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Why I'll Never Open My Ps4 and Ps5 Consoles!

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Opening Gaming Consoles, No!


Why I'll Never Open My PS4 and PS5, Unless I Can Help It!

In the past, there has been reports of people opening up their consoles to alleviate it of dust and any other particles of an unclean magnitude. However, I tried to do this in the past with one of the first PS3 consoles I owned and it didn't go well to say the least.

The console and the game I had didn't quite play the same, I don't know whether I didn't put something back in right or maybe I missed a step but I followed the instructions to the wire and the results were not quite so great.

I began to wonder what went wrong after I did this and after I went through the trouble of opening this thing up, it made me angry somewhat that despite my best efforts, the PS3 was completely unplayable.

From that point on, I vowed 4 things: One, never open up another console if you can help it. Nothing good comes of it especially if you don't trust yourself to do it.

Two, always have a back up console if you do plan to open and clean the one you have. Now, I'm not always about spending money willy-nilly but when it comes to game consoles, I'll spend every penny to my name in order to acquire one. Video games for life!

Three, keep your console inside a storage case. Which means if you're not playing it or don't plan to for another 3 - 5 hours then put it away. There's nothing more irritating than having a console with games that skip because of an avoidable dust build-up.

Finally, Vacuum out your console at least twice a month. This is not to say that dust won't eventually build up in your console over the time you're playing but this way, the aforementioned 4 strategies will decrease the amount of dust buildup that is likely to happen if you kept your console out.

Every last one of my consoles have a storage case for it and that includes my Nintendo Switch, I don't play it as much but it is in a case when the time comes that I do.

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My gaming emulators, those have a storage case as well. Although dust buildup on my gaming emulators don't really seem as likely or likely to happen as quickly, I still have a case for them as well.

See, throughout the time I was in college, I never got how some people can leave their consoles out and in a wide open space as well as on for days and hours at a time. I couldn't do it. People may not understand this but dust is everywhere; on your ceiling, floor, walls, crevices and even on the floorboards.

Sadly, there's no getting away from dust no matter what but by having a storage case, you can decrease your chances of having to open your console to deal with the dust directly.

I beseech you, don't open your consoles up if you can help it because these are very expensive consoles and the worst thing you can ever do is damage them for life and they become paperweights.

I mean, I won't say that everyone should be scared to do this, but if you got a shot and want to take it then go for it. I'm just saying that I wouldn't because I don't trust myself even if the instructions are out there for the world to see.

In a big way, it's sort of stupid how one experience can scar someone for life from taking any of said action but I feel like it's a necessary evil if you're trying to go a long period of time without having to worry about your console or worrying about whether or not you did something wrong.

For the brave people who have opened up their consoles and was able to give it a full clean, I salute them but I know that's something I'm never going to do and suggest you don't either.

I heard about the new PS5 console that came out that dust buildup isn't going to be that much of a concern so that means that you can get this new PS5 and not have to worry about dust.

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