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Xbox and Bethesda Showcase Part 1 "Xbone No more..."

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Yeah, even thought Xbox and Bethesda combined their conferences this year, I'm splitting up my articles on Xbox's E3 conference and Bethesda's conference. Mainly because I wanted to cover them separatedly, as I've tried with past E3s. And plus given the amount of games announced, that'd be a long wall of text and I don't wanna put anyone through something so tedious. That being said, we're starting with Xbox, and holy crap they had a good showing this year. So let's get into the assessment.

Houston, we are go for launch.

Houston, we are go for launch.

War waged in the not too distance future...

War waged in the not too distance future...


They started out with Starfield, which was first shown off by Bethesda in 2018. And while we got a cutscene, we still don’t know squat in terms of how the gameplay. It’s an RPG, but nothing was said beyond that, not in the first five minutes anyway. But it does come out November 11, 2022. Though I’mma wait to hear more before I decide to get excited about anything.

Following that was Stalker 2, as we were treated to gameplay intermixed with guys telling stories around a came fire. Seems like Call of Duty crossed with Resident Evil, which does appeal to me all that much. But given that there are fans excited for it, that’s all that matters. It’s slated for April 28th 2022, and hopefully won’t be delayed.

Back 4 Blood which followed Stalker II? That however had my interest. And honestly I find it sad how I wasn’t interested in Stalker II, but Back 4 Blood? A FPS(First Person Shooter) that has you slaying zombies hoards with a variety of weapons? Yes, please take my money!
And you have a PvP mode where you can play as the zombies? Sold. And Four player Co-op? I’m there. It’s sad, but that’s how I am. I like some of my games crazy and fun.
Back 4 Blood is slated for October 12 2021. Which make a good Halloween themed game to play.

Next was Contraband, which showed nothing. No gameplay. No glimpse of the story. No even a series of cool action sequences. Just a panning shot from a record player, down a flight of stars, and what I’m guessing was a guy in a chair hidden behind a pile of boxes.
How utterly boring. And they didn’t even give us a release date, implying Xbox’s gaming department JUST started it.

Following that snooze of a teaser was the latest Sea of Thieves DLC:Pirate’s Life. Sure you’re playing through Pirates of The Caribbean:At World’s End with some elements of Sea of Thieves thrown in, but as a Pirates of The Caribbean fan, I’m game. Though that felt planned, as if execs figured the Contraband teaser would turn fans off, so they sought to keep viewers around by showing the Sea of Thieves DLC.
And the best part is it’ll be free, and available June 22 2021. I’ve got a reason to check out Sea of Thieves.

After that was a trailer saying the the main line Yakuza games coming to Xbox, including Yakuza:Like A Dragon. Honestly I didn’t get into Yakuza games, because I thought they were more like Grand Theft Auto. A series set in the real world with no embellished fantasy or sci-fi elements, just a story that’s subjectively engaging. Apparently I was wrong on that, as proven by this trailer, so I may give this series a shot.

Then was Battlefield 2042, not my thing, but so long as it got the fans excited that’s what matters. Especially after Battlefield V’s showing at E3 2019, and the subsequent middle finger from EA that the fans got for criticizing the needless political slant to the trailer. Heck, Battlefield may not be my cup of tea, but showing the meat of the 2042’s content with no political B.S. is a plus in my book. Battlefield 2042 is slated for October 22nd 2021. Hopefully it’ll make up for Battlefield V.

Next up was a trailer for “Twelve Minutes.” An interactive Thriller about a man trapped in a time loop. We’re shown a bird’s eye view of several sequences of a man interacting with other people in a room. And that’s it. That’s all we’re shown. No gameplay, or further cinematics to tease the story. And with a vibe like:”It’s Groundhog Day but as a thriller,” well that’s gonna cause people who are into thrillers to want to see more.
Not to mention they’ve got Daisy Ridley and Wllem Dafoe in the cast, and the trailer showed so little. It’s aggravating. But it’s slated to be released August 19th 2021, and hopefully we’ll get more details leading up to the release.

And finally we get Psychonauts 2… I’ve never played the first one has I wasn’t fond of the character designs. But after hearing for roughly thirteen years that fans anticipated and hoped for Psychonauts 2, it finally came! Plus after this trailer, I’mma look into playing Psychonauts. I love the color scheme and level designs shown off in this game, that I’mma give it a go when it comes out later this year. Psychonauts 2 is slated to be released on August 25th 2021! The wait is over!!!

The creators of Left 4 Dead are Back 4 Blood!!!"

The creators of Left 4 Dead are Back 4 Blood!!!"

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Time to get psyched for Psychonauts!

Time to get psyched for Psychonauts!

Disney's second most ambitous crossover besides The Avengers

Disney's second most ambitous crossover besides The Avengers


This was a good showcasing of games, but I found the teasers for Contraband and Twelve Minutes irksome. Though I can understand if they’re in development, I just wish there was more to show like gameplay. Other than that, the other games showcased looked great, and might make the rest of 2021 and 2022 lucrative for Microsoft.

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