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Xbox and Bethesda Summer Game-Fest Showcase Part 1:It was decent...

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Fingers crossed for this being good as last year.

Fingers crossed for this being good as last year.


Last year's Xbox+Bethesda showcase was interesting and had a good line up. So could they top themselves this year? Well while that's not expected, let's find out...

Redfall and Starfield, and one of these games is getting hyped...

Redfall and Starfield, and one of these games is getting hyped...

The Assessment...

The showcase started with gameplay for RedFall, which was slated for summer 2022 last year, i.e. this summer. We got some gameplay showing that RedFall will be an FPS, which answers my question I asked last year of if this will be a first person, or third person shooter. We’re shown the player character traversing through a church at night to investigate the whereabouts of a missing pastor, before they’re attacked by a few vampires. We then get a summary where vampires used a lunar eclipse to block out the sun, and pushed back all the water, so they could conquer the world. You play as the following heroes looking to save the world: the sniper Jacob Boyer, the engineer Remi De La Rosa, The Cryptic Hunter Devinder Crousley, and lastly, the telekinetic Layla Elison.

It’s now slated for 2023 release Xbox Consoles, PC, and Cloud. I’ll do a follow up on this regarding the delay, because I’m curious on why that is.

After that was Hollow Knight Silk Song, a MetroidVania game that is a sequel to Hollow Knight. In this game you explore a vast haunted kingdom, and fight your way through terrifying new environments and enemies. Hollow Knight Silk Song will be available on Xbox Game Pass and Steam, as the official date has yet to be announced.

Next was High on Life, a game brought to us by the creators of Rick and Moray and Solar Opposites. High on Life is an FPS where you save humans from an alien human trafficking ring. And you achieve this with chatty alien weapons. High on Life will be available on October 2022 on Xbox Consoles, Xbox Game Pass and PC.

After that was the Riot Games line up of League of Legends, League of Legends:Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, TeamFight Tactics, and Valorant. All coming to GamePass this winter.

Following that was Plague Tale Requiem, as the gameplay mirrored the third person gameplay of Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War(2018). It’ll be available on Xbox consoles and PC in 2022.

After that was Forza MotorSport that has the track Maple Valley, and features like fuel management, tire compounds, an in depth in car building. For MotorSport coming in Spring 2023 to Xbox Consoles and PC.

Then there was Flight Simulator 10th anniversary, which had Halo Infinite ships DLC. Flight Simulator 10th anniversary drops on November 202 on Xbox Consoles and PC.

After that was OverWatch 2 which is free to play, have all our “favorite heroes.” It’ll and will be on early access, and a new hero. OverWatch 2 drops October 4th 2022.

Then there was Ara History Untold. A turn based strategy game based around several historical events. It’ll be available on Gamepass and Steam, though no official date was announced.

This actually makes me want to play the first game

This actually makes me want to play the first game

Yes, these guns are alive...

Yes, these guns are alive...

The Conclusion...

In conclusion the first thirty minutes was decent, it was kind of dragged down by the displays of Flight Simulator and Forza. Simply because there was so little of Flight Simulator, and too much focus on environment designs instead of the tracks, cars, and customizations in Forza. That and the OverWatch 2 trailer felt underwhelming.

Aside from that, SilkSong, Plague Tales, and High On Life showed a lot of promise. And while it’s nowhere near as good as last year’s showcase, this was only the first thirty minutes. So maybe the second hour might redeem this show.

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