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Why People Wanted to Be Famous Streamers in 2022

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Why the increase of streamers is happening in the past couple years

As some may know streaming is a job where your live until stop it meaning everything you say or do is heard by thousands or millions of people in real time.Which can be a bad thing or a good thing it can grow your audience and generate you more cash because more people are checking you out through the funny videos they seen you in.

Twitch most viewed channels in 2022


The reason for the increase

As alot may know covid happen making jobs that weren't online hard to do alot of people got fired and laid off do to some company's going under business do to covid making the increase of people doing online jobs increase by a whole 71% you may ask how does this have anything to do with the increase of streamers well it has alot to do with streaming platforms like YouTube and twitch had more views do to covid increasing the cash flow big and small streamers or content creators got and people started to realize that being a streamer might be more profitable then a normal job in some cases

Twitch surge in viewers and streamers do to covid


Did covid help the increase?

The short answer is yes it allowed more people to be inside and as people became bored they wanted some entertainment some went to watch TV and alot went to watch streamers because alot the streamers were funny and reliable people also started to realize that they could make alot of cash also if they started to stream slowly hundreds even thousands started to become streamers every single day.

Was covid the only reason why the increase happen?

Personally i like to believe that the cause was people just wanted to make funny videos or streams and show there interest.But there were alot of new streamers that started streaming for the cash that they seen these big streamers make there were a few new streamers that did it to just show there interest and have fun and just do what they love.

Twitch streamer revenue during covid


Why I'm only talking about Twitch and not so much about YouTube

YouTube is great and all but when it comes to a streaming platform Twitch is on top for streaming Twitch's main focus is streaming while YouTube main focus is more about videos.YouTube has slowly been climbing its way to becoming a platform that could even rival Twitch for the best streaming platform it all comes down to what platform has the best features for the creator while twitch only has its ad revenue which you could use ad block to stop twitch has bits a built in currency you can donate to the streamer,donations,and ads that ad block don't block.

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Twitch vs YouTube in streams


The difference in Twitch streamers vs YouTube streamers

The biggest difference is how the websites are made to be used while Twitch allows you to see the most viewed streamers or even the streamers they recommend themselves while YouTube it takes 4 to 5 things to find live streamers that most people don't even know about or the live panel that YouTube has doesn't show what your looking for and even then the live streamers are a lower amount then twitch by a really big percentage just in January of 2019 alone there is a 41,700 people streaming difference twitch has 63.7k people streaming while YouTube has only 22.0k streamers.And the difference in hours stream is 1,440,000 Twitch has a whopping 1.9million hours stream and sadly for YouTube it only has 460k hours streamed.

But at the end of the day its up to you to choose the platform you start your streaming career on as long as your having funny doing streaming your hard work will pay off sooner or later never give up on achieving your goals and never let the numbers get you down because in a year you could become the most famous streamer or content creator on the platform.

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