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Why is Fortnite Still So Popular?

The well-known 1st/3rd person shooter game Fortnite has earned its spot in the world of Battle Royale. The game has more than 350 million registered users and 80+ million monthly active users. It's clear that the game's publisher, Epic Games, has been successful in marketing the game to a wide range of potential players, and Fortnite is still growing strong after its release on July 21, 2017. But… why? Today we’re going into an in-depth look to understand why Fortnite is still so popular? And why it has successfully kept players coming back for so long in a time where gamers have tons of options and hundreds of titles, even in the same genre as Fortnite itself.

Video games are a hugely popular form of entertainment for all ages, and Fortnite: Battle Royale has been able to maintain a large audience thanks to its many appealing factors that pertain to its main audience, teens. It appeals to teenagers with the game being free to download and play, which makes it accessible to a wide range of people, and it's also very social, so players can easily connect with friends. Additionally, the game is constantly updated with new content, which keeps players engaged. But let's go more in-depth.

One of the main reasons why Fortnite has retained its popularity is its large community attracted to its no-cost availability. Any modern teen will most likely have a PC with good internet and decent specs, which is all that's needed to download and play this game, most importantly, for free.

This is a risky strategy as the developers have to continuously make something that people will like and wouldn’t become bored of after they start playing the game. With Fortnite, however, there are frequent updates that bring new features to increase the quality of the gameplay experience. This business strategy has worked in favor of Fortnite since the release of its Battle Royale mode, and has continued to work for them to this day, and is a big reason why Fortnite is still so popular.

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Every once in a while, Fortnite holds events where it collaborates with popular studios, companies, and games that resonate with teenage audiences. These collaborations allow Epic Games to bring highly beloved characters from media like Marvel and Rick & Morty to appear in their game. These characters are beloved by teenagers and give them a goal to strive for by playing the game, unlocking them with a game pass, or completing certain tasks.

Fortnite doesn't have realistic weapons, intense graphical language and scenes, either. And the artistic environment it provides is much more pleasing to a concerned mom, rather than the bleak and realistic art style that permeates throughout the shooter genre of games.

Hence, parents would be more than happy to let their kids and teens play Fortnite with their friendly, cartoonish vibes.

It would make perfect sense for a teenager (many of them) to want to play this game. When the offer is a free battle royale game with fun graphics, multiplayer with up to 100 players, and a dynamic map. It's clear why it would be enough to entice the interest of a teenage gamer who wants to pass the time.

Its action-packed gameplay, stylish and friendly graphics, and overall sense of fun. In addition, the game is free to play, which makes it more accessible to budget-conscious teens. Finally, the game's social features encourage players to communicate and have fun together, making it more engaging for this age group. By understanding what attracts teens in the gaming industry,

Fortnite has every reason to be as popular as it is

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