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Who's in God of War Ragnarok

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Yesterday, September 10, 2021 Sony released the first gameplay trailer for God of War Ragnarok at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event. At this event, Sony also released trailers of many other games, things. making not only PS fans but also gamers in general full of excitement. The coming time promises to bring a lot of quality games.
Although I has never played any part of this franchise, but I has followed Kratos journey from Greece to Northern Europe. The feeling of chills down my spine lasted for three minutes in the trailer, and that feeling made me have to replay several times in a row. In the trailer we also met some new characters, as well as images of these characters have been released by Sony. So who are these characters, let's get some overview of them


Perhaps not many people are unfamiliar with this name anymore, no matter what version Thor is always built with the image of a powerful god. One of the most successful versions to mention is the MCU's Thor played by actor Chris Hemsworth, a character with a perfect body, handsome face, and also the strongest Avenger. That's the MCU's Thor, and GOW's Thor is built with an image of a red-haired god, with a muscular body, but still exudes the authority of a god. Looks like a part of MCU fans, most people are quite interested in this shape. After all, the legendary Thor after every battle during the day comes to Valhalla to celebrate at night, with such frequency, it is not unreasonable that Thor possesses such a beer belly.


In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder, of crops, and protector of mankind. Thor is also considered the most powerful god in Norse mythology. According to some accounts, Thor had to wade across the Gjöll River because the Bifröst Bridge couldn't handle Thor's strength or weight, so it's not unusual for Thor to be so fat. Thor's weapon is the hammer Mjölnir, which is also an artifact of the Brok and Sindri brothers, so it's not surprising that Leviathan has similar abilities to Mjölnir. This hammer is so heavy that only the two sons, Magni and Modi, can use it except Thor. Thor's power is not only shown in battles with giants, but also when Thor drinks a quarter of the ocean in Midgard, lifts the Earthly Serpent, and struggles with age. In addition, we also see Thor has a belt, this is probably Megingjörð, this belt also amplifies Thor's power much more terrible. In addition, Thor also owns two more treasures, the iron gauntlets, and the Gríðarvölr staff

Thor is the most powerful god in Northern Europe and also the protector of mankind. Thor's greatest rival is the Earthly Serpent Jörmungandr. When Ragnarök arrived, the two went into battle and ended up with the deaths of both Thor and Jörmungandr.


If you have followed the GOW 2018 version, you are probably not familiar with this name, his legacy has helped a lot for Kratos father and son in their journey. Týr is the son of Odin and Frigg or the giant goddess Fjorgyn, for the game version, perhaps Týr's mother will be Fjorgyn. Tyr is also considered the son of the giant Hymir because his body is not inferior to that of a real giant. Like Kratos, Týr is the Norse god of war, in addition, Týr is also the patron god of justice, so Týr is not a belligerent like Ares or Kratos, Týr does not bring a war that Týr will negotiate, end the war. He was famous for his faith and goodwill, he carried the sword of justice, so his name was often engraved on his weapons by warriors. Tyr is also known for being the bravest of the Norse gods. He once did something that no one in the Nine Realms dared, he put his hand in Fenrir's mouth so that the gods could bind it. He sacrificed his arm for the safety of the Nine Precepts


Tyr died in the final battle of Ragnarok while fighting the wolf Garmr


The ice giant of Jotunheimr, whose name means "Bearer of Sorrow". She is also known as Loki's life partner. Loki and Angrboða had three children, the goddess of death Hel, the giant wolf Fenrir and the great earth serpent Jormungandr.
In addition, Loki has two more wives, Glut and Sigyn.

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In the trailer, Brok took the Kratos and Atreus to meet another dwarf, Sony named this character Durlin. This name may refer to a dwarf named Dvalinn, who is the leader of the dwarves. He is also known as the ancestor of all the dwarves. In other accounts, both he and the dwarves were descendants of Lofarr. Dvalinn is also known as the one who brought runes to mankind


Hypothesis about God of War: Ragnarok

With the appearance of Jörmungandr from the 2018 season, plus at this time Loki or Boi is still young and the trailer also sees the appearance of young Angrboða, so Atreus can be Loki's reincarnation.
In the trailer, there are two sled wolves, a black one and a white one. Most likely these are Sköll and Hati, both children of Fenrir. We also see the appearance of Tyr with both hands, so Fenrir was never captured again. Combining the above two things, it is very likely that Fenrir will appear in this version.


At the end of the previous part, we also saw the scene where Baldur defeated Jörmungandr to find the Kratos father and son, maybe Jörmungandr is not as strong as in the legend or it may be due to an event that causes the Earthly Serpent to lose some of its power. , possibly related to the event of Loki's death
Jörmungandr was defeated by Baldur, which means that at this point it can't be a match for Thor, so the responsibility of defeating Thor must rest on Kratos and Atreus.

Kratos at present also does not know if he still has the strength to defeat Thor, the possibility that someone will save the father and son Kratos in the moment of death, perhaps Freya will once again help them. Then the two will go on a journey to find Tyr. Although Kratos teamed up with Tyr, it was still impossible to defeat the thunder god, the inevitable ending was Kratos' sacrifice. For Boi when everything seems to be lost, then remember Pandora's saying in GOW3: "Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It's what we fight with when all else is lost". Previously, Kratos used hope to win, later Atreus released his hope, restoring Jörmungandr's powers. The final battle broke out and this time everything will happen as in the legend is the death of both sides.


Loki's reincarnation also implies that after the final war, everyone will be reborn. The earth will rise again out of the water, fair and green. The eagle will fly over cataracts, swoop into the thunder and catch fish under crags. Corn will ripen in fields that were never sown.

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