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Who is Apple White?

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Apple White is a Royal Protagonist at Ever After High

Apple White is the daughter of Snow White and a Royal protagonist at Ever After High. Unlike her mother, Apple doesn’t have dark locks, instead this fair-skinned princess is extremely blonde, a feature that many of her future subjects don’t find appealing . Like her mother, Apple White has big blue eyes and blood-red lips. As a tribute to her fairy-tale, Apple White wears golden apple earrings.

As one would expect from Snow White’s teenage daughter, Apple is cheerful, extremely generous, and a stellar student. Apple’s one downfall is that she is incredibly self-centered.

Apple is Happy to be a Damsel in Distress

When Apple enrolled in Ever After High, she was perfectly content with fulfilling her mother’s fairytale as her destiny. She believes in the system of futures and finds great conflict with the Rebels at Ever After High. Apple’s Rebel classmates aren’t content with blindly following destiny and don’t understand why Apple is perfectly happy for a fate that means she will always be a damsel in distress. In fact, one of Apple’s powers is that she can make boys and animals come to her rescue with a simple song or bat of the eye.

The Troubled Friendship Between Apple White and Raven Queen

Raven Queen is the Rebel protagonist of Ever After High. Apple considers Raven one of her best friends and even requested to be Raven’s roommate. However, Apple’s interest in being Raven’s friend has more to do with preserving Apple’s future than it does being friends with Raven. Apple is convinced through their friendship; she can change Raven’s mind about destiny and secure her future as well.

Apple White’s Physical Appearance

Apple is easily distinguishable from other characters in the Ever After High book series and webisodes. Although one would expect the teenage daughter of Snow White to have raven black hair, Apple is a fair-skinned blonde. Apple also wears a red dress and carries an apple-shaped bag with her everywhere she goes.

Apple is Loved by Everyone and Destined to Marry Daring Charming

As one would expect from the leader of the Royals, Apple White is loved by just about everyone she meets. Her best friends are Briar Beauty, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, and Blondie Locks, the daughter of Goldilocks.

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The boys at school flock to her, but she knows she is destined to marry Daring Charming, one of Prince Charming’s sons. Daring would happily begin their lifelong commitment to each other now, while the future lovebirds are still in high school, but Apple keeps him at arm’s length.

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