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Zul'farrak Dungeon Gold Farming Guide - World of Warcraft

I've been playing "World of Warcraft" since 2008 with the launch of "The Burning Crusade." I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.


Zul'Farrak is a dungeon located in Tanaris. It is best suited for level 40 players but we are not going there to get XP, we are going there to get gold.

We want to farm Role Playing gear. Role playing gear is comprised of green or blue BoE items that can be transmogged, thus making your character appear different.

These pieces of gear can have prices of up to 5000 gold depending on its rarity but usually you will find pieces that go for 100-200 gold.

I also made a video on my level 100 DK to show you the path I take, where I stop and so you can also see the amount of gold I got in one run (which was very unlucky might I add).

What items to expect

You will loot the following items:

  • Mageweave Cloth (around 50-100 pieces per run)
  • A lot of trash items (greys, food, water and such)
  • Green BoE's
  • Blue BoE's

As I have said above, your focus will be on the Green and Blue BoE items.

The Route

I like to do this dungeon from end to middle. As you can see in the video, I like going straight ahead until the path goes either right or left. I like taking the left side due to the fact that on that side there are more monsters closer together and it is easier for me to gather them.

I always stop at Witch Doctor Zum'rah after killing the zombies that spawn upon opening the graves in that area.

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Gold Breakdown

Time of Completion - 5 minutes

Trash ~ 8 gold (This includes the looted gold and selling useless trash like the grey items, water, food and such)

Green BoE's ~ 500 gold

Blue BoE's ~ 100 gold

Mageweave Cloth ~ 3 gold (on my server they are really really cheap).

In the picture above you can see my results after almost 30 minutes of farming which is quite good might I add.

LootAppraiser is not 100% accurate but you can still make 5000 gold in 30 minutes, with a little bit of luck even more.

I recommend using Trade Skill Master in combination with LootAppraiser so you know what items are worth keeping.

Also LootAppraiser will notify you when an item worth more than your threshold is looted. I usually keep it at 200 gold and so I want to be notified when an item worth more than 200 gold drops.

This helps keep me motivated as I farm and it helps me see what items I can keep and what items I can sell to a vendor.

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