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Why GTA Online Isn't GTA Anymore

Unrealism in a Near Real World

Back in 2013 GTA V was touted as a realistic and living world many open world games today still aspire to be (ahem Cyberpunk 2077). Los Santos is reflection of American greed and culture to the finest detail and GTA online wanted this to be shared with friends. It is a simple fact you would never see an Oppresor or Deluxo in story mode. GTA is a series simply about crime and realism and a mocking and satirization of popular culture. Nowadays its saving the world, flying cars and bikes which is simply not what GTA is.

Struggling to Balance Gameplay

A key component to the grind of the online mode is heist prep. Rockstar is improving this and we commend them for it. Unfortunately it goes from using a flying bike to complete heist prep whilst being a literal weapon locker and then going into the heist itself and to give an aspect of realism back to the heist you are relegated to a standard car which is jarring to the immersion of the unrealistic world they made in GTA Online. There are plot holes galore and money hungry tactics behind this and Rockstar hasn't made it a secret which can attribute to this. Imagine not using your car because it will 'lead back to you' but you get five stars all the time and no money is taken away you simply die-respawn and have you car impounded if you are unlucky therefore giving zilch reason to have get new 'unregistered' weapons and cars (which you have to get every heist) when you could simply grind off the number of guns or buy with cash. Ammu-nation has never seemed to care who buys and how as seen everyday. These same points of course can be made for the cars of course and it is just as relevant. They do all of this to make the grind harder and make microtransactions seem even more appetizing if it were to be redundantly simple.

The Future of GTA Online

It is quite obvious how influential and popular GTA as a brand is and the success of GTA online has no doubt affected any future story mode content which is a blessing and a curse. Meaning we still get content but only for online mode, which is crazy as it is 7+ years old now but that doesn't shed the fact that it isn't what Grand Theft Auto as a series really is and I know it is painstaking for fans to hear others excited for GTA VI Online instead of a stellar long awaited story mode which really should be the model for what GTA VI Online should be.

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