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World of Warcraft vs Entropia Universe


A Comparison between these two games

There are hundreds of online multiplayer role playing games that gamers, such as myself, can play when bored; in fact, gamers play online games as a method of not only relieving boredom, but to socialize with other players. These online games are called “m.m.o.r.p.g.” games, which is an acronym for massive multiplayer online role playing game. When comparing two of the most popular games that exist on the internet, World of Warcraft and Entropia Universe, we will discover which one may be better suited to our particular needs.

In World of Warcraft, I can play as one of several different types of characters; in fact, I can play as a human, a night elf, a warlock, or a gnome. While playing this game I can select from several different professions to play, professions such as a miner, hunter, warrior, mage, crafter, alchemist, jewel smith, and several others. When playing World of Warcraft, my character can gain higher rank and skills by either performing quests, otherwise known as missions, or through fighting monsters. Like many online games I enjoy playing, I can socialize though chatting and make new friends when playing World of Warcraft.

While playing World of Warcraft, I have noticed the graphics are not as good as other games; in fact, I am saying the graphics in this game are not up to date with the latest in gaming technology. Although, the makers of the game continue to update World of Warcraft through the latest patches they create, it is still not enough of an update to satisfy myself and other gamers. As a result of the increased graphics capabilities, I and other gamers prefer to play Entropia Universe rather than World of Warcraft. Moreover, gamers like myself play Entropia Universe so we can play for real money.

Unlike in World of Warcraft and other role playing games on the internet, in Entropia Universe I can play for real money. For example, one U.S. dollar is equivalent to ten project entropia dollars, and vise versa. So if I were to earn 1,000 project entropia dollars in the game, it can be cashed out as 100 U.S dollars and deposited in my bank account. However, even though I can play for real money, it is not considered online gambling, nor is it illegal in America to play this game.

In Entropia Universe, the quests or missions I can do are not as rewarding when it comes to skill points as they are in World of Warcraft. However, in Entropia Universe I can do other things in the game that can earn myself real money. Activities such as mining, stone collecting, and hunting will earn me loot that can be sold at either a trade terminal, private trade with another player, or in game auctioneer. If gamers like me were to lose interest in hunting or mining, then we can enjoy virtual hiking along the beautiful country side, and by doing so can find stones along the ground, which can then be sold at auction, or through a private trade with other players as a way of making money. Players, such as myself, can also enjoy virtual walks along the many spectacular beaches in the game, as well as mountain climbing. We can go boating, fly our helicopters or other air vehicles, and drive like crazy in our ground based vehicles. In fact, many vehicles listed for sale at auction in Entropia Universe are good copies of the famous American made Hummer. Players, such as myself, can perform these activities as methods of having fun, making money, and making friends.

In both World of Warcraft and Entropia Universe, I can have fun playing in an online massive multiplayer role playing gaming environment. In both World of Warcraft and Entropia Universe, I can make friends by chatting, socializing and joining groups. However, unlike World of Warcraft, I and others can earn real money by playing Entropia Universe. The graphics in Entropia Universe are better than the graphics in World of Warcraft; as such, gamers would enjoy the sights and game play in Entropia Universe more than they would in World of Warcraft. The question many gamers should ask themselves is, which game should be played out of the two mentioned here today?


p14nl0s on July 12, 2013:

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Entropia is a nice game! but don't start depositing...then u r f*cked!

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