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KeyWe Will Reach Heights Without Flight

Matthew Torres is a college student currently living in Miami Florida, he enjoys writing about video games and art.


What is KeyWe?

KeyWe is an adorable cooperative, indie puzzle game that is filled with charm. It stars two main playable characters, Jeff and Debra two Kiwi’s filled with lovable quirks and tons of personality. The game takes place in a post office where two players must cooperate to solve puzzles and avoid obstacles all to get letters delivered on time.

The developers of the game Stonewheat and Sons are clearly passionate about their game and are excited for the release. On their Instagram @keywegame they’ve posted QnA’s, game content, giveaways, character bios, and more all awaiting the games release. They’ve made sure the game is available in an abundance of languages, which will allow for enjoyability and accessibility worldwide. What’s even more impressive is that the game was created by an infinitesimal team of only four very talented and hard working developers, and even continued production when a member left, according to Joel Davis (one of the developers) himself on an interview with Gamerant.

Stonewheat and Sons have made sure to include lots of customization options for both Jeff and Debra, including quirky hats, headsets, glasses and even a beard. Pre-orders are also available which include bonuses such as some of these wardrobe items and even exclusive ones depending on the console. Also included in the game are what the developers call “overtime shifts” as well as collectibles. Stonewheat even made sure to highlight single player by allowing those without a 2nd player to play on their own or even online if their player 2 happens to be far away, a great addition for accessibility especially with the growing struggle of the Corona Virus pandemic and those at risk.

KeyWe is definitely a game to look out for, it’s uniqueness and fun mechanics including what the developers describe as “butt-slamming” are sure to cater to many audiences. It’s fun co-op elements are sure to bring both friends and families together near and far as they work their way through a fun flightless adventure in Bungalow Basin’s post office. With the talk and possibility of seasonal updates Stonewheat and Sons is sure to continue working on and improving KeyWe even past it’s release, the game has a lot of potential, it could even stand as one of the greatest puzzle games of its time. Jeff and Debra have a lot of weight to carry thankfully these flightless birds happen to be great at their jobs and finding solutions to problems big and small.


Learn More About KeyWe:

KeyWe is set to release for a variety of platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox on August 31st

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To learn more about KeyWe go to (linked below) or follow its creators on Instagram or Twitter @keywegame

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