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Why You Should Play Breath of the Wild in 2022

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Breath of wild amazing graphics

you might say yourself well there is better graphics games out there then just breath of the wild but the breath taking graphics of breath of wild (no pun intended) can make even newer games that get release in 2022 look bad.This 5 year old game pushes the limit on the new Nintendo switch console maybe not fully but enough where it can rival alot the games on ps4 and Xbox and if your not sure on just the graphics and also want a fun game that has alot to do it then breath of the wild is for you it can offer you hours of playing it and the game can become addicting where you don't even put it down for hours at a time.No matter where you go in breath of wild you'll see beautiful effects beautiful whether effects and even thunderstorms that actually can hit you if you have metal equipment on you now if that's not realistic enough for you i don't know what is then.


Whats so good about breath of wild besides graphics?

You may be asking this question to yourself but one of many cool features with the Nintendo switch is its portable so unlike the ps4 and Xbox you can play breath of wild anywhere you want and without internet and yes you'll still have the amazing graphics of breath of wild just on a smaller screen and if that doesn't convince you then the hours of addicting gameplay will.


Breath of wild unlimited choice of adventures

Breath of wild is one of the most unlimited choice of adventures games ever you can go do a side quest to cook a stew for a old man and another be climbing up a mountain to do a shrine or even making your enemies explode in flames and if your worried about not having anything to do breath of the wild offers two dlcs with even more things to do and more time to play.Or even go save Zelda or maybe you don't want do that and want do boss fights well breath of the wild has it all bosses,unlimited adventure,dlcs,countless hours of gameplay anywhere you want to play thanks to the Nintendo switch.


Will i only get a few hours out of breath of wild?

No in fact you'll probably be playing for hundreds of hours just collecting resources,weapons,bows,shields,and even recipes or doing side quest or gambling all your rupees to knock 10 bowling pins down with your snowball or go to the hundreds of shrines that will make you use your brain to defeat enemy's and puzzles or if that's not to your liking you can mix cooking ingredients to make dishes that give you special effects like more hearts,fire resistance,cold resistance,stamina refill or even just to heal yourself and theirs even more effects in the wonderful land of breath of wild when it comes to cooking.


Should i get it for my kids to try?

It all depends on you but breath of wild offers puzzle solving,teaches about physics,it even teaches you the importation's about metal and lighting if your unlucky and it even can make you and your children closer and bond more.and if your wondering if this game is meant for kids it is there is no blood,and actually can teach your children alot of stuff they would probably have a hard time learning normally and if you think this game is just for kids only you'll be mistaken this game has jokes and humor for adults and has alot of cool mechanics and graphics details adults would love.

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Are Their Even Horses in the Game?

This is probably a question that didn't cross your mind but yes they got alot of different type of horses and even has a unique way of taming the horses all you got do is sneak behind the horse and jump on it and try to sooth it to tame it and even has a fun way to increase your bond with the horse there are all types of horses to fast but not good jumping horses to giant but slow horses or even the almighty skeleton horse.And if your just the type of gamer that loves to see the game slowly then horses might not be the best choice for you to get or you might just want to get a slow horse so you don't fly by all the beautiful artwork and the hours Nintendo put in this game


Can i increase my health and stamina in breath of wild?

Yes in fact this is the main use of shrines every shrine when complete at the end will have a shrine guardian that you got to talk to get a spirit orb that will increase your hearts or your stamina wheel but before you can increase those stuff you need go to a shrine and interact with it to get the options to increase health or stamina.


Do i need to buy the dlcs?

Short answer is no thanks to how unlimited the adventure of breath of the wild is and the different ways of playing the game you'll have hundred maybe even thousands hours of addicting,fun gameplay

Available dlcs for breath of wild


One the best parts of breath of the wild

This may be one the best parts about this game is it can be a good distraction if you have a fear of car rides or flying on planes this will keep you busy for the entire ride or flight and can also relax your brain which is very helpful to calm your fear.And breath of wild could be used as a way to decrease stress levels or to help with anger issues no matter the reason your playing breath of wild for you'll find countless hours of fun.


Why you might buy Legend of Zelda breath of wild

To sum it up breath of wild can be used in so many ways and played in so many different ways that you'll have hours of addicting gameplay and if your still unsure if the game is meant for you then check out the millions of good reviews for the game and even has several big company's reviews for it that are all good some even called it a master piece,the best Zelda ever and even a open world perfection.If the 17 reviews from those company's don't convince you then look at the thousands of reviews from gamers just like you that have all given it the best rating possible.


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