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Why You Should Experience Arcade Games Once

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First of all, I do miss arcade games! I miss hanging out with friends, putting a coin into an arcade cabinet and play the heck of it. I also still remember the sound came from attract mode showed in arcade machines luring you to spent cents to play them.

While the golden era of arcade had been long gone, some arcades thankfully are still opening doors. Sadly, you will find it difficult to reach an arcade now as coronavirus still hit. When you have a chance, however, why don’t you prepare your coins, hit an arcade, and play there? Or if you have a computer, you want to fire up emulator and have fun.

Here are reasons why you should experience arcade gaming once in a lifetime.

1. Nostalgia

It’s always a good thing to reminisce good old days. And playing an arcade game is such a good way.

Arcade games enable you to wake your sense of nostalgia. As you get caught with the gameplay, you will experience a throwback to a certain moment in your childhood. The time where everything was simple and all you do is just to have fun. The time where you were carefree from daily routine like jobs and tasks. And most importantly, the golden days of arcade.

2. You Can Try Dedicated Peripheral From Get-Go.

Some games have a dedicated controller to experience the game better. Racing game, for example, has racing wheel controller to stimulate driving. While you get a conventional gamepad for free if you buy a console, such additional peripheral is sold separately.

An arcade cabinet is equipped with dedicated peripheral from get-go. If you don’t have enough money to buy one, you can try one in an arcade cab. Perhaps you might be interested and purchase one later on.

3. Real Social Experience

While you can play online with your friends, nothing beats real social experience especially when you’re visiting an arcade with your friends. The scream and shout come of you and your friends, they physically present.

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Then the audience. As a crowd of people gathers to watch you play, you will feel confident. You will be motivated to give a good game and win the hearts of people watching your play.

4. Easy To Play And Casual-Friendly

A large number of arcade games are pretty simple and casual-friendly. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the game.

These arcade games require you lesser skills and lower learning curve. When you’re not in a mood for games with more complex mechanics, you can give arcade a go.

5. Better PvP Experience

Sorry have to break this but arcade games have better Player vs Player (PvP) feature compared to console counterparts. This has to do with connectivity, with PC and consoles use internet connection to allow you to play with other players.

Regardless of internet equipment you have, more often or not, online connectivity suffers from lags and bad net code hampering players from connecting with others smoothly. Arcade games simply require a cabinet connects to each other in establishing PvP system, zeroing possible lags. As expected, you will get smoother, uninterrupted multiplayer experience.

6. Supporting Striving Arcade Business

Some arcade businesses are striving; this is worsened by the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have a thriving local arcade near home, it’s a good thing to pay a visit if you have time.

Visiting your striving local arcade will lighten the financial burden suffered by them. In the end, you help them in keeping the business alive even amid the hard times.

So, insert some coins?

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