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Why Is Pokémon Card Game (Tcg or Tcg Online) Good for Kids?


I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

What is Pokémon Card Game (PTCG vs. PTCGO)?

The Pokémon card game has two versions, the actual paper and online virtual format. The abbreviated version is Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) and Pokémon TCGO (Trading Card Game Online). For the paper version, you will have to purchase booster packs, theme decks, and individual cards. With the popularity of Pokémon, these purchases will surely add up. On the other hand, the online version is much more budget friendly. You can earn booster packs by completing the new player's challenge. Also, everyone gets daily rewards for logging into the game. Rewards are game coins, tournament tickets, and booster packs. You can also earn unlocked booster packs by winning tournaments. Unlocked packs allow you to trade with others. Overtime, even free players can earn decent cards to play a variety of different decks.


Basic Rules of the Game

Types of cards:

  • Pokémon
  • Energy (different types of energy in the game to go with different types of Pokémon)
  • Trainer (Support, Item, and Stadium)

Win conditions:

  • You will win if you get all six of your prize cards
  • Your opponent has no Pokémon left in play at the beginning of their turn
  • Your opponent has no cards left at the beginning of their turn

Basic game play:

  • Use your Pokémon to hit the opponent's Pokémon. The opponent's Pokémon is knocked out if its hit points are reduced to zero.
  • Your Pokémon needs different amount of energy to attack. Generally, the more energy it needs the more powerful the attack.
  • You can play various supporter cards (1 per turn) and item cards (unlimited per turn) to your advantage, draw extra cards, accelerate your energy attachment, get cards back from your discard pile, and etc.

Parents and Kids Bonding

Even though the Pokémon card game is designed for kids. Very young kids will have a tough time with the game without guidance from their parents. From the sheer number of cards to different strategies involved, it is best for parents and kids to play together initially. Also, many parents grew up with Pokémon in their younger days. This is fun for parents and kids!

Improve Reading Comprehension

Pokémon cards have lots of texts on them. They might have special abilities, effects, and other important information. In order for kids to play this game, they have to read. This is another way to incorporate learning with playing a game. They will want to find out the meaning of words that they don't understand. Parents can teach kids to read together!

Learning Math

One of the key factors in winning the game is to be able to do math. This is not straight forward adding and subtracting. You will have to consider the different cards played, resistance, weakness, and stadium to determine your final damage. This is a great way for kids to learn and love math because they are using it unconsciously! As parents, this is incorporating play with study without the kids realizing it. There are also Pokémon with multiplication attack point. So, kids will also have to learn how to multiply.

Come Up with Strategies!

The Pokémon card game is all about your strategy. Knowing how to use your deck is very important. In the beginning, parents have to teach their kids how to play and understand the strategy with the deck. This is a very good exercise for kids to develop their critical thinking skills. Without your kids knowing, they will become smarter through play.

Learn to Build Your Own Decks!

Is there only one way to win? Absolutely no. There are multiple ways in which you can make your deck to win the game.

  • Mill decks - these discard your opponent's cards so that they will deck out.
  • Pokémon GX / V-max decks - these are powerful decks that attack the opponent and do massive damage.
  • Stall decks - these will use crushing hammers and other tools to deny energy. Use trainer cards to deny opponent's abilities and evolution.
  • Energy acceleration decks - For each turn, you can only attach one energy to either your active or bench Pokémon. However, these decks have other ways to make your energy attachment and attacks faster.

Building a good deck involves lots of planning and understand the current meta. This is another great critical thinking exercise for kids. In the beginning, parents have to guide their kids through this process. This is a good opportunity for parents and kids bonding.

Pokémon Cards Are Expensive!

One of the main disadvantages of Pokémon is the price of the cards. Some cards are very expensive! As parents, you want to have your kids learn through play. You don't want them to get addicted to certain expensive cards. These cards can definitely hurt your wallet. In most cases, keep encouraging your kids to play but not to collect. Unless, your pockets are deep!

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