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Xbox and Bethesda 2022 Part 2, yeah last year's showcase was better

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That's a lot of games, hope they do well.

That's a lot of games, hope they do well.


The title says it all, as last year's was better than this year's conference. Despite the fact that this year's conference had a lot of new titles coming in the near future, it seemed to be lacking in energy. But let's get into the3 assessment, as I'm sure many enjoyed this conference more than I did.

Instead of caterpillars, these cocoons expose you to different worlds.

Instead of caterpillars, these cocoons expose you to different worlds.

Finally the game is finished and will available soon.

Finally the game is finished and will available soon.

The Assessment...

Elder Scrolls Online High Isle and update to Elder Scrolls Online where you can travel to never before seen lands, and fight new enemies if that four-armed creature was anything to go by. You must thwart a sinister plot to overthrow a kingdom. It dropped on June 21st, meaning it’s available for download on Xbox Consoles and PC.

After that was a trailer for Fallout 76:The Pitt. Where the denizens of “The Pitt” take back their home from a fanatical group. The Pitt will be available on September 2022 for Xbox Consoles, and PC, Gamepass and Steam.

After that was Forza Horizon 5 HotWheels content. We were shown a few HotWheels inspired tracks. And I gotta be honest, as a HotWheels guy, this looked awesome. Not sure why Forza MotorSport couldn’t focus on the gameplay when it was presented like this, but oh well. It’ll be available on July 29, 2022 for Xbox Consoles, PC, and Cloud.

Following that was ARK II, the sequel to the indie MMO Action RPG ARK. All we got was a trailer of Vin Diesel’s character riding a T-Rex. I guess they don’t have enough footage to show gameplay, meaning I’mma have to keep an eye on this. Especially since it’s slated for a 2023 release.

After that was Scorn, a horror first person shooter where you fight to survive a nightmarish world of monsters. The trailer gave me Doom vibes. It’ll be available on October 21 2022.

After that was Flintlock:Siege of The Dawn, an action game with gameplay that follows the feel of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War(2018) much like Plague Tales. FlintLock has you fighting for the fate of humanity in a world of magic and guns. FlintLock will be available early 2023 on Xbox consoles and PC.

Following that was MineCraft Legends. An action strategy game set in the MineCraft universe It’ll be coming in 2023 for Xbox Consoles and PC.

After that was Lightyear Frontier. A MMO where you get to explore an alien planet in a mech/giant robot. You also get to create a farm, and it has multiplayer co-op. You’ll also get to uncover a mystery about the new planet. Lightyear Frontier will available on Gamepass with no date announced yet.

After that was Gunfire Reborn, A RogueLite FPS with four player co-op. You get your pick between six playable characters and blast your way through waves of enemies with fire arms and energy attacks that differ with each character. Gunfire Reborn will drop on Gamepass on October 2022.

Then there was The Last Case of Benedict Fox. A 2.5D action platformer were you solve cases by looking through the memories of dead bodies and look for other clues to solve cases, and battle various enemies along the way. The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be available on Xbox Consoles and PC through Gamepass in Spring of 2023.

After that was As Dusk Falls, a narrative driven game like Life Is Strange or Tell Tale’s catalog of games. In Dusk Falls you follow four different characters who are on the run for a crime they did not commit. Players will be able to go single or multi-player in this game. As Dusk Falls will drop on July 19(next Tuesday, as of writing this) for Xbox Consoles and PC.

After that was Naraka:Bladepoint, and MMO Arena fighter where you can battle up to 60 players in samurai inspire weapon battles. You can cross platform the multi-players with PC and Consoles. There’s also the Campaign mode “Face Your Nightmare,” where you battle a monstrous adversary. Naraka dropped on June 23rd 2022, meaning it’s already out.

After that was Pentiment. A side scrolling adventure that have you going through various escapades in a medieval village. It’s a mystery driven narrative where you solve a series of murders at Klersau Abbey. Pentiment will be available on Xbox Consoles and Steam on November 2022.

After that was Grounded, as the full game will be available to be played by veterans and newcomers alike. The full game will be available to be played on September 2022.

After that was a trailer Ereban Shadow of Legacy. An action platformer where you play as Ayana, the descendant of the Ereban, as she uncovers the truth about her past. Ereban will be available in 2023.

After that was s trailer Diablo IV. It was a trailer that showcased the new class for players to choose from:”The Necromancer.” Meaning now, you can summon the dead to do your bidding. They also showed off some gameplay and character customization. They also showed that Diablo IV will be an open world setting, where you can explore different towns and dungeons, and engage in several side quests. Diablo IV pits the player-base against the demon Lilith who seeks world domination.

You can also engage in cross platform multi-player with Xbox and PC. Diablo IV will drop in 2023, as I’m sure specific details will emerge as the release date nears.

After that was Seas of Thieves:Season Seven, where we learned we could save ship load outs, customizable cabins, name your ships, choose your path, earn unique rewards, and sell loot with ease. Season Seven of Sea of Thieves will drop on July 21st(next Thursday as of writing this) on Xbox Consoles and PC.

Next was Ravenlok, an action RPG where you play as a child who gets pulled into a fantasy world through a mirror. Here you explore interesting environments and battle weird monsters. Ravenlok will be available in 2023.

After that was Cocoon, a puzzle game where you travel through worlds inside cocoons and solve many challenging puzzles. All of this to unravel a cosmic mystery. Cocoon will drop in 2023 for Xbox consoles and PC.

After that was Wo Long:Fallen Dynasty. Wo Long is the story of a militia soldier fighting for survival in a dark fantasy kingdom world. So basically like a Chinese Berserk if the Steam summary is anything to go by. Wo Long Fallen Dyanasty will drop early 2023 for Xbox Consoles and PC.

Next was the announcements that Persona 3:Portable, Persona 4:Gold, and Persona 5:Royal were all coming to Xbox and PC. Persona 5:Royal will drop on October 21st 2022.

And finally was Starfield. And after four years of this, we finally got some gameplay where you explore a base on an alien moon, and battle some space pirates. The object is to find and collect artifacts, like an intergalactic archeologist. As expected there is a character creation feature. There’s also a skill system that allows you to unlock skills as you level up, and you can upgrade them after using them to complete challenges.

There’s also a crafting system from running research projects on resources you find, to crafting weapon mods. You can build your own facility and spaceship. There will also be space flight and space battles. Star field will come to Xbox Consoles and PC in 2023.

One of the many new games coming to Xbox

One of the many new games coming to Xbox

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I wonder if this will live up to the hype. I doubt it though.

I wonder if this will live up to the hype. I doubt it though.

The Conclusion....

In conclusion while there was a plethora of games, it felt lacking compared to last year. Which is weird because with new titles like High on Life, Ark II, Hollow Knight:Silk Song, Naraka, RavenLok, and more. We even got gameplay for Starfield finally, yet this felt lacking. I guess it lacked the same energy of last year’s conference. Bethesda had like two games this time, no surprise.

Still, if I were grade it’d be a 6 out of 10, as I obviously expected more. Whelp on to the next conference.

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