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Why Minecraft Is Still the Game to Play in 2021


Minecraft is for every player

No matter the experience, no matter the skills - Minecraft is a game for absolutely every player out there simply because there are not any clear goals or achievements to be obtained or achieved. Well, there actually is an ending in the game if anyone wants to play Minecraft that way but trust me when I say that it is not an important part of the game at all. What is important though, is the creativity you can unlock and unleash in those open worlds that Minecraft offers to its very passionate player base. As these worlds are generated every single time when creating a new game, depended upon which seed you choose to go with, chances are high that every single world you create will become an unforgettable and unique experience to remember for years.

What this game really does perfectly is the amount of freedom it delivers and how developers manage to translate it to the players. While there for sure are boundaries, as in every single game you came by, you will certainly not feel them a lot during your gameplay. Another fantastic thing about Minecraft is that because it does not include clear goals it means that you can totally adjust the gameplay to your likings, depended on for example how much time you want and can spend in the game or how many previous experiences you have with gaming.

While it is a no-brainer that a more experienced player will naturally be able to make the most out of the game, it still is a title I definitely would recommend to get for those who are beginners and are starting out with gaming or even those who are not so serious about gaming and just want to play a game here and then. There is a fast learning curve in Minecraft meaning that you will not struggle too much but at the same time, it also offers some form av challenge for those who seek it which is great.

It still sticks out in its genre

Probably the most important and valuable argument when talking about why you definitely should play Minecraft in 2021, or at least try it out, is that it really sticks out from its direct rivals. Do not get me wrong, there are open-world games focusing on crafting out there that you can choose from, like for example Terraria and many others, but no one of these managed to leave such an impact as Minecraft did and still does to this day. Certainly, it may be thanks to the original stylization and unique game design with which it sticks out that well from the crowd. Naturally, this depends with all certainty upon every single player and what exactly he or she expects from a game.

Put it this way, if you love hugely wide worlds containing possibilities to build or create whatever your mind can ever think of or just want to experience some adventure, this game will definitely suit you in one way or the other. What also helps a lot is the fact that Minecraft is greatly supported, thanks to its large and very active community of players and creators whos are developing fantastic mods that definitely do add that extra tone to the overall experience and also bring a lot of extra game-time.

While on game consoles mods are unfortunately not supported at the current moment, there however are content packs available, created by developers themselves. These cover some pretty interesting themes to choose from. You can for example get a Halloween pack and get in a scary mood, or experience an epic adventure in a world containing textures inspired by ancient greek and experience plenty of fun while discovering the beautiful surroundings and building ancient temples. To summarize, Minecraft offers something for everybody and that also is probably its biggest strength against its direct concurrents. Minecraft is nowadays almost sort of a lifestyle for many individuals and it goes without saying that it is one of the games that will survive its time and continue to bring smiles to player's faces in many years to come.

The game still receive updates and new content

Minecraft is actually updated and supported to this day and although its launch was already ten years ago the game developers from Mojang still continue to update their game and keep it fresh for their players. Minecraft has through years received a wide variety of new functions, blocks, NPCs, et cetera that adds more variety to an already very well-functioning game. While its core identity remains exactly the same newly added content definitely helps Minecraft to remain fresh and up-to-date, while still being as attractive as it once was when it came out back in 2011.

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While updates and new content definitely are not what makes games unique in any way, when talking about Minecraft and the incredible popularity it has received and still receives, it goes without saying that this game needs to be developed further on as new players are drawn to this game every single year.

Huge variety of supported devices

Minecraft is a very flexible game when you really think about it. It has been through years released on so many platforms that counting them all would with all certainty take a huge amount of time. No matter what platform or device you use, Minecraft will certainly be available for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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