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Winter Escape Walkthrough

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Winter Escape Walkthrough

"Winter Escape" is the newest installment in the extremely popular point and click escape series. They are always fun and challenging but sometimes can get a little too intricate. So I decided to post a "Winter Escape" walkthrough for anyone having trouble.

In this particular game, you are stuck outside in the snow after locking yourself out of your own house. You must use all of your wit and determination to find a way back in, and save yourself from a very cold, frozen, fate.


Your mouse is your only friend in this delightfully challenging adventure. Your must search every corner of your environment to find (by clicking) all of the items you will need to complete your quest.

--Turning and Back Tracking--

Click the edges of the screen to turn, or the bottom to backtrack if your zoomed in on an object. A blue bar will appear when the mouse in the right spot.

--Using Objects--

To try to use an object click and drag the said object to the spot you want to use it at. Example, drag extension chord to wall outlet.

Now let's get to work!

--Front of House--

The game starts with you looking at the front of your house. Click on the shovel to pick it up and then click on the tiny window that can be seen between the house and the ground (to the right of the stairs). There will be tongs sticking out of the snow, pick them up, back out, and turn to your left. (You can look around a bit if you'd like, notice, there is a high tech snow blower on the right side of the screen)

--Side of House A--

Run your mouse on the ground under the center window to find out there is something in the snow. Click this area to get a closer look. Drag the shovel to the patch of snow that looks out of place to start digging. You will find an extension chord. Pick it up and also pick up the crowbar in the corner. Click bottom of screen to back up.

Now run your mouse over the area of house that is sticking out a couple feet (to the right of the previously mentioned window). You will learn that there is a loose board. Click this area to take a closer look. Drag the crowbar to the only board that you can see nails in, to pry it off. Pick up the brush and click the bottom to back up.

Now click the trashcan on the right side of the screen that is covered in snow. Use your brush to clean the snow off of it and open it up. Inside you will find the directions for cranking up a snow blower.

Now back up and go back to the right.

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--Front of House--

Click the snow blower and then the snow blower control panel to bring up the controls.

With the 3 buttons labeled from left to right as follows A, C, B push the corresponding sequence to crank the snow blower


Once cranked, the snow blower blows away a patch of snow revealing a long lighter and a code sequence. This code sequence is used at the front door to open up the mail slot. Back up and go to the front door. Click on the mail holder to the right, where you will see symbols like those revealed by the snow blower. Click them to change their colors. The code sequence is GREEN tree, YELLOW star, PINK face. Take the Crank that is now revealed. Also, take note of the houses address. "439"

Once code is entered into the mail holder, it will pop open to reveal a crank. Pick up the crank and back up. Now turn to your right(not clicking the snow blower) to reveal side of house B.

--Side of House B--

Your are now on the other side of the house. Click the snowman to take a closer look. Click his buttons or eyes to take them off. You now have Charcoal! Back up. Click the grill and use your brush once again to clean it off. Click it again to look inside it. Place the charcoal in the grill. Back out and take note of the power outlet on the bottom left side of the house. Click the outlet and plug in the extension chord. Back out. Follow the extension chord to the right of the screen. You're now in the back yard.


Run your mouse over the snow directly to the left of the shed to find out that there is something under there. Click the area to take a closer look and use you Shovel to dig up the new object. It's a work light. Pick it up and go to the shed door. The door is locked with a 3-digit pad lock. This is where the address comes in handy. Do you remember it? If not, type 439 to open the lock. Back up and click the now open shed door. Since it is too dark to see, you will need to attach the work light to the end of the extension chord. Then click it to turn it on, you can now see the lighter fluid. Pick it up and back out of the shed, now click on the well.

Use you crank with the well to pull up the bucket (You will need to click crank after attaching it to well in order to turn it). Pick up the bucket to learn that it is a bucket of ice. Back out until you see the shed again, and then back out once more. You should now be looking at side of house B, again. Click the grill to look inside of it.

Drag the lighter fluid to the charcoal to pour it on and you are ready to light it. To light the grill, you must first click the question mark to the right of the long lighter. When the long lighter appears very large on the screen, click the trigger and it will light up, then click the ''x''. Now drag the lit long lighter to the charcoal to start the grill.

Once grill is lit, place the bucked of ice on top of it. Wait until the water starts boiling and click on the bucket to look inside. There at the bottom, Is your spare key. Use the tongs to pull it out of the boiling water and make your way back to the front of the house.

--Front of House--

You now have your spare key! Go to the front door and finish your adventure!

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