yoko figure (like a comparison.)

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Yoko Anime Figure Review

Yoko Anime Figure Review 2


Yoko is one of the Best Figures to Get

Out of all the figures I have ever seen or owned, Yoko is the winner of the bunch. Always looks good and stands out from all the other characters. The reviews are funny for her and sometimes like in review 2 the pieces don't always work the way we wish they would, but over all personally I would give these anime figures 5 out of 5 stars. I hope you enjoyed this article about Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann and I hope you spread the word! Sharing the page is easy, just give it a thumbs up and a rating, then click the "Share" buttion, its that simple!

Sexy Anime Figure Yoko

Yoko says Thanks for Coming!!!


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